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  1. If we use the barracks, it would be bays containing bunks, footlockers and wall lockers. The barracks have chow halls, latrines, showers, and most importantly AC that they have finally got working this year.
  2. Thank you for your recommendations and answer.
  3. About question 2. Is it require to wear full BDU sets? And is multicam allowed for DAM and/or for standard enlistments?
  4. I still have several questions about ORY2. 1. What is the limit on squad size? How many of my guys can I take? 2. What are the camouflage regulations? 3. How does this factions work out? Do we sign up for it or are chosen? 4. What do I need to do before registering my team? 5. What vehicles will be present at this op? 6. What will be available for players before going out to play? (Supply store, concession stand, etc) Sorry if some of these are already answered, asked, and/or declared.
  5. I go there every year and this would be my first airsoft MilSim there. Would it be at the MOUT MAC?
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