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  2. Up for sale is an LBT 6094B in Multicam. MSRP for this version is $453 on LBT's site. The plate carrier itself is in excellent condition. Absolutely no tears in any of the fabric or molle. If you are curious about dimensions or plate sizes you can find that information on LBT's site. Price is shipped CONUS. First come, first served. No trades. PayPal only. Thanks for looking!
  3. Thank you for the offer Rocketman, I'm addressing offers in the order they were recieved. As of now I'm still asking $100 plus shipping because, like I said I have other offers. I'll PM you when I hear from the other possible buyers in front of you, thanks!
  4. Up for sale is a LOT of 4 guns not in working order. Lot includes KJW g19 with mag and SERPA holster, KSC G18 with mag, KWA USP NS2 with mag, and KWA MP7 with 3 mags and mag pouch. I was told all these guns can be up and running with a few parts and a little TLC. I just do not have the time or the patience to work on them. If you are a tech or just handy with gas guns then this lot could be a real money-maker for you! Retail new on these products is over $550! I am not parting-out any of the guns and I do not know what each individual gun needs so please do not ask. Asking $100 plus shipping but up for negotiation!
  5. Asking $190 Up for sale is a used KWA USP using the NS2 gas system. This is the US Version which is hailed as the higher quality of the KWA USP's. It's been extremely reliable. The only reason I'm selling is because I simply do not use it as much as my other pistols anymore. Works great. Comes with FIVE non-leaking mags as well as a SERPA holster. Minor wear on the gun from drawing and local field play. Pistol was taken care of and regularly cleaned and lubed. This is a package deal and I will not part-out the mags or holster. New retail on this package is over $380. Thanks for looking!
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