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  1. I didnt see any CoST vehicles in play violating rules..No where in either of my statements did I say I did...Had I my reaction would have been the same, just like it was when I saw that video. I admonished quite a few CoST players for not following the rules sets for various things. We have to police our own. We can not defend the wrong of any action wether tan did it or green did it. Doesn't matter. It has to be corrected. Also we were told that the the trucks with the inop windows were told not to fire from it several times. These vehicle issues need to be handled before AMS decides to not allow POVs. In my experience when players cheat or break the rules and do it enough then the other side gets pissed and does the same which leads to the game to degenerate into no fun for the players on both sides who are following the rules and playing with honor.
  2. I watched that video... In no way do I condone or support or defend that action. Game was overall great. Don't care whose vehicle it was. If rules were being violated then rules were being violated. Doesn't matter if it effected outcome or not. rules are rules. I gave props all day to UFS guys. You all were kickin ass and takin names. No arguing that. But rules violations need to be corrected or they keep happening. I am not a CoST for life guy or UFS for that matter. I play to play no matter what uniform I happen to wear. If you by any means wether you are CoST or UFS in these games are violating rules you don't belong. I don't like playing with cheaters any less than playing against them. Rules are there for a reason.
  3. I agree you guys were rocking and rolling!!
  4. First I had a blast and saw a lot of all around great play and sportsmanship. So much so I had to shake the hand of every UFS player I passed on Saturdays hard dinner break endex. UFS had it together and delivered a great fight. Kudos to the players on both sides!! I also witnessed my share of rules breaking and bending from both sides. I usually stay out of these kinds of arguments in public and either talk to AMS staff or PM JP with any concerns, but I am going to chime in this time as to the vehicles. From the rule set and reiterated during the safety briefing. 5. If occupants engage from POV windows then ALL WINDOWS BUT DRIVERS must be rolled down and remain down. J. Only shoulder launched rockets disable armor (APC, Tanks) Must be a frontal hit (for the driver to see) this does not kill the crew, but only disables the APC/Tank and forces the crew to exit. K. To kill a vehicle a 40MM or Shoulder fired rocket must hit the front hood, windshield or driver / passenger window. Players MUST THEN either EXIT the vehicle or Concede being "killed" and return the PoV to their primary FOB for re-spawn. The two tan Suburbans were in violation of all three rules. I had opportunity to engage them on five occasions. Three times at the crossroads on the northwest and twice at Pegasus Bridge. Your windows were not down, now I understand the one in the rear were fixed windows, thus you should not be firing from the vehicle or from the ports in the fixed windows but your occupants were doing so with the passenger firing from the passenger door wing glass. The first two times at the crossroads your occupants continued to fire after the vehicles were struck with AT weapons instead of exiting, violating J and K. Now the third time at the crossroads most of the occupants did exit but (though they fired from the ports before doing so) by this time frustration levels were high and of course some unnecessary words were exchanged. These types of incidents also repeated themselves at Pegasus Bridge but it also involved the truck with the sunshade cloth over the top. When your vehicle is struck with an AT weapon the occupants must exit the vehicle not continue firing from it. Period. Dirtpro and LGM as well as three squads from CoST 1st platoon also bore witness to these infractions. It is not a matter of overcoming it is a matter of following the rules. Now if Cost POV's were doing the same things then shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. Reading the rules, comprehending the rules and abiding by the rules is not hard. Just do it. To those of us on both sides who followed the rules, had a good time and fought the good fight JOB WELL DONE!!! if you played with honor you won.
  5. Hopefully by PBR he meant Patrol Boat, River and not Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  6. I have plenty of Rockets... Extra propellant rounds would be good. I'll still bring my pig for a back up. Would love to move it to the secure forum but I have yet to receive the password.
  7. METAL... I can Run HWS or SSW as Well... I have Soft 203 rounds and a VN M60.
  8. Link the page Mayo or PM me a link.
  9. I'm just going from a look at the road wheels and tracks.... Several Cold War Era Soviet vehicles have the same or very similar suspension.. The MTLB was the parent chassis for several vehicles...
  10. Real world facts... No meetings in secret (SMH) Southern California Militia 1600 strong estimated 300 former US military. Northern California Militia estimated 1200 strong half former US military. Lone Star Militia 1800 unknown amount of former military. Texas Militia estimated 900 strong estimated 300 former military. North Texas Militia 1400 no data on former military. Central Texas Militia 800 strong 200 former military. There are several groups in Oklahoma that total an estimated 4200 strong with another estimated 500 being former military. All these groups have been around for more than 20 years and train monthly. Several States Have well organized militias that answer to the state only and are independent of the US military who also train monthly. Oath Keepers estimated 250000 strong all former or currently serving military and Leo's. So yes it is quite possible for a large well equipped and well trained civilian militia force to be encountered in AMS' fictional civil war. While these units would have little to know heavy support as far as arms and personal infantry equipment they would be on par as most infantry equipment can be purchased privately (look at yourselves in the mirror). These units would be a deadly threat to any army especially fighting in their own back yards. I do agree that any CDF units that would be included in an op for sake of game play and for friend or foe recognition not be wearing either CoST or UFS colors. I also agree that they should add a flair of role play for the regular army forces to interact with. Mostly they would be fighting a classic guerrilla war against who they deemed to be their enemy. IMHO they would be more of a Force Multiplier and intelligence network. ie shedding gear and interacting with the enemy. (Shades of winter garden 3 JP?).
  11. The MTLB/PT-76 Posing as an Abrams is priceless.... Just like M551's VISMODed into T-72's
  12. I agree and disagree. What we have with the CoST vs UFS is a civil war within the former United States. Militias in third world countries for the most part are poorly equipped and poorly trained. Let's Look at the "real world", right now in the United States we have Militia units that total an estimated 1.5 million strong (according to FBI statistics). These units are made up of former US military personnel (many with combat experience) and civilians. These units meet at least 1 to 2 times a month to train. Many of them train hard and are very professional. They take their role as the last line of defense against a tyrannical government very seriously.The FBI believes the majority of them are equipped with better weapons (albeit not many full auto capable weapons but capable of penetrating level IIIA armor) and personal armor than the US Military. While they do lack armor and support elements they do have access to explosives used in construction, heavy construction equipment and have been stockpiling ammunition for years. Look at the fragmented groups in Syria and in Libya and how well the did/are doing against a better equipped foe. All that being said in the CoST vs UFS scenario I am sure that many of these militia units would have joined CoST forces against the federal government (UFS) many would form a corps of defense for their local communities. Being this is the United States I highly doubt any CDF/Militia types would be indiscriminately killing other civilians especially near a city they supposedly live in and are defending from military encursion or gathering WMD's. The "conflict" has been raging for over a year and any civilians forces would be scavenging battle fields for salvageable heavy weapons and equipment. The point I do agree on is that the role these forces play should be limited. Once the scenarios get to "movie/drama/mystery/out of bounds from reality' oriented I lose interest as do many other players.
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