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    T-REX got a reaction from Zubi in 2015 SCHEDULE   
    I know that 2014 is not even over yet and that events take a lot of time to plan and work out so some of the later event dates wont be available for a good while. BH4 is of course Memorial Day weekend but do we have any dates for ESR3 and Copper Head yet? I need to schedule my vacation days for work and April is Tax season so it is going to be hard. Any information is good information. Thanks in advance AMS. Yall rock!
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    T-REX got a reaction from Sh3ffy in 2015 SCHEDULE   
    I know that 2014 is not even over yet and that events take a lot of time to plan and work out so some of the later event dates wont be available for a good while. BH4 is of course Memorial Day weekend but do we have any dates for ESR3 and Copper Head yet? I need to schedule my vacation days for work and April is Tax season so it is going to be hard. Any information is good information. Thanks in advance AMS. Yall rock!
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    T-REX got a reaction from TheJP in Food Vendor   
    yea inside my hotel room. $20 entry includes broken dreams and scars
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    T-REX got a reaction from TDP Joker in Food Vendor   
    yea inside my hotel room. $20 entry includes broken dreams and scars
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    T-REX got a reaction from Loco Actual in Food Vendor   
    yea inside my hotel room. $20 entry includes broken dreams and scars
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    T-REX got a reaction from missionspec in OP Faded Giant 3 Announcments   
    There are still a ton of camos allowed which makes both sides look like a cluster fuck of rainbows. m81 and solid green vs dcu and solid tan....boom. cheap and easy
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    T-REX reacted to TheJP in General Question Observation   
    Couldn't agree with you more Top. I will throw in my 2 cents after FG3, we have also modified the rule set to make this type of conducts result in punitive recourse.

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    T-REX reacted to Top in General Question Observation   
    What happened to the COST TEAM?  I mean there used to be this team that entered the field of play that was a force to be rekoned with. what Honorable worked hard on and off the field. Put me through sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to at least hold the line even.
    and now Iher teams that were COST are on UFS being given plans and sharing them with COST leadership.... this really doesnt make sense.... dont we have enough drama? or are you claiming inteligence gathering? and spys or some shit? cant field a team but lets cheat!!!! aweso
    In the begining I was asked to build a team that would play on a side  for the most part exclusively to keep the integrity of the storyline flowing and the planning and chain of command intact. what I see happening is  a fracturing of a team because of a few loses.... folks jumping ship running to the side which happens to be on the high side for the momment.
    I see the guys and teams I have worked with for years being asked to sign up for the other side because there isnt enough COST player and the UFS is FULL... Whats up with that? You all telling me that there isnt anyone out there willing to build? I thought that was happening was looking good for a while to... dont know what happend dont really care...
    I do know I was getting my ASS handed to me regularly for years!!! I didnt run away and hide! I didnt blame anyone but myself as the leader its my fault no matter what goes down. I kept working planning thinking training, I planted seeds, talked to players, asked advise, talked about my vision. began building a leadership core with the same vision or at least as close as we can get. then you build in levels so if someone is missing or cant make a game someone else automatically steps up. UFS has come a long way!! I really appreciate the guys who have stepped up to help me you know who you are!! We also know we have a long way to go yet!
    this is kinda sad.... sorry this all bother me to much drama
    Funny thing is I am sure there are those who will flame the crap out of this post LOL Rock on I dont give a steaming Pile!!
    MAN UP COST!!!
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    T-REX reacted to TheJP in 24 Hour Non-Stop?   
    RDG will NOT be a 24 hour event, it will be broken down into evolutions. We are looking at a running an invite only 24 hour event in the future.
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    T-REX got a reaction from PITT in Uniform Question   
    is it possible for someone to write up a list of the skills needed to read?
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    T-REX reacted to Big Candy in ROSTER - READ THIS FIRST!!!!!   
    *UPDATE*  Roster is posted in "secure" forums.

    CoST, if you would like to see the final roster, please email any one of the numerous people that surely has the password.    
    To help alleviate any confusion, the AMS roster is NOT THE FINAL ROSTER.
    Check the AMS roster to confirm that you are on the attendance list.
    The final roster will be posted in the secure forums once the registration has closed.
    PM me for the password.
    PS, everyone pack your shit waders, because once CoST gets the shit beat out of them...  there will be a lot of it on the ground.     
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    T-REX reacted to TheJP in DAM Mission   
    God have mercy on your soul...
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    T-REX reacted to TheJP in DAM Mission   
    2 weeks out we will break out the teams from the individuals and set the schedule.
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    T-REX got a reaction from TheJP in DAM Mission   
    With the registration for DAM missions now being individual, how should we go about making sure we are grouped together for our DAM mission?
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    T-REX reacted to Greg.AMS in Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST) - Roster   
    T-Rex, if nothing else just make sure you have the name of the original ticket holder when you check in, and we can take care of it. 
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    T-REX got a reaction from TheJP in L86?   
    its a SAW
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    T-REX got a reaction from Redwolf_Rob in New to AMS   
    which event?
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    T-REX reacted to Luckygirl in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    My AAR.
    LuckyGirl. Delta Milsim Group, Squad 3, in Platoon 3. CoST.
    This was my first AMS event. We drove 16 hours from Wisconsin in a smelly van filled with gear and man funk. We arrived at the AO and was greeted by the staff. I was blown away! The smiling faces and the overly nice staff was amazing! I have never encountered such awesome staff and players before in my life! We checked in,  chrono'd our guns, and retired back to our hotel. After experiencing that I knew that this was going to be the best event I have ever been to. I have been to tons of events, and have never felt so welcomed before in my life!
    We arrived at the AO for the morning briefing and lineup. AMS did a great job in explaining the rules. Tan was sent off to their start point. usually at this time we get a speech from our commander and get our orders. Nope. We were sent off with no clue. Even our platoon leader was in the dark. We eventually got an order to hold JJ from someone. I still have no idea who. We sat in JJ and held it all day. We fought off the handful of attackers and watched the other side of the field, having all the fun. We were calling out movements of the enemy over the radio, no one even acknowledged. Our main radio channel consisted of random people yelling, "He's over there!" and "We're pinned down!". Proper radio etiquette would have helped out alot. I ended up turning off my radio for the rest of the event. 
    Halfway through day one I took a tumble down a flight of stairs. I messed up my ankle and had to call for staff assistance. I was super impressed again! The staff arrived so fast! Everyone stopped shooting right away! Again it was very impressive. I got carted back to the camping area and hung out for an hour before I got bored. I tightened my boot and hobbled back out to play. We held JJ for the rest of the day until phase 1 ended. 
    I chose not to play the night game due to my hurt kankle. But the rest of my crew had a blast!
    We arrived at the AO. My team still had no orders and I still have not seen our commander. I could barely walk so I sat out for the first part of the day. My team was in charge of holding the mosque. I got bored, Duck taped my kankle, and hobbled out to the mosque. Again we were holding and watching the other side of the field having fun. Why did we get crapped on again? It seemed like we were deemed not worthy or something. What ever. We held that mosque! It got to a point where Tan had us surrounded. We were getting waves of enemy's trying to breach the doors. It was exciting! We stood our ground and held that Mother Effer! We held the mosque that whole day, until the game ended. It was awesome!
    To sum it up;
    Bad: The leadership was crap, and the orders were unclear.
    Good: Awesome and friendly staff! Players called their hits! Players were super friendly and awesome! AO was amazing!
    I had a great time and I plan on attending way more AMS events! I had a blast!! It was amazing, except for the fractured foot.
    Thank you to all the players and staff! You have renewed my itch to sling BB's again!
    MILSIM! lol

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    T-REX got a reaction from Rainmaker in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    Well you keep asking for milsim. You should know that a lot of days can go by with no shots fired. So in theory you were still simulating. You wre told to gaurd the building.
    As for admin issues, I never had any and I had tons of times were I needed admin help.
    Command wise: I was CoST and was handed objectives that made sense and were important. One of which was take one guy with me and flank around and assault the mash, which would have worked had 3 squads not decided to have a pow wow there instead of spawning and moving on, is what it is.
    As for staff I have never had issues. Maybe I'm special, I don't know. My experiences have been great. Then again when I have an issue, I take it to the staff. If am admin can't help, I find a combat controller. If that doesn't work I find either JP, BO, or frosty. It gets fixed. #proactive
    Lastly, everyone views the event differently. I had a blast. I have concerns of course but nothing to stir me away. As for fire fights, you can mostly blame your fellow players for not moving to fight. I constantly was on the move and I'm not skinny. You have to find a way to fight. Sure u had to watch a building. Can't get command on radio, send a runner to locate. Get updated objective. Shit happens. Make the fight happen. I'm not known for standing in a building, people know me because I kick doors into people and pew pew pew. I get killed I do it all over again.
    But hey, it's your money to spend. We can't make you spend it on AMS. I have been to 5 events hosted by AMS and have always come away from it knowing I left 150% of myself on that AO and had a blast. Regardless of kills. I had plenty but I had more fun knowing I was inspiring people to fight, obviously I didn't motivate you, oh well. I would say id see you at black sheep Shelby but I'll prolly be too busy getting ready for ESR3, BH4, and the new AO in NM with 300+ buildings that won't be full of players who don't make life fun. I run gas, I hardly go through a mag. So not shooting a lot means nothing, just saying.
    If your still even reading at this point, we appreciate your attendance and y'all losing yourself to be a target for the opposing force. End of the day it's just a game of dress up:)
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    T-REX reacted to Dragon in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    My thoughts played Airsoft ,hung out with friends made new ones , had lots of fun and played my very best
    Thanks to AMS , cost players,and ufs players
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    T-REX got a reaction from Clinton Benninghoff in Media Coverage   
    so many helo kits in that pic....oh wait more like the lack there of ^^^^^^^
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    T-REX reacted to Spartan911 in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    I normally try to stay out of this sort of thing, but I don't think I can this time.
    I was the SL for the SoF squad of six guys.  I had my orders for the start on Saturday, start in CC and push into the woods to deny the UFS the ability to flank and penetrate from the woodline.  We did this, and ended up trudging through swamps for about 2 hours.  While in the swamps it became apparent our comms were programmed incorrectly, which is our fault, and no one else's.  If YOUR comms go down YOU need to find a solution. Either reprogram in the field or find some other way to get orders/intel.  I made several runs across the AO to meet with the CO, give him updates on our movements, discuss the next move, etc.  If you want the intel, and YOUR comms are down, over come it somehow.  On Saturday I barely went through two mags, which is fine.  We accomplished our missions, recovered intel where we could, including the FRAGO in the south village.
    We had a blast during the night evolution and all day Sunday.  Sunday my AEG went down so I was left with my axe and pistol.  Had just as much fun.  ***Edited from orginal post due to new information coming to light.***
    I do have some insight regarding some of the issues people are bringing up.  First, AMS events run on a continou storyline, the results of the previous Op drive the next Op.  This explains why CoST was in a defensive role and UFS was offensive.  If you were a PL or SL and had no idea what was going on regarding the game plan, then you have no one to blame but yourself.  Having been a CO and XO I know less than half of the PLs and SLs participate in the forum discussions or the Skype meetings .  If you want to have an active role in leadership, you need to be ACTIVE in the leadership role YOU have chosen.  If you were present at all the meetings, then this is obviously not directed towards you and I thank you for your participation.  The reason detailed information is not disseminated on the secure forums is we seem to always have a leak; this is why detailed information is distributed during the Skype meetings.  It is then the responsibility of the PLs and SLs to give the information their respective platoons and squads.  One of the unique and outstanding things about AMS Ops is it is very player centric.  The leadership is chosen from the player base, everyone one of us has an opportunity to be in a leadership role.  If you don't like the way an Op went, then step up and take an active role.  It seems there is always a plea for people to fill leadership roles before every event, but almost no one is willing to fill it. 
    Injuries on the field: these are going to happen regardless of what the event staff briefs you on beforehand.  People trip on elevated platforms, trip down stairs, fall out of windows as they try to be cool and do things they have never done before.  I fail to see how this is the fault of the event staff. 
    Support staff:  I do think they need to be in a different coloured shirt and it needs to be made clear ahead of time they are not admins and can not function as such.
    Uniforms:  I am a huge proponent of clearly defined uniforms.  Tan is tan, green is green.  For example, DCU, chocolate chip, desert DPM, M81, DPM, Flecktarn.  There was way to much fratricide going on, always is.  As ClayVT mention, multicam and kryptec can go either way (no pun intended).  While I understand target ID is part of MilSim, however, the continued fratricide takes away from experience.
    Complaints:  I urge you to send your issues/suggestions to the AMS staff.  They are very open to discussion on how to improve your experience. 
    In conclusion, we had a great time.  We will be returning to AMS events in the future.  Hope to see you all in New Mexico!
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    T-REX reacted to corriander in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    AMS Brad – I will pass your message on to my guy since forums are not his thing.  If there is any more that needs saying, feel free to message me privately.  We can all walk away with a lesson learned.
    Moving on . . .
    My own experience with the game is fairly immaterial as more verbose accounts have already been given.  I prepared my squad based on what I could, I followed the orders I was given and at the end of Saturday the majority of my squad had lost interest in the game.  We went home.
    Problems, however, are only constructively brought to light when solutions to the issues are also suggested.
    For AMS:
    - A MOUT facility is a massive trip/fall hazard, particularly the stairwells.  Changing light conditions is good for play but stairwells should always have low level illumination.  Buildings like JJ do not have illumination in MANY of the stairwells, so perhaps if you play the AO again minimally taping some chemlights or other low-level LED illumination to the walls would reduce the potential for multiple injuries.  Neither is a costly solution.
    - FPS enforcement was done primarily with Chrony F1’s.  This particular chrono is designed to work with either overhead sunlight or an incandescent light suspended above the gates.  White plastic diffusers are supplied with the units and should be used for consistent results.  I own one and chrono’ed EXACTLY the same as my home unit across 5 AEG’s and 1 P* . . . but I also chrono’ed in direct midday sun on both occasions.  At your next event, please take the conditions in which they are being used in to consideration.
    - Eyepro was supposed to be enforced by the SQDL.  I was able to enforce it due to bringing a full squad, others did not have this luxury.  Perhaps you can make proof of sealed eyepro part of registration?  I’m sure that the onsite vendors would be more than happy to offer a variety of choices at different price points (along with anti-fog wipes) for players who were lax on compliance.
    - Red shirts make a good way to identify admins but truth is anyone can show up with one.  My squad identified a local player who showed up with a red shirt who was certainly NOT an admin.  Small quantity t-shirt printing is not expensive so perhaps issue shirts with the AMS logo on the front and a big ‘EVENT STAFF’ across the back to eliminate confusion?  Additionally, non-admins could be asked to wear safety vests ($4 at a hardware store) if they want to be on the field.
    For the player command:
    - This is MILSIM but it is also an event players pay to have fun at.  If you know a squad isn’t seeing action, rotate the squads.  If you don’t know who is stagnating, ask the PL.  If the PL doesn’t know, ask the SQDL.  Check hourly.  Between evolutions is clearly not often enough.
    - Comms can always be an issue.  Add the role of a comms officer, assign someone who knows what they are doing and highly recommend players purchase a specific brand of programmable radios.  If an issue comes up, the config file can be updated to get everyone back on track.
    The rest comes down to the compliance of the player base to the rule set.
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    T-REX reacted to Misfit1 in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    As a combat veteran and disabled vet myself. I feel it down right degrading to throw stuff out there for everyone to see.
    Being a wounded or disabled vet doesnt mean you can throw it out there to make an argument valid. Being a disabled combat vet means you have sacrificed and lived. It means you have served this nation with every inch of your soul and being. My self i like to play these games to help with ptsd and memories. I take it seriously..more than i should at times. But i dont go out there throwing my service record around. You joined to protect your country. So thanks for your service. Remember its just a damn game at the end of the day. So lets put this to rest because quiet frankly were grown ass men who play a hobby and a sport. Be greatful that you even had the opprotunity to play at a military installation. Most civilians will never exp something like this like we do. Be repectfull and be humble.
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    T-REX reacted to BigSilva in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    More attention that you can possibly fathom SIr. lol
    Sorry you did not have a good time..honestly. I Hope that you will attend another and see how it goes. 
    For the record as you will see there is a TON of people that did have a good time. just saying.
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