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  1. Dave, your map and comments make me smile and I think you know why. As for the AAR posted at the top, I am not sure who you are but I will say that you can blame your FOB placement on Rick choosing it to be there. I agree with the sun issue as well as I believe it firmly removed a majority of the airfield from play as CoST technically could only move so far north if we decided to because FOB's were not allowed to be attacked and the airfield can provide for some awesome fire fights at time. Y'all are welcome for the mines placed at the colleville cross roads and pegasus cross roads Also sorry that we blew up your SAM sight, y'all should really patrol the north end hehehe. Also Dave, come back to the dark side.
  2. This is the American Milsim Forum, not Milsim West. I suggest finding a MSW fb page or forum
  3. As someone who is almost 1005 GBBR, this is not a handicap. Shoot at what you can actually hit. Be prepared to haul ass back to your FOB when needed. There is no need for more than 7 mags. I currently only run 6 for my ghk m4 gbbr. It is more than enough. Just know that you will not be suppressing the enemy like others can.
  4. TAG rounds have been allowed for over a year
  5. Still trying to offload my KWA LM4. gun is fully upgraded and is a great gas blow back rifle platform. make an offer. looking for 400 but will entertain anything reasonable Average Range 250ft+ 385 to 400 FPS 1x Magazine 1 piece upper 14.5 inch outer barrel RA Tech 6.01 tbb Evo 2 hop up Maple leaf bucking TDC Set Screw Hop Up mod Strike Industries 11inch Key Mod Rail Front and Rear Magpul MBUS flip up sights Magpul ASG Ambi-Selector Magpul MOE FDE Grip Magpul MOE FDE Trigger Guard Guarder Steel Trigger Guarder Steel Hammer Guarder Steel Charging Handle Guarder Steel Magazine Release/Catch Mgpul ASAP QD Rear Sling Plate BCM Keymod QD Sling Mount Polished Bolt Upgraded Nozzle Oring Bolt Catch Mod Hop Up Stability Oring mod
  6. rosters are handled internally by the command staff for your faction. the public rosters on the forum are only for ams admin usage and to provide names to your command staff. the final roster is going to be available via the secure forum of your faction. if you do not have the password then you need to request it from someone in command. same for all events.
  7. check your email. that info has already been sent out
  8. will not close on the lm4. the upper is not full spec
  9. Nothing is unfair if it follows the outlined rules. Anybody can build that same gun. it is not unfair. I run gas. is it unfair that I only carry 240 rounds when someone wearing the same exact loadout with mid caps could have over 700rds? no
  10. And once you start getting up there in fps, your range will increase
  11. I have always thought that allowing the fps of a support weapon to be 450fps allows it to have a further engagement distance while still keeping, hopefully, the same effective range. I do not like being sprayed 20 times up close. I do not care if it is semi, i love 0 MED but full auto 0MED is a different issue. I think of it this way. They do not want you going full auto that close so thy push your MED back. As a result, in theory you are losing 60ft of range on your enemy, while they do also loose that range on you as well as you are further away but that is besides the point. As a way to make up for the lost range, they give you the ability to use 50fps more on your weapon. Now, FPS does not always equal range but it can help get your bb there quicker so it drops later than sooner due to speed. Just my reasoning for the rule
  12. Or you can just pack in your food. the fob is a nice place for a locked container. coordinate with your command for your squad to take a break to rest and eat up. bodies leaving the field to rest and eat is exactly how fights are lost. This is not an open play. You will not be tired if you condition your self, hydrate, carb up, and pace your self. Marathon, not sprint. In all honesty, I believe it should be a war crime if you are caught leaving the field unless an emergency. not only is your team losing valuable assets, but you are causing a negative effect for every player on the AO. You can not have intense fire fights if there is nobody shooting back at you. I understand that you will get tired and hungry but it is a simple fix. Learn your limits...then set better limits. Sure it is a game and is meant to be fun but part of milsim is the sim...ulation. You dont get to simply walk off the real battle field when you are tired. Just prepare your body and more importantly your mind prior to the event.
  13. Registration normally opens at 12pm on Friday at every event
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. the night game ends at midnight. the day time game will not stop at this event. it is going to flow straight into the night. as for sunday, there is nothing that says you need to be awake at 4am. nothing even starts until until 8am
  16. i run only gas and always chrono with .32
  17. side arms are not chronoed the same way as gas rifles. the above referenced fps rules as far as i have always seen have not applied to gas and hpa sniper rifles. the fps rules them self yes, but i have always seen them chronoed with .32. pistol is going to be done with .2. the odds of your co2 pistol joule creeping is not what id consider a issue. they want to know that it isnt shooting fucking hot like half co2 pistols do. thats why green gas pistols a lot of time are not chronoed at events depending on the event host.
  18. if it runs off of gas, it is chrono with .32. hpa and gas use the same ammo to chrono.
  19. no idea about the real question, but if you are not SQL, then I just ask do not transmit on it unless you have assumed the role of SQL or RTO for the sql
  20. oh and btw, no i have not attended any events using blank fire. I understand the safety concerns. I also know how the system works. It is not a matter of just walking in off the street and going bang bang. if you do not want it on the field you are on, do not attend the event. it is that easy.
  21. lets all just be clear. you do not just show up with a rifle and do it. you must apply and be approved through safety checks. and you have all of your ammo checked. you must have an adaptor which is designed to stop a real round. that gun would explode if you fired a real round. im done here. it adds sound effects and visuals. it is simple. no more dangerous than pyro pea grenades exploding in your hand...just saying. drops mic and walks away
  22. To answer the actual question instead of arguing about if it should be allowed, it is rather simple. you see a flash coming your way and can tell it was aimed at you, you take the hit. It is more of an honor thing and the ru;les even state it is technically optional to call those hits but it is there to create an atmosphere so by not calling it you are basically just telling the guy hey nice sound effect. i know you are shooting at me but go piss off lol. im not arguing yes or no for blank fire. im answering the original question.
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