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  1. I have my Atlantic-Signal Dual PTT wired for Maxon radios that I used with my Peltors. It can be purchased. If interested PM me. They are the real thing. Jager
  2. Having run for many years with a Pantac plate carrier, I can testify about its durability and bargain for-the-buck. I also have SoTech gear. It costs more than the Pantac but it to is high quality. You have to determine your load-out you are going to use the most at skirmishes, training or Ops. Then determine which LBG is going to work best for you and your budget. Remember DirtPro is a Pantac dealer and has alot of experience to help you meet your LBG requirements. Jager
  3. I believe this is what American Milsim does each year with OP: Broken Home and Alan Swayze does with OP: East Wind. Jager
  4. 3lb........then there would be no doubt about calling your hits....LOL, seriously my primary weapon's preferred BB is .28. Jager
  5. Due to a health issue, I regrettably have to sell my MilSim/Airsoft gear off. I have inventoried my camo and posted it. I will be posting, in the near future, my weapons, LBG, and accessories. The following are in very good condition and I have grouped them camo type. Size is reflected next to each item, price is in parenthesis. Purchaser assumes shipping costs. ACU: Boonie 7 3/4 (8) WOODLAND: Boonie,(Propper) sml brim, 7 3/4, (7.00); Pants (Propper)Md-Lng (22.50); Jacket (TruSpec), ACU cut,Lg-Lng,(22.50); Patrol Cap (real Marine) 73/4 (5.00) MARPAT-Green: Boonie (TruSpec), Large Brim, 73/4,(7.00); Patrol Cap (Propper), 7 3/4,(6.00); Combat Shirt (TruSpec) Lg., (25.00); Shirt(TruSpec),Lg-Reg, (18.00); Field Coat w/polartec liner,(Rothco), X-LrgReg,(50.00) MARPAT-Tan: Boonie (Tru-Spec), Large Brim 7 3/4, (7.00); Pants (TruSpec) MedLong (18.00); Shirt (TruSpec) Lrg-reg, (18.00); Jacket, Desert Compat, Irregular real Marine Gortex, XLG,(25.00) TIGER STRIPE: Shirt(Propper), LRG-Long,new, (15); Patrol Cap,(Propper), 7 3/4, (6.00) DPM: Raincoat, XLrg, (15.00) MULTICAM: (All presently spoken for) ATACS-FG: (All presently spoken for) PM me your requests. Thank You Jager
  6. Jager


    Swiss Army Trailer
  7. Thanks to Metal and Tusk for their modern renditions of Rebel Yell. But lets talk here, overlooking the clothes and other 1984 production techniques, Billy Idol is the one who kicks this song. Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw81lk5-Okw Jager
  8. Grendel, those were going to be for The Mule when we pimp-it up.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. OBR wants "leather seating" Jager
  10. To be clear, is the fee structure for DAM $250 divided by 8= $31.25 or is it $250 divided by 8= $31.25 + $75= $106.25? Jager
  11. I have been using .28-.30's with good accuracy. They do work well in the environments that exist at The LZ and DDAP. Jager
  12. Its a basic issue of freedom of speech...they have that right. Freedom of speech is what this country was founded on. NOW that does not make lying acceptable at all, especially about something so honorable like service to one's country. Jager
  13. Today, being D-Day we should all take time to show our gratitude for the men and women who insured we have the freedoms we have today. Thanks to the Greatest Generation! Jager
  14. I agree Blackbird. This year The Regulators, Robinson Recon and our CoST Platoon1 CO, Rocketman camped together this year. It does increase intersquad cohesiveness. I believe we will try to, informally, within our platoon, get more of the squads to camp together next year. Jager
  15. Untill you have a larger staff and cover the other issues regarding more admins, I think the in-field chrono is unnecessary at this time, as they have been checked already. Being a game of honor and potentially detracting from game-flow, this suggested requirement should be demphasized untill a need is determined and game admins have more spare-time. All players know the importance to comply with this safety issue. Jager
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