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  1. I have a brand new Baofeng UV-5R, with extended battery and upgraded antenna I don't need, total I have in it is around $80 letting go for $50. There is nothing wrong with it as I stated it is brand new. It did not come with cable or software, comes with box and manual. I will have it at BH3.
  2. Rick, can we make a purchase online today and pick it up at the AO?
  3. I found this info, is it correct ? Field GPS coordinates (entrance): N 33*15'55" W 98*18'27" Field Address: 2519 State Highway 114 West / Jacksboro, Texas 76458.
  4. AMS Staff WOW!!!!! What an intense experience for my first major event! You guys rocked it, I absolutely will be attending more AMS events from here on out! How cool is it to have your primary go down 3 hours before the end of day 2, and then win a brand new KWA in the raffle? Guys thanks for an awesome weekend, and the new primary! Til next time..... VUDU out
  5. LOST: Tan Condor 2 point sling, has VUDU written on it, lost at airfield I believe.
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  7. Fallon, thanks for the post info, I didn't want to show up with regular ammo and not get to participate. It would be nice to have that info in the rule set, some of us have never been to an Americam Milsim event before, so if we read the rule set, and it doesn't state specifically bio only, means you would show up and not get to participate and pretty much be throwing your money away. I was NOT complaining about having to use bios by any means, I am trying to make sure I am in compliance with ALL the rules. This is my first big OP and I am very much looking forward to going
  8. Just read the AMS ruleset, and did not see any reference to only being allowed to use bio bb's, just trying to verify, was just told that only bio bb's are allowed at any AMS event.
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