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  1. yeah, I just had an insurance thing tell me of some changes I don't agree with big time starting when my policy renews. That ticks me off, ... who is this "insurance" to tell me how I am gonna run my hobby???? But, if I wanna stay covered... I must find a way to comply. Though, it had notta to do with MEDs and Upclose shooting...
  2. Tas, did bring up a good point... In many areas, you have many different local groups and regional groups participating in the same hobby, but alot of them have slight variations to the rules used. I have two groups within driving distance from me here... both of which carry thier own ways of operation that differ from one another. if I participate with them, I always have to keep in mind, these changes. Fortunately... these aspects are slight differences, and easily kept up with. So, if I travel to N.Tx... to participate. I'm gonna follow the rules, pertaining to the safetykill vs MED of a weapon thingy... I would just have to adjust if something popped up that might warrant it becomming a factor. Even if I don't agree with something... I can adapt and keep on keeping on. That being said though... I'd rather our BIG venue here, to remain as close to what we'd consider MilSIm to be, and not change much if anything at all. It's worked for a great number of years as it stands.
  3. Right, exactly... but what is being proposed is... in THAT situation, the guy getting "dropped on", has the option, to ruin the manuver, by "pulling MED rule vs Realism". the "challenge" would be... even if it's honorable, that M4 gets trumped by a pistol... if you are inside the 20' mark. Why, because shooting inside a MED is technically a no no. So, if that rule stuck... The situation is,: you have the OPFOR dead to rights. You came around a corner, not expecting a close encounter. You call "safetykill " to grant the OPFOR the honor of not getting a painful shot. You have him... you know it, and he knows it. You prepare to move on... and then he draws his pistol, and shoots you as you pass. So, while... you already had him/her ... realistically, and fairly, you still get trumped by a rule ... thats only purpose is to limit the up close shooting with the assault rifle class , ... which is also why we have "safetykills" to begin with... , so no one gets shot up close... Now, I suppose it'd be different, if you were in fact, expecting an up close encounter... But, going off the same situation... just this time, instead of an M4 . You are holding an Elite Force Co2 powered 1911 ... Now, you have a side arm... so he has to take the call, or be shot... because your armed with a pistol , and that makes it right. But wait... the same situation... where BOTH you and the OPFOR are sporting M4s. You get the drop, you make the call... then, very realistically mind you, you both stop and go for the pistols, reminding everyone else around of a wild west gunslinger shoot out... so who ever draws faster, gets to trump the other? or... we can simply toss all replicas aside, and just do " rock, paper , scissors" to decide any and all realistic based combat simulation in our MilSim Events. I'm sorry to poke fun at the topic at hand... but, I do still find the concept flawed, and overly complicating, an already abused and misunderstood measure of honor and safety. I do get what the idea is trying to achieve, which isn't a bad thing either. I just personally... don't wish to flow that way.
  4. nah, we are good to go. \ I don't personally think having to draw sidearms inside twenty feet meds is realistic enough ... but, i have also to this date, not pulled my sidearm when up close anyways.
  5. There are a few casual assumptions tossed about in this discussion... I'd kinda like to touch base on: The one that stands out most, is the stereotyping of "new players" , and younger players as being the soul culprits of all things that run questionable, or foul in our hobby. It is true, sometimes, they lack good judgement, or expereince... thats a given. (We all had to learn along the way. ) However, it's been my expereince ... that it's the Vets and participants that are not that young ( I'm 37, so you have to define "young/old" for me... lol.), ... I mean, 18+ in that regard. Old enough to know better... , but they still do it. If I look back over these last years... my list of Noob idiocity vs Expereinced Operator Idiocity ... I have to say, the "experienced side" has noobs beat by a long shot. This is my own personal experience... I have to assume, that maybe others have had the opposite experience by context of what has been said though. New and younger players, can be guided easier though. They WILL make mistakes... that is a given. Older more experienced participants, already know better... and will not take to being told what to do, or be guided by anyone. They will keep doing what they do, until caught by an Admin ... and probably only change up if threatened with bans or black-listed. The next assumption... that the rest of the AMS community is going to adopt the N.TX safety-kill rule thing. Or, that this discussion has even changed other groups/regions opinions of how the "system" should or should not work. @ Zerohawk ... Understand that me using your quote, ... I'm not picking at you at all, or your idea, I just wanted to use it as an example: You see... it's still being assumed, that what you desire, is what everyone "should" be doing. ( maybe it works, ... but I don't know, I hadn't went to TX to play yet.) This may be your idea of a "perfect cqb world" ... it might not be mine. or the next guy, or the next guy... and so on.I myself, am gonna follow the "don't be a dick rule" , and call it good. can't speak for everyone... but that the way I lean. Again... what are we assuming here? That all AEGs are created equal, and are dangerous at close proximity engagements? I MUST beg to differ... in that regard. Also... that opens up, to what I stated before as the issue becomming a "defensive manuver" , to explicitly exploit in an unfavorable way. This is MilSim... it's a game yes, BUT ... it should be a game of honor, pitting tactics, team work, and skill against opponents on the AO. Not a game of ... this rule, and sub-rule vs the situation. (Are we participating in mock combat... or a game of checkers? ) That said.. I understand the safety concerns hands down. However, I tend to police myself while participating... and I do discuss aspects that are founded unfair in my eyes. I don't argue though. I do not go out of my way, to hurt anyone, and expect the same from everyone else. again, see the "don't be a dick rule"... See, now I am used to, in a pure CQB environment... that FPS for all weaponry be cut down to 300 FPS with a .25 weight bb. Even AEGs. I do not consider MOUT settings ( like MOST of what AMS runs events as/on ) CQB environments, standard AMS rules apply ( our rules, aren't much different than what AMS runs if any differences exist at all.) I don't know anyone who wants to get bloody. I've been bloodied before, despite proper protections. I feel you should revise that statement to: "Don't wish to get shot? Don't participate in Airsoft, MilSim, or Combat Simulations. It can hurt, it can make welts, or make you bleed occasionally. " I think I can agree with that... lol. All in all, ( and again zerohawk, I am not picking on you, or how N.TX plays ) , I think I've kinda gotten to the point, I'm just repeating myself, and I'm probably gonna leave the discussion alone from here on out. I've gained a bit of knowledge, and I have considered all vallid points everyone has made. I have no idea, on how AMS will take this discussion, and modify anything ... if they even go that far. Not up to me to decide that.
  6. Pscho... I know how the ARA operates. These aspects, tend to work fine in smaller regional ops, and local triggerdays. 90% of the time, I don't have issues with safety-kills and bang rules. I am NOT saying, you should eliminate MEDS or Safety-kills. That was never my intent to come across I'd support that if it was taken that way. I stated: The only way to avoid confusion, was to remove safety-kills all the way around ... I thought, by my context of that statement surrounding the topic, that I was still "pro-safety-kill", lol. Everything, everyone stated has been very good points, and all of it really boils down to... if everyone participates fairly, and equally in the situations, all is fine. Blackbird : I've been the guy, inside a building waiting on the OPFOR to breach a door or window many times. I've waited with side-arm in hand , as they poke in, and safety-killed many as they try to rush in, or slowly creep in. In B4L, I did this to quite a few while in the second area while being retained in the building with the sand floor. Of course, most of em knew I was in there, after a bit... but still they had a hard time trying to gain position there. I was alone, with-out any of my faction members to help. Most the guys, whom breached into the building... never drew a side-arm. They had thier AEGs waving about. So that sitation is about opposite of what you described. I was in fact, safety-killed back eventually. One Operator poked his AEG over the wall, even though he looked dead at me... his replica never pointed in my direction. It could have gone either way... as he did surprize me, but he couldn't have shot me. Though, he probably could have grenaded me, and I was tired of being alone and holding out in a building surrounded by tans. So, I gave him that one, and went to respawn. The other guys, that I did safety-kill... heh, not all, but most of them, I over-heard complaining, or griping about " that stupid safety-kill thing". They didn't like the fact,I had em, ... and trust me, if we didn't play with "safety-kills", they would have been griping about getting shot up close with my pistol instead. There was no doubt, ever... I had em dead though... one way or another. My old buddies and team mates, Bash and Metal whom have chimed in here... can attest, that I am a stickler for safety, and I worry probably a bit too much if participants are going to find things fair, or having fun. But, expereince has taught me a great deal in these regards. Situational awareness, and granting benefit of the doubt go a very, very long ways. Like I said before... I've been subjected to bad safety-kill calls before myself. It sucks, but isn't the end of things. I still stand by, that if someone declines a safety-kill while inside a MED ... they chose to decline the safety-margins at thier own risk. The responsibility should be in the hands of the Operator whom has a call on him, not the operator whom has gotten the drop on someone. If you take that chance, in those situations... chances are, your gonna get shot up close. Of course, honor and good taste plays a part of that. At best, a PARLEY situation, should develop out of these situations like this. I'm not an elitist. I want everyone to be safe and have fun while participating. My thing is... I am being "safe" by issuing a safety-kill in the first place. I wouldn't call it, if I didn't already know for 100 percent, I had you dead to rights. I'd know it, and so would you... even if I was inside the 20' MED by accidental cause. ( IE, I would not run up inside a MED with an AEG with the intent to shoot anyone that close. ) In a situation... being it, in a building , or outside of one... if I happen to go around a corner, jump over a log, ... ect, any situation that would not NORMALLY warrant me to have to pull a side arm... and bamf, there you are... if I have to drop on you, I have the drop on you. Most generally... in any CQB situation, I do use my sidearm. Though, I do not consider a MOUT AO to be CQB. Especially at a place like Camp Gruber. The buildings are spacious , long corridors, large rooms ( mostly ) ... not a great deal of situations where you'd get inside a MED on purpose anyways, very limited up-close and personal points on that AO, even inside the buildings. Now, if ALL play was centralized say ... IN the hotel on Gruber... that would be considered CQB in my eyes. Even though the hotel is large, and has longer ranges in there, the chances of up-close situations greatly increase, if everyone is in there participating. CQB is like... a pure indoor AO, with tight corridors and small rooms. ( or outdoor choked up area that is small. ) In those CQB situations, I'm gonna be geared to play CQB... where even my AEGs are shooting at 300 FPS or lower to begin with. So, my entire load-out and set up, would be geared for safer up-close play from the start. As should everyone's.
  7. This I agree with 100%. This is where this sounds like the opposite of the first quote to me. It's pitting advantage vs the MED rule... creating a "defensive manuver" , instead of the "offensive manuver". Now mind you, my earlier statement sounded a bit rough... Anyone that knows me, can tell ya I am very prone to call hits, even when things are questionable ( did it ricochet off that object? hit my replica? bounce off the ground? ), and that includes "safety-kills" that are 90% of the time , probably wouldn't have hit home if I didn't call it. I always carry a side-arm, and a tac knife. ( and I will relay a short story , of when a knife kill was disputed by Operators towards me in a minute.) Now, I don't always draw a side-arm when I don't actually plan on entering a building... but if I roll around a corner quickly, to find someone with his back , or not at the ready... I will extend the curteosy first. If he doesn't take it, and fires or attempts to... I simply think it's fair game to use that aeg in hand at that moment. It's highly unrealistic to HAVE to draw a side-arm , when it's perfectly clear... the AEG would have done the job anyways. If you've been had, you've been had... to me, that is alot simpler, and fair. Tac-knife kill: 2 Operators at B4L were in the dark, one of the hallways of the 4 story building. I waited for them to get close, and I walked between both with knife in hand. I tapped them both, and calmly stated " You have been knife killed". One of them, turned, and drew his pistol, shot me six times point blank in the chest area... then, the two "tans" stood there, arguing with me who got the drop on who... I got so peed off at thier illogical squawk , I eventually said " what-ever", and walked away, returned to our respawn. The two aspects where this irritated me, first off... the illogical assumption, because I didn't shoot a gun, or yell " safety-kill" while holding one, meant to them, they had ME trumped. The second aspect, besides the arguing... was these were not noobs. Very experienced, and I seen em at a few events before. I would have expected this out of noobs. Out of others, on par with my own levels or greater... I tend to expect alot more. and... side-arms: What constitutes a side arm? If say, someone was holding a mp7, or other smg, shot-gun... or how abaout an AEG that is white-tagged ( if AMS still does that with 300 FPS or lower aegs? ). These replicas, are easily defined as secondary alternatives. If someone got the drop on you... how can you "justify" not taking the curteosy call, simply because you aren't getting a pistol pointed at you? You got droped, and you know it... period. Using MEDs, as a screen to perform the opposite of an " offensive manuver", seems just as wrong to me. Plus, it is highly unrealistic. that's just me though... it's my personal opinion of the topic. Doesn't reflect anything "official". I like the discussion, which is why I chimed in on it. I don't agree 100% with how you N.TX folks are handling the safety-kill thing though. I don't exactly 100% disagree with it either... I only disagree with some of it. I want more realism in bigger events myself. I expect folks to put thier big boy pants on, when they arrive at a larger event. It's not maby-pamby airsoft in these larger national events... it's milsim after-all. Very rare is it, that I have personally had issues with "safety-kills" , when playing out-doors or in MOUT settings. Yes, i have been subject to the strange " offensive manuver" used, not ONLY by new players , but by expereinced ones as well. Many times, i probably screwed up my face, and thought... WTF??? , while I was pulling my dead rag out... but, I can't say there have been too many times where it ruined the game play for me personally.
  8. Probably since it's inception, "safety-kill" and "bangs", have probably been the most controversial aspect to date in our hobby. As you stated, many different regions and places, have different rules regarding these forms of elimination. To me, since combat is essentially chaotic, unpredictable, and VERY situational... what you have asked there is no easy answer to. Now, if you ask me... I think Meds are in place for safety reasons, for a good reason. However... in combat simulation, just because MEDs are in place... I see no rationale reason, an AEG could not be used for a safety kill even inside a MED. Now, DRs and SAWs... those high velocity shooters... I think should not be used for safety-kills inside thier MEDS, simply because we ALL know it'd actually cause personal injury , and unnessasary pain on the individual deciding not to take the safety-kill. anything under 400 FPS though, ... I can't justify not being able to safety-kill with though. You see... it's been in my minds eye... those safety-kills are just a curtiousy to avoid causing pain to someone that got the drop on them. If the person safety-killed, decided not to take it... they are fair game to being shot, even a MED couldn't save em... cause thats the choice the target made when deciding to take action against a safety-kill. In the above example... I see a few things wrong, meaning some of the details we are left wondering about. The AEG person, offered a safety-kill. He most likely had the drop on your son... that right there, tells me he did perform honorably, not intending to cause unnessassary pain to begin with. Since your son, percieved a loop-hole in the safety-kill rule, he then drew his pistol and shot the operator. Now, did your son... declare his intentions of not accepting the safety-kill... or did he pause, or give the originating shooter the impression, his safety-kill landed home... and then pop him with the pistol? Now, that being asked/said... I want ya to know, that I agree with MEDS and the different classifications of replicas used. If the rule had stated, and was clear up front, that you could not use an AEG with a 20' MED, then I would rule your son did have the advantage, and the arguing was pointless. But, it seems that was not the case... the rule is unclear to the parties involved. Thus the bickering. I'm not an AMS guy... just participate in some of thier events, so you'd have to wait for thier official ruling of the matter like this. Everything I say, means squat in that regard. But... I gotta say this: This is MilSim, it is Combat Simulation .... it's supposed to be as real as it can, with-out completely abandoning safe practices. However... I'd vote to remove safey-kills and bangs all together, as that is the only way to simplify the "argumenitive" rules. I'd also like to say... I doubt I'd participate in a event, where my AEG could not be used for a safety-kill even inside a MED if those rules were still in place. Forcing MED rules, in place of a what is a natural thing to do when up close, demanding a secondary be pulled instead... just seems like a cheap loop-hole to be taken advantage of, and exploited.
  9. Well, lets explore this currency option a bit... I think I dislike it's only use as a way to bribe participants, even team based to do things, and that is it's only function. But for the life of me... I cannot seem to come up with any other reason to use currency in during milsim scenarios. Anyone have any ideas there? Especially if you specialize in participating as a PMC at times. what would all those greenbacks floating around be used for?
  10. @ nasty... Good points there. @ metal... I am looking forward to Tusk putting in his ideas on it! I'm kinda like nasty on that one... PMCs normally can't just "switch sides" , they get lump-sum contracted, and being professional minded, wouldn't break contract during thier contracted time. Good input though from everyone, keep it comming!
  11. My first introduction to PMC teams and those roles played in MilSim Ops, was in the "other" venue, in the "other Invading war scenario". On the surface, I thought the inclusion of such things, on the realistic side (even if what transpired, was a tad unrealistic ), and added an interesting flare to the events. As we all know, real world PMC application is big business, especially in places of far-off regonal conflicts. PMC Corporations contract "jobs" out, such as protection services, policing areas in civil unrest, and much, much more. From what I can gather on PMC Corps, they hire ex-military, Law Enforcement, and trained professionals. Professionalism seems to be a key factor there, as well as experience and training. What I gather is... a single PMC, gets "hired" to pull duty or do a sanctioned "job", with-in the scope of what the base needs of the Corporations are. I can't see individual pay... being too much more than what the standard military pays it's soldiers, Perhaps a tad more... as I also don't see PMC Corporations, providing all the benifits and housing needs that the military does. I was wondering... though, why individual "PMC" operators, I see in OP vids, and other media often exclaim: " we are not getting paid to do this, or... we aren't getting paid enough for this CRAP!" Is this just a " generic" attitude possessed by those playing such a role in MilSim OPs, or does it have some basis in reality? In this discussion though... I'd like to find out from other MilSim Operators, exactly what makes PMC roles, so exciting to them. I'd like to know: - On What basis, would you participate as a PMC in any given Event? - What makes that role "fun", or more appealing than others? Also, in the afore mentioned "other event" , we had certain props an daids, in the form of hard currency, or items equivelent ( like diamonds? ) ... but even though these objects existed, and were "won, or paid" to PMCs... There didn't seem to be any real "use" for such aids was there? Or did I miss something? I'd also like to find out... if those "money" props, are important in any shape or form to those whom participate in PMC roles in a MilSim OP. This whole discussion, is more about researching possibilities and future application of knowledge gained by these ideas and discussions, so any shared information would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to what anyone has to say on this matter. Thank you.
  12. Dirt... I've been enjoying reading these articles. Nice perspectives, and some even though I've done this a while... refreshes certain ideas and reminds me of important points I've always wished to keep in mind. Though I know we've discussed this before... I am interested in getting more knowledge on the belt kits you've designed. Like, you should do an article... step by step of all the mods you did to your battle belt.
  13. I would think, a great idea would be... When AMS gets finished with "wowing" the MilSim Country with thier grand scale ( and a bit pricey O.o OPs ), ... maybe they will consider us GBBr fans, and do a yearly OP or event just fer us. True, it would not be a big following... but most of us, would be on a level playing field right? ( More or less) Though... I know that would catch the attention of HPA users, of such I am not sure would be a good addition to the idea or not.
  14. Well, I stepped onto the GBBR wagon last year-ish. Tusk helped me a great deal, with his knowledge, and even though I didn't exactly take the route he reccomended... I wound up with a super nice GBBR. I elected to gain the WE PDW Open Bolt. I've only had it go down once, and that was because I let someone slam the bolt back after opening it, which broke the nozzel. Replaced that , and it fires like a dream I didn't go the Co2 route... not yet. The mags for Co2 run slightly higher than the green gas ones, and I am unsure if i'd need one of those Co2 adapters that are difficult to find just to load a mag. I will at some point, because it is very dissapointing to not use it during colder weather. In my opinion... worth the extra price! The "kick" alone when firing it, and it's distinct sound ... on a simulated field of battle, there is little else that compares. My PDW, doesn't have NPAS installed. It's amazingly consistent almost every shot in mild to hot days of shooting. I've not tested/chrono in colder weather, but I can tell dropping below 49 degrees does effect it's performance. I got the PDW, simply because I liked the sleeker profile, and compactness. It's also nice that it accepts We Open Bolt M4 mags, as well as it' s own " PDW" versions. This means, a great deal in the AR platform based GBBR. If the Majority of a Team has openbolt M4s... mag sharing can be done. Now if there were three things I'd change about the PDW... 1- I would have included a front and rear sling adapter. It goes single-point easily, but for those of use that like mission spec slings, two point would have been nice. 2- I would have installed a better hop up. On mine, and by research... it seems the hop-ups are a tad on the "tight" side. I've been told, it will break in over time, but after a year Ive not seen it yet. My hop is set at nuetral , not quite off, not quite actually hopped... and i get fairly accurate long distance out of it. Comparable to any AEG i've shot. 3- The Mags... I started out with 4, i'm down to three... one had a flaw in it's threads around the fill valve, which basically cuts the head off the valve when you tighten it back on after doctoring the Orings. With no real warranty , or customer service ... I have a defective mag, that I'm unsure If I can get it tapped and fixed. Also, the mags do not come apart like I expected them to... I had thought these would need servicing every so often. Other than some silicon on the Orings, and lubing the loading tube... There's not alot I can do there. I wish there was a P-mag option as well. The expense of mags, has kept me from buying more currently. I had planned on buying one a month, until I got quite a few... but I started filling up old wants and desires first, and basically kept procratinating more mag purchases. Playing with a GBBR, isn't all that disadvantaged vs an AEG. It may seem like you have less shots, but honestly... you tend to waste less shots to do the same things. It will teach you a great deal of trigger control, and disclipine using one in an OP. The biggest disadvantage I've had, is not being able to quickly reload with gas and BBs, while the AO. I've been reluctant to cart around a gas can with me. So, it's always a trek to where my gear is... and fill up. For me though... I happen to like the GBBR, and now that I have one, I like it more than ANY Aeg i've ever had in my hands. It's fun to shoot. It's has nothing to do with "realism" for me. I also like the option that I can " Sound Hog " it, or Suppress/Silence it if desired. Normally , i run it plain-jayne. It's nice to have real options, that do more than make you look cool. To me, it's worth the price... for the enjoyment it brings. Trying to compare it cost for cost to an AEG... hey, thats Apples and Oranges. But, they aren't for everyone. I will probably get a KWA gbbr at some point. Though, it will not be Kriss...
  15. bleh... tired. working 20 hours a day.

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