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  1. Dear Tim , atm there is one friend of mine named Paul Butler , he might attend but he isnt sure yet .
  2. Yes they are allowed , most of the time you gotta pre order them from the vendor to get them at the event or if lucky they have some instock at the event to buy .
  3. 2016 has been a good year....2017 in the planning

  4. 2016 has been a good year....2017 in the planning

  5. Welcome ! I would recommend be prepared having the essentials ; 1. 2-3 meals a day , 2. 2 - 4 batteries 3. backup replica just in case 4. hydration is key to survive on the field 5. most importantly just have fun
  6. Copperhead 2.5 set and ready

  7. We're planning it , i myself am in a bind , due to the sudden passing of my grandmother , so need to work to get the funds back again asap
  8. Hey Kevin ! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves , its awesome that we are not the only one traveling the distance for milsim events , Hope to group up with you guys again and sling some bbs , your friend from Aruba Brandon
  9. Prepping for Ironhorse

  10. We're flying in aswell and renting out a van , for us its the cheapest route to take
  11. Minimum age for Reindeer Games is 14. Age 14-15 must be accompanied by a parent on the FIELD
  12. Helmets must match faction color , so CoST is Green
  13. Confirmed for Faded Giant...be pending for a surprise

  14. Working hard for BH4

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