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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. You can bet your smoke throwin', pin pullin' butt they will. The guys over at Xtreme are always well stocked. They tend to keep a whole rack or two of them in their travel store due to high demand. And like Adan said, call the store or message him for any super specific items that you might need like.. Ex. - Mags - Gun parts - GoPro's/camera equipment - LBX gear - Comms equipment - And any specific items
  2. Welcome to the community! One of the best things to do when you are looking at buying gear is to actually go out to a game and just observe. You can see what people run and you can also talk to them about their gear and get a good idea of what you want. Otherwise you'll make the rookie mistake everyone makes and blow tons of money on stuff you don't like or will never use. Also, feel free to message me or anyone else on the forum if you have questions. +1 for already checking out the rules and regulations
  3. Managed to catch mine while there were still 11 left. Make sure to keep up on the UFS Facebook group and the Airsoft Texas Facebook group as people usually sell tickets at the last minute when they can no longer make it
  4. I own a CA Stoner and it can be several things... 1)Is the mag feeding OUT of your gun? If the mag is not feeding properly itself then it is the mag. 2)One thing you really have to check with these CA Stoner hop-ups is if they are ACTUALLY lined up. The hop up unit has a ridge on it and sets in a groove. This groove lines up the hop-up unit properly with the mag well. If the ridge is not resting in that groove, it can look like it's lined up when it's not. 3)if you have taken out the barrel assembly you could have possible lost the brass spring stop that keeps the quick detach barrel spring from going inside the hop-up unit. If this has been lost, the spring can travel too far into the hop up unit and the barrel could be putting tension on the bucking, putting things all out of wack. My CA Stoner:
  5. How's it going guys? I've been a member for awhile now but never introduced myself. I rarely got on the site due to inactivity in the airsoft community. Names Ryan, callsign is Druid. Been playing for about 5 years now but really just started getting back into the groove this past July after a year and a half hiatus. I tried to quit but you know how that goes, you always come back. Anyways, many of you probably have met me on the field. I was a long time SSW for Team W.O.L.F. Unfortunately due to life, most W.O.L.F. Members had to turn away from the sport as life got the best of them. So the remainder of the guys who still play (Frog, Twist, and I) got together and started our own group, TAC-2. We're just a group of guys who are going out, trying to have some fun, and enjoying the hobby we love. We are strong UFS supporters and members but will never dog on any avid AMS supporter whether it be CoST, CDF, or UFS. I'll make sure to stay as active as my schedule allows me and I'll see you guys on the field!
  6. I second TTSUPRA98 on the boots. I made the mistake of taking my "comfortable" pair last year. It was great for all the walking and running, but I was basically a human boulder when it came to inclines. A couple more things... 1) Go running. Build some cardio. The Stinger AO's terrain will get the best of you. Even if it's running around the block once a day, it will make all the difference when it comes to game time. 2) There are cactus... And lots of them... Bring gloves. 3) The terrain is solid. You will fall and you will have to jump on to your knees at certain points. Get some knee pads to keep from busting your shin on rocks. 4) bring lots of water and have fun. Having fun is a key component a lot of people leave out. You're paying good money, travelling a good ways, with some good friends, to a good game. Through the thick and thin, have a good time.
  7. Good lord that quality! What kind of camera do you use? I've never had that kind of quality out of a contour or GoPro
  8. link? Will have no problem matching a price Edit: I see what you mean after some research. Those are the OLDER models. The one I am selling is the OD black buckle 1562B
  9. Beyond true! But hey! If we didn't have these testosterone issues, our wives would be watching football, yelling at the TV with a beer in their hand and we would be wearing gardening gloves and a bandana asking why they always have to be so violent
  10. Me and my guys had a great time. We LOVED the field terrain even though it took its toll on us and I personally took some pretty good falls.. The staff was great and professional like always with AMS, and I'd like to give a shout out to the on field admins. They did a great job solving disputes and keeping gameplay clean and fun. Now on to the game... UFS... We. Got. Whooped. And the reason we got whooped was because we lacked the teamwork Cost had. I can't tell you how many times I saw people runoff and say "hey lets go try to get some kill cards". This isn't call of duty, there are objectives for a reason. Another thing I saw a lot, and I mean A LOT, was people sitting 40 yards back, barking orders, and yelling at people to push forward, while they sat back there and contradicted themselves. How do you expect people to follow your orders and follow you in to battle when your hiding in a building with your gun down? Also, there were several times we got direct orders from Top to do something, and half the people ignored the orders and went to go pick cactus out of the valley. Top has been an amazing CO over the years, so if he is telling you to do something, you should probably do it. He knows what's best for the team and would never send you out to just die. Amazing speech to try and rally the troops Top. Only if Frosty had gotten it on camera. I have a few lessons UFS should learn from this: 1. Listen to your CO for Christ sakes 2. Protect your support gunners. And if one is firing, you should be moving. 3. If you're a medic, don't run to the frontline to try to get as many kills as possible. A medic is useless when they are dead (Proven Fact, MythBusters tested it). 4. Teamwork is key
  11. After the painful endeavor of the Stinger AO terrain, I decided it was time to lighten up my load. And I decided to start with getting rid of the ol' LBT. Wanting to get $110 shipped or $100 f2f if you are local. Bag has no tears or distressed seams. Only con I can think of is a small blood stain on the inside of the small compartment from a previous deployment by the last owner. It has been steralized and can send pics upon request Item description: General Features •All zippered pockets have grommet drain holes •2 sliders on all zippered compartments •Heavy-duty carry handle at top •Well-padded back surface with padded shoulder and waist straps •Side pockets for EMT shears and Mini-Mag light •6 cinch straps with side release buckles provide additional security for main compartment zipper •Front surface pocket, zippered, with vinyl covered identification window (13L x 2W x 18H) •Main compartment measures 14L x 8W x 20H •Interior mesh pocket with draw closure (for 3000cc injectables) within main compartment •Main compartment has zippered mesh pockets (12L x 6H) and 3 cinch straps for bulky items •Splint pocket and pocket for hydration bladder inside main compartment •Main compartment pocket for removable padded drug bag (12L x 3.5W x 7H) •Main compartment pocket for removable airway kit bag (12L x 4.5W x 7H) •Attachment straps for parachuting •Overall dimensions: 21L x 14.5W x 5.2H •Weight: 7.1 lbs Materials / Construction •1000 denier DuPont Cordura •Talon or YKK #9 coiled zippers •Pockets have grommet reinforced drain holes •Type E thread (VT295, nylon bonded), double stitched and bar-tacked at stress points •Padding: shoulder and back 3/8 closed cell foam *ATTENTION: Pics will be up soon for your pleasurable viewing*
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