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  1. But they are good entertainment and we got a free to go salad!
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  4. KELP is over $100 more than KABQ. If you can find a ride in NM, fly into KABQ. I highly recommend flying Southwest as they are the best when flying with firearms. DO NOT attempt to fly with your airsoft guns as anyting other than REAL firearms. I have flown with my gear multiple times with no issues. No matter which airline you fly make sure you check their policies on how to pack and secure the guns. Follow the rules with precision and you will be fine.
  5. I'll think of you guys everytime I eat lobsters
  6. I happen to like my smokes JP
  7. I've got that one, and thank you for bringing it down!
  8. I seem to have left 4 Thunder Bs on the field. They are marked with orange paint and ornage duct tape on the spoon. The bodies are marked with flying pig duct tape. If you picked them up PM me and I'll cover the shipping costs. Thanks!
  9. I normally try to stay out of this sort of thing, but I don't think I can this time. I was the SL for the SoF squad of six guys. I had my orders for the start on Saturday, start in CC and push into the woods to deny the UFS the ability to flank and penetrate from the woodline. We did this, and ended up trudging through swamps for about 2 hours. While in the swamps it became apparent our comms were programmed incorrectly, which is our fault, and no one else's. If YOUR comms go down YOU need to find a solution. Either reprogram in the field or find some other way to get orders/intel. I made several runs across the AO to meet with the CO, give him updates on our movements, discuss the next move, etc. If you want the intel, and YOUR comms are down, over come it somehow. On Saturday I barely went through two mags, which is fine. We accomplished our missions, recovered intel where we could, including the FRAGO in the south village. We had a blast during the night evolution and all day Sunday. Sunday my AEG went down so I was left with my axe and pistol. Had just as much fun. ***Edited from orginal post due to new information coming to light.*** I do have some insight regarding some of the issues people are bringing up. First, AMS events run on a continou storyline, the results of the previous Op drive the next Op. This explains why CoST was in a defensive role and UFS was offensive. If you were a PL or SL and had no idea what was going on regarding the game plan, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Having been a CO and XO I know less than half of the PLs and SLs participate in the forum discussions or the Skype meetings . If you want to have an active role in leadership, you need to be ACTIVE in the leadership role YOU have chosen. If you were present at all the meetings, then this is obviously not directed towards you and I thank you for your participation. The reason detailed information is not disseminated on the secure forums is we seem to always have a leak; this is why detailed information is distributed during the Skype meetings. It is then the responsibility of the PLs and SLs to give the information their respective platoons and squads. One of the unique and outstanding things about AMS Ops is it is very player centric. The leadership is chosen from the player base, everyone one of us has an opportunity to be in a leadership role. If you don't like the way an Op went, then step up and take an active role. It seems there is always a plea for people to fill leadership roles before every event, but almost no one is willing to fill it. Injuries on the field: these are going to happen regardless of what the event staff briefs you on beforehand. People trip on elevated platforms, trip down stairs, fall out of windows as they try to be cool and do things they have never done before. I fail to see how this is the fault of the event staff. Support staff: I do think they need to be in a different coloured shirt and it needs to be made clear ahead of time they are not admins and can not function as such. Uniforms: I am a huge proponent of clearly defined uniforms. Tan is tan, green is green. For example, DCU, chocolate chip, desert DPM, M81, DPM, Flecktarn. There was way to much fratricide going on, always is. As ClayVT mention, multicam and kryptec can go either way (no pun intended). While I understand target ID is part of MilSim, however, the continued fratricide takes away from experience. Complaints: I urge you to send your issues/suggestions to the AMS staff. They are very open to discussion on how to improve your experience. In conclusion, we had a great time. We will be returning to AMS events in the future. Hope to see you all in New Mexico!
  10. To be serious for a moment, mandating people drink each time they respawn can be detrimental to their health. Each person dehydrates at different rates, you don't know what their hydration status is prior to the event, nor during. You don't know their electorlyte levels (unless you bring an iSTAT and know how to use it and how to clinically interpret the results). Let's look at an example, you have an individual in his mid 40s who is in relative good health. He knows dehydration is going to be an issue at this particular event so he starts hydrating a day or two prior. The problem is, he consumes nothing but water which slowly drives his serum sodium levels down. He gets to the event and is mandated to consume more and more water, driving his serum sodium down even further, to the point where he goes into a state know as dilutional or euvolemic hyponatremia. Now, here's the sticky wicket, he starts to show the following symptoms: confusion, fatigue, headache, nausea/vomitting, and weakness. Those symptoms sound a lot like someone who maybe dehydrated, but he's not, he's over hydrated. So now that we have this poor gentleman in a hyponatremic state he is now at risk for complications like dysrythmias, brain herniation, the list goes on. Everyone needs to drink water. I agree that it is very easy to forget to drink when you're having a good time shooting people with plastic. People know if they need to drink water, they may need a small reminder now and then, but forcing water consuption can lead to a bad day. Just my unsolicited two cents.
  11. OK, you win. I bow to your all mighty omnipotent authority for all things airsoft/milsim related.
  12. I think we should enact a rule to force people to eat prunes every time they respawn, this way they keep regular. Sounds silly doesn't it? How about we encourage people to take responsibilty for themselves. How about we understand people sometimes overestimate their abilities and that we need to keep an eye on everyone. With that said, I challenge you to come over to me and DEMAND I hydrate. Let's see how that works out for you. You're opinions hold no value when you make statements such as "Many airsofters are idiots who are a danger to themselves when they mow the yard never mind actually go exert themselves outside." I'm sure you have the basic English comprehesion to convey your points without resorting to insulting people. Or maybe you don't. Either way, make sure you eat your prunes.
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  17. Here is a link to my AAR. Evidently we are only allowed to upload 7.99kb and the AAR is 500kb. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5DlJQl1GXelOUFlWGFmNldGQ0k/edit?usp=sharing
  18. That statement will be remembered for a VERY long time.
  19. You speak of peace yet you gun down three teenagers because they may or may not have intentionally acted with malice. How is that peace? Does peace for the UFS come only once they have eliminated any and all perceived threats?? This is why I feel confident in my comparison of the UFS to the dictatorial rule of the Ukraine, government by iron fist. I for one do not look forward to going back to a peace where I have to be fearful every time I speak my mind. I do not look forward to a peace that requires citizens to prove their loyalty. I do not look forward to a peace where everyone could be an agent of the government. No, I look forward to a peace where the Constitution is a meaningful document whose tenants are held above all else. I look forward to a peace where citizens may speak freely without fear of repercussion. I look forward to a peace where a murderous military is not the iron hand of an illegitimate government put into power by force. The UFS is a cancer upon this land; it is my job and the job of all citizens to rid this great land of it. I will use every ounce of energy I have to put a stop to the UFS. Molon Labe!!!!
  20. Trust me Jazzman, we have all learned quite a bit from this. It is now more apparent than ever that the UFS has no regard for human life and is trigger happy. The slaughter of these three innocents shows the citizens of this country, nay the world, the true motivation of the UFS; the wanton destruction of private property, the very principles this nation was founded upon, and the slaying of anyone who acts in a manner deemed (subjectively) malicious. I strongly urge all Federation troops to look to the uprisings occurring in the Ukraine. Not unlike our own conflict, the populace took a stand for what was right and rose up against the oppression of a corrupt and evil government. While their struggle is far from over, they have already deposed the government, the president is no where to be found having fled the country with his tail betwixt his legs like the cowardly dog he is. This is YOUR future UFS. You will not prevail against a determined population. Asylum will be granted to any Federation soldier who surrenders him or herself. We will welcome you with open arms. This offer is only good till 28 Feb 2014 @ 1900hrs however. Once that time has come and gone, no quarter will be given. This is your one and only opportunity to not be branded a traitor and enemy of the people.
  21. Never fear gents, those brave young men will not be forgotten! We will have our chance for payback! We will fight alongside our brothers and sisters in Roosevelt to push out the oppressive infestation that is the UFS; their stench has lingered long enough. Now is the time to deliver a crippling blow to the jack booted thugs! MOLON LABE! Specs, I need to talk to you ASAP
  22. Trust me, she's only going after you to pull the trigger.
  23. If you stay in Altus and go to Woody's, don't piss off the owner. I know her and she is rather easy to piss off and toss people out. Hobart has a very small WalMart and is roughly 20min straight north. Bear in mind Roosevelt is a very very very very small town so there is not a lot in the way of amenities. Altus does have a super WalMart and other things larger towns have, but it is about 40 min south. Anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask me. This was essentially my stomping ground for the last 6 years.
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