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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. The current ruleset states that: My suggestion is that this rule excludes the M203, GP-25, and any other underslung, single-shot grenade launchers (with no exception for standalone, single-shot GLs). My reasoning behind this suggestion concerns both realism and gameplay balance. Firstly, from a realism standpoint, a rifleman with an M203 would not replace a squad-member with an M32 or AT4. The M203 is meant to be used as indirect fire against soft targets. With this in mind, the M203 doesn't seem to fit the intended purpose of the HWS, which is confined to an anti-vehicle role. As for gameplay balance, it doesn't seem fair that a rifleman who wants to carry an M203 and only a couple of rounds would take the HWS slot from someone with an AT4 and 12 rockets. Considering that many players with the HWS role use shoulder-fired, pneumatic (as opposed to CO2/green gas) rocket launchers, it doesn't seem like an M203 should fall into the same classification of firepower and combat role. Non-HWS roles are already allowed to carry hand grenades, and I believe that an M203 is a lot closer to a hand grenade than a shoulder-fired launcher. I would like to see riflemen be able to use underslung grenade launchers in addition to (or perhaps even instead of?) the hand grenades that they're already allowed to carry. A good compromise would be to only allow them to carry 2-4 max 40mm grenades at one time. That way, players can bring their M203s/GP-25s without losing the potential of a dedicated anti-armor specialist.
  2. Late posting this but I lost a M1911A1 in a tan cloth holster around Coleville, probably in the trench on the south side. If you think you may have found it message me and I'll provide more details of the gun.
  3. Yeah I probably will get some funny looks since I'll most likely be putting this (http://www.evike.com/products/57292/) on my L86A2.
  4. Are there any restricted optics for weapon systems, specifically SSWs? This is not in the ruleset and I haven't seen this question before. I just wanted to make sure that I won't be burned at the stake if I bring a rifle scope with my LMG.
  5. What's the situation on available power outlets, such as for charging batteries, phones, radios, etc?
  6. I'm aware that the BBs must be biodegradable, but do we have to use field BBs only or can we bring our own?
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the answer. One more question though, is our team too small? We'll gladly accept any solo players if we're not big enough to be a squad.
  8. There's only four of us, so we only have enough people to make up a fireteam. If we all register under the same team name, will we get individuals placed with us or will we be put under a larger squad? This is our first time going to an American MilSim event, so I'm not entirely sure how squads are decided.
  9. I plan on going to either Broken Home II or 1876, and this will be my first milsim event ever. What kind of gear do I need to get? Currently I have: - Black boots. - MARPAT trousers - MARPAT tactical shirt - Tactical vest and belt - OD lower face mask - Clear safety goggles. - OD MICH-2000 style helmet - Elbow/knee pads. - Gloves Is there any sort of identifying items (such as patches) that I need BEFORE I get there? And what kind of other equipment/gear will I need?
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