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  1. Coalition Advances on Federal Lines Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Coalition forces are pursuing Federal forces withdrawing from Texas in Northeast Oklahoma. Early reports suggest Coalition reconnaissance forces have located and engaged elements of the Federal 27th Infantry. Free Press Military analysis Jack Sherman: "My educated guess would be that part of the Federal 3rd Battalion are using the terrain in Northeastern Oklahoma to set their defensive lines and resupply. With the lack of any air supremacy, the Federals can take advantage of the hills and valley for artillery positions and choke points. If the Coalition is not able to control the MSR it will be difficult for them to collapse in on the UFS positions." While Federal 3rd Battalion is comprised of Federal veterans from various key battles with the Coalition over the last several years. The hope will be that the Coalition forces will be able to cut off any major avenues of retreat and squeeze the Federals position before they fully resupply, or reinforced. With the current pace of the Coalition advance, both battle groups should collide within the next two weeks.
  2. Coalition Forces on the move as Federals Withdrawl Wes Mantooth – FNN Coalition forces have advanced over 450 miles through the former UFS offensive positions in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Coalition 36th ID is closely pursuing the Federals as they move back to bolster their weak defensive lines. This May will mark the sixth year of Federal occupation in Oklahoma. Speaking at a Memorial ceremony in Dallas, TX Commander William Bonum had the following words of inspiration: "We are changing the dynamic, we [CoST] understands that this war must come to an end. The people of this great country have endured half a decade of hardships supporting an "oligarchy" instead of a legitimate government. The Federal government is in such a weak and morally corrupt state, they have allowed European soldiers on American soil. I promise you the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. The Coalition government has fostered an excellent plan of recruiting and training the beta and the brightest for service! Not only to help fight the Federals but to help rebuild this great country. Regardless of what side of the line you are on we are still all brothers and sisters of America. We [CoST] look to mend that broken union in the next 18-24 months." The Coalition looks to press the offensive and punch through Federal lines this spring and summer. CoST planners look to create a large enough bulge in the Federal lines to allow a break out prior to the winter months. Will Coalition plans succeed? Only time will tell.
  3. Sierra Dynamics Corporation under Federal Investigation Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society The Sierra Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: SDYNS) is the target of a new Federal investigation. The company which operates in 60 countries around the world has allegedly not been complying with Federal requests for access to metadata and encryption protocols used by the company's suite of communication and navigation services. These services range from consumer household electronics, such as the GPS hardware in smartphones, military avionics and communication systems and GPS guided munitions. Federal defense analysts speculate that 80% of the Federal States military fleets, such as aircraft, naval ships and ground mobility units use some type of hardware or software developed by Sierra Dynamics.
  4. Federal Forces Kill PSA Civilians Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Federal Special Forces, based out of Virgina, conducted a late-night raid on a suspected Coalition "training camp" which was reported of housing the high-value Coalition personnel responsible for masterminding the latest Coalition attack on the UFS technology facility in South Carolina. However, it appears the information was false. Instead of a Coalition "training camp", the Federal Special Forces raided a local commune around 20 miles south of Manila, Utah. During the raid, twelve civilians, all male, were killed when they tried to defend themselves from the unknown threat. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Hickey addressed press correspondents early this morning to express the military's condolences and sympathy for the victims and their families. "War is a hard and messy business. We try to be surgeons with very precise intel and targeting, but that is not always the case." Many believe this misstep by the Federals has already strained the fragile relationship with the Pacific State Alliance's government beyond its breaking point. President Frank Hudson, the newly elected leader for the PSA had this to say regarding the incident. "We will take all measures and precautions to protect our citizen from any aggressors. This means the Pacific State Alliance reserves the right to preempt offensive actions in order to stop any hostile acts before they can be brought upon our borders." Both Federal and Pacific diplomats are scrambling to try and ease the tension between the two nations.
  5. Federals Lifts Media Embargo Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Over the last several months the Federal Intelligence Service has worked diligently at suppressing almost all news and information concerning the war efforts from the public. This was done in hopes of not losing popular support for the now 5 year conflict. FPS has learned that the Federal government will no longer continue this policy. Be prepare for new and event shortly as FPS and other media outlets investigate past events on the front line.
  6. Federals Stumble Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society While the official party line on the reinstatement of the Volstead act is to help fund the on going year war, many see it as nothing more than a distraction to draw attention away from the string of Federal defeats in the last few months. Not only is the Volstead act punitive to Federal citizens, but also gives the Federal government power to search and size citizens property unconstitutionally. Consequently this act mainly targets poor rural community most likely to sympathize with the Coalition. The combination of recent Federal defeats, fracturing of the Pacific coast states into the PSA and horrible policy decisions such as the Volstead act, the Federals might jsut lose the war all by themselves without any help for the Coalition. Appears that 2016 will be the year the Federals just try and keep their head above water.
  7. Coalition Makes Ready for a New Year Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society 2015 marks the fourth year of conflict and has been a pivotal year for the Coalition of Sovereign Territories. This small union of former states have held on to the majority of the territory over these long hard years. With a mild winter predicted, Coalition planners lured Federal forces en masse into Northern Texas to destroy "decoy" militia training camps established by the Coalition Office of Strategic Services. Under this false pretense, Federal forces advanced through Coalition lines in a well-coordinated offensive and did destroy a number of "training camps", but at a very high price. Coalition forces quickly cut all Federal supply lines and all routes of withdrawal creating a modern day Battle of the Bulge. ​Destroying the Federal forces trapped in Northern Texas was merely the secondary objective; the primary being a full offensive aimed at striking Federal transportation and communication hubs on the Southeastern Seaboard during the coming weeks. At press-time, Coalition forces have already maneuvered around the bulk of the UFS defensive lines and into Federal territory. Coalition special forces have cut a swath one hundred miles wide in the Federal air defense system, allowing massive airdrops of Coalition forces into the Eastern and Southeastern Seaboard. By February, Coalition planners are estimating a new line will be drawn from Northern Mississippi all the way east to South Carolina, giving the Coalition much needed deep water ports. Should this bold offensive be successful, we could see Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina under full Coalition control by next summer. This, in turn, would force the Federal government to sue for peace and finally end this horrific conflict.
  8. Let Freedom Ring Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society News reports are flooding in from all over the Oklahoma territory currently held by the Federal army since defeating Coalition forces in the summer of 2015. The reports are that local "resistance" fighters have begun to execute a coordinate plan systemically striking Federal command and control facilities throughout the Northwest and Northeast Oklahoma. One of the larger "militia" style groups know by the Federal authorities as the Civilian Defend Force or "CDF" is largely comprised of form military and law enforcement personal disenfranchised by the Federal governments actions in this modern day civil war. These state loyal Freedom Fighters have been classified as "Terrorist Cells" by Federal military officials. Rumors of Federal COIN operations beginning as soon as November have been circulating in the halls of the Pentagon. Federal Military planners are afraid these grass roots type militia might turn the local populace and make operations in the Oklahoma territory extremely difficult. One Federal officer speaking on condition of anonymity was quoted: "We rely on the assistance and cooperation of the Oklahoman security forces along with their political and community leaders. If they were to "all the sudden" not be inclined to aid us, then day to day operations could be very touch and go as we'd require many more boots on on the ground for security." At press time it was verified that at least 3 Federal installations had been over run and captured. Federal troops were deploying to recapture one of their forward bases, but logistical issues have tied up air support. ​We will let you know more as the story develops.
  9. Complete Federal Route in Jacksboro, TX Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Federals forces were handed their first defeat of their spring counter offensive launched in March of 2014. The Federal army had swept through Coalition lines all through the Spring and Summer months while still fending off small Coalition count attacks. The Federal forces have penetrated through gaps in the Coalition lines as far as parts of Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. The last Federal offensive of the year was to mark a turning point in this now three year civial war when Federal soldier were to establish a "beach head" in the form of a Forward Arming and Refueling point in Northern Texas. This would allow Federal forces to establish numerous "Lilly Pad" combat bases across Coalition territory allowing them to harass Coalition forces and supply lines at will. However Coalition forces interdicted the Federal forces and with first hand knowledge of the terrain and battle hardened veterans were able to easily and completely route the Federal forces from the Jacksboro's valley, many locals are deeming it "The slaughter of Jackboro". Federal forces were forced into a fighting retreat in which they suffered near 90% casualties. Coalition forces now in pursuit look to shift the momentum in the coming months to regain control of lost territory.
  10. CoST Forces Strike Deal with Bell Helicopter. The Coalition of Sovereign Territories Defense Procurement Office has accepted a bid from Texas based Bell Helicopters to purchase UH-1Z Venom Utility Helicopters. Coalition Forces have been using the legacy equipment from the US Army since its founding, this includes the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, but is having a hard time replacing combat losses. CoST forces have also been operation UH-1Z Helicopters, often referred to as “Super Hueys†but in smaller numbers then the Blackhawk. The current contract is for 130 Super Huey Aircraft over the next 4 years. Bell has transferred much of its production capacity to the Fort Worth manufacturing facility from Amarillo due to the proximity of UFS lines. “The decision to move the majority of the production to Fort Worth is primarily due to the Air Defense network that surrounds the Fort Worth area†a media handout from Bell stated. “We don’t want all of our eggs in one basket, so we’re going to keep the production line opened in Amarillo, but at a smaller capacityâ€. The Amarillo plant also produces the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle. The UH-60 is currently produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in Stratford Connecticut. CoST Forces are also worried about replacement parts for its current fleet of Blackhawk’s. A deal was initially struck with Turkish Aerospace Industries, which produces a licensed Blackhawk in Turkey, for spares but this approach is proving unreliable. CoST Air Forces (CAF) are also rumored to be eyeballing the F-16 which is produced by Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth to begin taking a larger role in the Conventional Fighter/Bomber role. CAF units have already begun prepping and re-manufacturing mothballed A-10 Aircraft from the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Airforce Base in Arizona to fill the gap for Close Air Support. “Were having to look at long term as well as short term to begin replacing good equipment that we have in our possession, but have lost access to the manufacturing base in the north†Col Gary Piper with Coalition Command in Austin, Tx stated “One good thing, it’s bringing manufacturing jobs back to the Southâ€. Coalition Forces also use the AH-1Y/Z Cobra in limited numbers but will most likely keep using the AH-64 Apache/Longbow as their primary attack helocopter. The Apache assembly line is located behind CoST lines in Mesa Arizona.
  11. Coalition Strike in the Federal Heartland Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society New reports are flooding in from all agencies that Coalition Special Forces have conducting night time raids of several high profile Federal defense contractor facilities in Virginia and South Carolina. Current details are unknown if Coalition Commandos have sabotaged manufacturing, recovered classified technology or possibly abducted high value industry personnel. The only verified facts to date: Separate teams of Coalition Commandos raided 3 different defense contractors currently employed by the Federal government. The names of these companies are currently being withheld because of the sensitivity of their work, however most FPS analysts agree it's probably in the tech sector.
  12. UFS launch failed raid on CoST Air Defense Training Site Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society The quiet pre-dawn hours of July 20th were broken by helicopters and tracer fire when the United Federalist States launched a deep penetration raid on the McGreagor Range complex in New Mexico. A CoST source stated that at approximately 0400 Commando Forces of the UFS 23rd Airmobile Brigade landed Forces in the vicinity of the Air Defense Training Site. This source wished to remain unnamed because he is not authorized to release information to the media. The Force landed in V-22 Ospery aircraft after flying below radar coverage. Approxamately 120-150 Commandos landed and began a quick attack on the training area, which trains Surface to Air Missle Crews. Defense Forces held the attackers long enough for a CoST Marine Battalion to mobilize and repel the attack. 1/23 CoST Marines, a Reserve Infantry Battalion from the Houston area; were stationed at Dona Anna Base Camp, a training area south of McGreagor Range for desert warfare training. “We had only arrived there the afternoon before, and were preparing to unload and stage equipment the following day†said Lance Corporal Ramirez of Bravo Company. The Marines were awoken and told to assemble with weapons and combat gear. “Ammunition was distributed and we began moving to the sound of the guns†First Sgt William Segovia recalled “We performed a quick inspection, loaded on trucks and loaded magazines on the way.†The commando’s would have likely taken control of the entire base and most likely destroyed all of the equipment and the weapons stored there, had it not been for the Marines ability to quickly adapt to the situation. “We would have been in a really bad spot had it not been for those Marines†a source from McGreagor Base Camp stated “They eliminated about half of the small Security Garrison on duty. The guys that were asleep were on the other side of the Camp. They only got a fighting chance because it took the UFS guys about 15 minutes to reach their Barracks, they were fighting in their underwear and body armor†There were more security personal on the Camp because of a changeover in responsibility. One Detachment was moving in and the other was moving out. The Marines arrived about 45 minutes after the attack started. “By the time the Marines arrived the enemy raid force was about to overrun the guard barracks†an Intel officer familiar with the attack stated in a written report obtained by Free Press Society stated. “With the arrival of the Marines, the raid force disengaged and began movement back to their Landing Zone. They then began to screen their forces with Mortar fireâ€. The entire raid lasted approx 1 hour. One UFS Osprey was shot down, and one was damaged but managed to fly 200 miles to the north where the UFS had established a Forward Air Refuel Point. The Aircraft was destroyed on the ground by the crew. Casualty numbers haven’t been released by either side. UFS Forces have not released a statement as of publication time. It is speculated that UFS Forces wanted to capitalize on the deployment of large numbers of CoST troops to the East during the July 4th Offensive. The UFS have been struggling to gain Air Dominance and have lost many Aircraft to SAM fire, and it was possibly hoped to degrade the training capability of Surface to Air Missile Crews and possibly retrieve Intel on new Missile programs.
  13. Federal Second Fleet Underway Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Reports out of Portsmouth, VA -- The Federal Second Fleet is underway and has left the Naval shipyards. The United Federal States had reinstated the Second Fleet back in 2012 when the Coalition of Sovereign Territories had succeeded from the Union. The fleet had been disestablished by Roberts Gates in 2011. Free Press interviewed a local dock worker which is worried for his wife's family in Galveston, TX (Coalition Territory). "I am not sure what is going on, but I have never seen so much equipment or personnel in the yards before. On the loading manifest I saw the following Task Force designations; TF 20, TF 22, CTF-25 and I saw soldiers, lots and lots of soldiers embarking." Free Press Society will have more news as it develops.
  14. Federals argue with UN to impose strict sanctions on Coalition Territories. Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Federal officials argued with the United Nations security council members to put in place economic sanctions of the all Coalition territories. The majority of Coalition economic revenue comes from the export of fuel (oil and natural gas), cotton and Soy. The Coalition also imports most of the raw materials needed for wartime production from South America and China. It is doubtful the UN security council will vote to pass sanctions, with China as a member. However should the Federal forces flex their naval muscle this civil war could quickly spill over to other countries. With the last two Federal offensives defeated by Coalition forces, this move is seen this as a desperate attempt to force the Coalition government to the bargaining table and sue for peace. ​More news as it develops.
  15. Federal forces have exploited a defensive gap in the Coalition Line. Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society Special Force elements of the United Federal States were able to utilize limited air assets to neutralize all Coalition defensive positions surrounding the small town that is a junction between route 19 and Highway 183. Currently Federal forces occupy the entire town of Roosevelt, Blair, Hobart and Cordell, OK. Martial law has been declared in these towns and any civilians found out after curfew are being quickly snagged up, detained and questioned without any type of due process. Rumor has it that as the Coalition offensive is becoming bogged down on the eastern seaboard, Federal forces are looking to establish a "beach head" to stage further incursions into NW/NE Oklahoma and SE Texas. Most likely Federal troops and armor will be heading from, New Mexico and Colorado to ready for another spring offensive as the midwest thaws put from a much colder winter than expected. Mac Brown, who owns the local Feed shop in Blair and a former Marine Captain had this to say: "Roosevelt, because of it's geographical location and low population is an excellent staging area to launch a mechanized offensive from. Being near the Tom Steed Reservoir, large diesel reserves and dominated by a few high elevation terrain features for artillery defense, yes... the site is well suited." It seems most people under current occupation are in high spirits. From what this report can gather the Federal Civil Authority (FCA) has instituted programs to help put unemployed citizen to work building barracks and other military infrastructures projects for the Federal army, also offering free medical aid for the elderly and lower income families. This program is instrumental in winning the hearts and minds of the local populace and it appears to be working. Ray Thomas of New Cordell had this to say: "Honestly, I am glad the Federals came back. The Coalition is nothing but money hungry bastards, placing an embargo of oil and natural gas to the rest of the country because they didn't like paying their fair share of taxes!!? They [Federals] have helped jump start this towns economy. You were either killing yourself working the land or retired living off almost nothing. Now the Federals have opened up the local Steel mill and are now rebuilding our local school, library and civic center that had fallen into horrible disrepair due to lack of funding. I hope the UFS can once and for all bridge the gap and make us all Americans again." But not everyone is happy, people are speaking about reinstating the Civilian Defense Force. This was a loose organization of concerned citizen who took up arms to help keep security in the vacuum that was left when Coalition security forces left to pursue their eastern offensive. With Coalition forces strung out across the east coast these people have no hope, unless they themselves rise up.
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