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  1. 7 is plenty. I hardly burn though 6. Only reason I burned more last year was cause of day 2 due to rain.
  2. Damn it right when I can't go due to a new job
  3. That would be a perfect silver back question aka bo who is lbx lol
  4. This is new bud but much welcomed for new players cause I remember bh2 (first national event ever) I was lost and a little over whelmed.
  5. Posts. But you can get a black card one like I do for being apart of the club and staying in it
  6. Plus I'm sar trained and Wilderness Medicine trained.
  7. You would be surprised at who is but doesn't say it unless needed. My whole wy group at CH were emt's and they got used a lot with a lot of combat medics and other emt's
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. You need a parent or guardian with you on the field at all times. Plus both forms that are on the sticky post that says forms.
  10. I got him square Ron with who he needs. I'd have to disagree. This is on his pl and all. I know if one of my guys had this happen my ass would get chewed for it. Also I did square him away in a pm and Greg too.
  11. You should have received an email (one your reg'd with) by now stating all this info from your pl. What faction are you?
  12. I let the tree shake out in mine before I decided what I was going to bring. Normally I'm a DM and SL but with the bump to pl I waited. There was a hole that needed filling once roles were shaken out and I filled it for the support of my guys.
  13. There is a one time fee you can do. It started at CH so loom there an do bet you can find the answer quick (30 or so I think but don't know for sure)
  14. Since you edited it. No 12 shells is 12 shells as it states. Just cause you don't carry rockets doeant mean anything. The shells are used to fire the rockets so by not carrying them your limiting your ability a lot.
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