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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Thanks for the info JP, I appreciate the response and I hope it helps explain to many people the basis behind the decision on the price point.
  2. I am pretty sure that this will either start a helpful discussion in order to pass information on to those of us who are curious or it will start a flame war against someone asking a simple question. Here goes, I enjoy airsoft, I really enjoy going to the large scale national events and think that they are well worth the time, effort, and investment it takes to go to them. In this particular case I had a couple of questions I was hoping that AMS could clear up for this particular event. The event is limited to 400 slots at $195 per ticket, with this being such a large AO could additional slots not be added to reduce the price down to the typical AMS price tag for most of your ops. I know it seems trivial to some but for many people the price tag will prevent them from attending what I am sure will be an awesome OP at a great location. Remember that is is not just the ticket cost but lodging, food, and everything else needed to attend. I am sure there is a legit reason and it is simply a lack of information on our part as to why this OP is so much more expensive than the rest. I am not basing this concern on speculation either I have heard from multiple people that the price raise to $195 was the only reason they were not going to attend. Just looking for a little info from the AMS guys on the why and how of things. Thanks in advance for any info you might be willing to provide.
  3. Are we talking the ability to zip tie our regulator where we cannot adjust it or is the full cover required?
  4. No he has his ticket purchased, and spent almost a grand on the OP so far with kit upgrades and plane tickets so him getting messed up at this point is unfortunate. He finds out Monday if he is healed up enough to go, if not I will make sure to take lots of pics and video showing how much fun everyone had. You know being a true friend
  5. Say one has a friend who is hardcore milsim and wants to come to this Op in the worst way but managed to fracture his foot and has to wear one of those walking boot things. Could he come and play, granted taking it easy and not going rambo. Would there be any issue with than on the AMS side since he is signing a waver or not going to be allowed?
  6. I was wondering the same, there is usually a post up by now taking orders and such.
  7. What process does AMS go through in order to determine which camo is approved for ops? Just wondering, I know everyone says that MC is here to stay but I was wondering since things always change. Is it like a community vote or admin decision, something that can be discussed or simple yes or no then move on? I know Project Honor, and Kryptek have been approved over time with them being a new camo and all. I have even seen Canadian camo at an op just wondering if this is a possibility for the future or not gonna happen. Thanks for the quick response by the way.
  8. Gunthar


    Instead of confusing things with room sizes and all that jazz why not make it simple. If a grenade goes off in a room everyone is down. You make things too complicated you muck up the action. Simple rule, grenade goes bang in side you die outside needs a bb strike. Easy, no confusion and no arguments.
  9. Would this be considered Multicam since the exact same colors exist simply in a different pattern? Looking for an answer from AMS staff not just opinions.
  10. While the pattern difference between the MC uniform and the Skorpion camo are different I am sure that military units will be less inclined to allow a uniform that closely resembles their garrison uniform on one of their installations for security reasons and other issues. Since the vast majority of the UFS uniforms are very very tan meaning in situations such as BH or other ops a tan uniform stands out like a beacon to anyone with marginal vision. The MC has allowed UFS to remain fairly balanced in the camo department but if that one camo is restricted we as a community must come up with a good backup plan before it happens. This will allow those of us who do not have a large surplus of money to prepare for something that could happen on an event by event basis. As of now if MC is banned these are the choices we have. DCU 3 color Desert Solid TAN Top/Bottoms or flight suit, DCU, AOR1, Kryptek Nomad A-TACS AU Only one of these would even remotely be useful in an environment other than a desert so if MC goes then UFS is regulated to being a big tan target in a green world. Not saying it will change everything but each side should have options that allow them to use camo effectively for the environment. MC VS Skorpion
  11. Was not directed at you Top, it was a general statement due to the various discussions on Facebook and this forum where anyone who has an issue with this new rule gets labeled as a whiner or a spray and pray noob who just has to have his full auto. I see both sides of the issue I just do not like being forced to only fire semi since I just went out and had my gun setup to fire 3 round burst and now that is useless.
  12. I just wonder at what point having a difference of opinion on something you do not necessarily agree with is considered whining. Whining would be when you beat the dead horse and make every conversation fall back onto how this rule is the cause for all the turmoil in the world. Stating an opinion against the norm is just that not whining.
  13. If you force people to mod their gun to play in your series you will lose alot of participation. I understand the spirit behind this change but I am not sure how much better it will make the gameplay. You have already limited the ability of people to spray and pray as much with the requirement for midcaps and limited ammo count.
  14. Why don't we try this at ESR19 and see how it goes. I know BH2 last year didn't seem to have a break and it was awesome eating a power-bar in the middle of a firefight.
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