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  1. Lol lucky there was 2 ES team members on the bottom floor helping hold them off why I was bum rushing building TT
  2. My thoughts played Airsoft ,hung out with friends made new ones , had lots of fun and played my very best Thanks to AMS , cost players,and ufs players
  3. Like we say back home the game is what you make it
  4. Dragon


    Ordering a case of pea grenades lol!!!!
  5. I run a p* stoner and it's quite enough to hear anyone lol
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  7. T-Rex and dragon throwing down with lm4s #gbbrmasterrace !!!
  8. Dragon


    The problem most people have with p* are the ones who abuse the rules set for them I use both p* and ptw and my p* is set at 55psi with red nozzle and red poppet vavle and only chronos at 330 fps at about 1joule my ptw hits way harder then the p* does but both have equal range. I love the p* platform and at esr I saw a couple guys running them way to fast and abusing the rules which is upsetting to me cause theses are the ones that give it a bad name
  9. i had a great time and my son did to being his first event thank you to AMS for geat events and to all the players thanks for the great times and see you at the next one
  10. first off we was told finally tan was friendly that we all had to fight cdf we told tan serval times to stay away from the hotel cause we had our cases in there will after they wouldn't listen took our case all was off we got orders tan was foe
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