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  1. Can we get a list of war crimes per faction? I'm curious
  2. Tacoman


    Or maybe we just don't like getting lit up by some dick that's not following the FPS or RPS limits
  3. Sweet, my M4 can finally out range a sniper rifle
  4. I had a blast even though it was cold and i had gun/feeding issues all day. The highlight of my day was right before the lunch break, when a UFS guy in a black jacket (no I'm not bitching, I was well aware of what team he was on) was shooting at some of my team mates. He was just barely in range and I somehow managed to hit him with a hail Mary shot. Mad props to him for taking a hit that I'm sure he barely felt. He yelled and asked who shot him and asked for my callsign but I never got his. Whoever you are, thanks for calling a hit that I couldn't tell I got.
  5. The one in Joplin is the closest
  6. I got mine at boot camp. I had a dream that a guy dressed as a giant taco jumped out of the bushes and asked me if I wanted a taco. Of course I said "hell yeah I want a taco, Taco Man!" Apparently I talk in my sleep since the guys on fire watch heard me and they gave me the nickname that stuck through boot and SOI and carried over to pretty much everything once people heard the story
  7. I'm Tacoman from Springfield, Mo. Looking forward to meeting you guys at BH in May
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