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  1. Wiley-X CAG1. Swapped my plain jane Mechanix for em with one of our JTACs during pre mob. They were too small for him, and the mechanix were too big for me. Match made in heaven.
  2. Well, damn. That seems cool.
  3. Well Airman, shouldn't you be getting yourself ready now for BMT? Of course, I guess you also have to practice at sitting behind a desk and not doing any REAL work. Ribbing aside, most people who play this aren't in any sort of shape. There really isn't a ton of movement that goes on brother. Short sprints, sure. Other than that though, you'll probably just be walking from the camp site to either Coleville, airfield, or Pegasus Bridge. These are all relatively short distances. You may have a little hike at the beginning just to make you feel cool, but past that most of this game is focused in those three areas. You'll be fine with the M16. So long as it doesn't have the FPS of a DMR, it won't be treated as such. Don't hold yourself back brotha. Just come out.
  4. WTS/WTT my Paraclete RMV with various clit pouches, to include NVG, IFAK, horizontal GP, and hyrdo packs, all in SG. Looking to sell for around $200, OBO. What I'm looking for in trades: Mayflower UW/QD, TT MAV, maybe something else cool if you've got it. Just offer it up through PM. If you're unable to PM me, let me know. Sorry for the potat pics.
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  6. Paraclete RMV First Spear triple m4 pouch First Spear GP pouch (med) First Spear single pistol pouch Paraclete IFAK Paraclete MBITR (on back)
  7. As the others have said, I usually run 6-8 mags. I'll get shot out eventually and will have time to ruck it back to the FOB and reload.
  8. Really you should be fine, provided that you don't have any major spills. You're not gonna be rock climbing at this AO...although at times it sure as hell feels like it.
  9. Personally my favorite hydration carrier is none at all. What I mean by that, is I run the Source ILPS. It fits into your rear plate pocket, and has an adapter that you can use to fill it so that you never need to remove it.
  10. The past two years I have brought at least two cases of water bottles with me. One for me, and an extra one in the inevitable event that somebody doesn't have enough water.
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  12. I can definitely attest to the "no-booze before the game" logic. Last year was a testament to that. Decided to kill a 12 pack before the op...by mid day saturday I was laying in my tent wondering if this was the end.
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