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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. FS: VFC SR-15E3 Replica EOTech 553 Replica Dual Tape Switch Replica TD Grip Replica PEQ-15 Replica M3X Everything works, just got the internals retouched up at 321 Airsoft. Nothing broken in this gun, everything has been stellar. This gun new is $400 without shipping, then an added $150 give-or-take for the attachments. I'm asking $425 for the package. Buyer pays shipping. Will only part out if gun is sold separately. Price for gun by itself is $320.
  2. Started working on doing a Mk.18 Mod 1 build, got the externals...just need the Mk.18. So I mounted all my stuff to the VFC SR-15E3. ACM SpecterDR TangoDown Vertical Grip M3 (Element M3x is on the way) ACM PEQ15 Got an Element Dual Switch on the way
  3. Bought a 10 speed and ripped it within 10 minutes. Got a replacement free direct from BFG and it has worked flawlessly. Definitely a niche, but good pouch. There is a reason they are popular with a whole host of groups. Just a quick note: METAL....do you honestly think you should be linking replica gear to people on this site when HSGI is a sponsor? Bad form dude.
  4. Take real and airsoft on occasion. You just declare you have a firearm at the front and they will send you to some agents to look it over. You have to have TSA approved locks, and you have to have hardcase stuff. When you deboard the plane, you will wait for them to manually hand you your case from the flight line over by the luggage carousel. Pretty easy, painless process. Just be courteous and respectful and discreet.
  5. Not at this time, sorry for not updating...had figured it went by the wayside. Thanks though.
  6. I have a hardly used G&P Replica DBAL-A2 that has both IR and visible laser functionality. This runs pretty darn well for being a replica, and I have had hardly any real issues at all with this specific device. My only hesitation is that the IR laser does get loose sometimes, and has to be realigned as to make it more 'laser-like,' rather than more 'illuminator-like.' This DBAL-A2 will do High and Low power settings with a visible laser, IR laser and IR Illuminator. Anyone who has ever run a real DBAL will see the setup is quite similar to the original model, though it is not comparative to the new models that have been out. As for IR output, you can expect decent illumination, it's not exactly a real PEQ-15, but for being a replica this works well in conjunction with PVS-14s and other devices. I am asking $150 shipped for the device. No trades at this time, cash is all I am looking for.
  7. New rig, used over the weekend at OP GM we did up here in KC.
  8. Buy Once. Crye Once. Honestly though. I tore up my G3 pants and my AC shirt, and SABRE 06 tore up his Field Pants pretty nicely as well. As tough as that stuff is, it's funny that the crotch area was able to hold out better than the knee areas.
  9. Never thought you were a joke to start! No way you can think that about guys like you in DMZ. Our guys had a blast rolling with you throughout the OP. Do know this though. We do think you are amazing for popping the MS2000 though, that was hilarious!
  10. Random, Next time we see you we are introducing beer into the equation. Sorry we couldn't take you up on that offer at BH, but we'll be making that consideration for next time we see you, for sure!
  11. Cat Crap is the only anti-fog SABRE runs. Running those Smith Optics Boogie Regulator , and we didn't have a single fogging issue.
  12. More at our album! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.316583115091229.75331.189024387847103&type=3 SABRE had an absolutely great weekend rolling with the rest of the QRF, especially Boulder Brigade. We were also fortunate enough to steal our friends at Marines 1-4, the Knights Application Group guys, to keep the fight going throughout the weekend. Green guys made it a heck of a weekend, definitely had some spirited shooting with the Central Arkansas guys and of course the rest of the green guys running through Coleville all weekend. Hope you guys like our pics!
  13. It's been like 15 years since I made that thing, lol.
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