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  1. Just so ya'll know, The FCC doesn't like these and will fine you if they find it
  2. Deans or XT60s, either are nicer and have less resistance.
  3. Bravo of SQD one, if you can read this, when you have time, can you PM me?
  4. Most of the problem is KWA isnt 100% TM spec which these are based off of. Lately, more companies are going off their own specs which is a good/bad thing.
  5. Just a FYI, tweaked the redirect a bit, all old links should automatically redirect to the new correct address and shouldn't 404.
  6. I wouldn't exactly say I am awesome at R-Hop installs, I've got people in UTC to do that . Not that it is that hard TBH.
  7. *shrug* i prefer r hop, but, whatever works i suppose. I dont understand the di eletric grease, because once the mosfet is in the system, there is such little current going through the trigger, it wont arc anymore.
  8. Interesting conversation going on here Why wasn't I invited? But, it kind of depends on how you want to role, as its been said. Most of your range will come from your hop up system, and the accuracy will come from a combination of the consistency of the fps(up and down) and hop up (all directions). The key isnt just to get a high power, but, to consistently HIT that power and no deviate much from it. If you only have a effective range of 175 feet but you KNOW you will hit there every time, you will be a lot better off than the guy with the 550 fps l337 sniper rifle. *shrug* Then again, im a range in numbers kinda guy, so i prefer accurate and high RoF(talking 40-50) but around 350 fps. For hop up consistency, I'd take a m14 over a AR platform unless you know what you are doing.
  9. Dang it, you guessed the name! Guess we need to change it.
  10. Now who said the next one will be called Broken Home? Or that it will be a year till the next one?
  11. Used a new Elite Force CQB that held up pretty well on a 11.1V buffer lipo. Will likely become a DSG CQB rifle. Nabbed a ICS as well near the end. The CQB had quite a the range for something so small and low powered. It, the ICS, Bo and Russos rifles will all be soon R-hopped.
  12. Post AARs here! Had a awesome time, I was quite incognitio for the most part. 2-6 represented though!
  13. If you run BBs through them without the spring/spring cover, it can help you get rid of the casting flash left on the BB track and help with feeding as well.
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