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    Hello AMS and friends, I just signed up for IH3 and I'm pumped! The guardian center is an amazing AO with some things I've never seen anywhere else. After talking to some of my buddies who got to play IH1 and IH2 we compiled a little list of suggestions (more like observations you can take or leave) that would make the AO that much better for IH3. 1. Make all Buildings and floors accessible- From talking to friends who went to IH1, it sounded like all the buildings were open and they could traverse all the floors of those buildings which made the fights very dynamic and action packed. When we went to IH2 there were a lot of roped off areas and roped off upper floors. Because they were roped off it cut off some avenues of attack and retreat which made the game pretty 2 dimensional (hold this corner and you cut off 3 blocks of the AO, sort of thing). This could have been directed by the Guardian Center and not American Milsim, but from what I understand the AO was completely open for IH1 so I'm not sure. 2. No locked doors- The AO had a really cool set of tunnels with main access points (large openings or double doors) in a few spots. There are also smaller access points along the outside. During IH2 all of these smaller access points were somehow locked closed. Since this tunnel runs the whole length of one side of the field and the main access points are close to each of the team spawns what happened was one team would take the tunnel, push to the main access point and couldn't be flanked due to the locked doors. So it turned into a spawn camping fight rather than one in this great AO. Please don't let the doors to the tunnel get locked. Another set of locked doors I recently found out about was the subway tunnel. Evidently they started out unlocked at IH2 but like the doors to the main tunnel were closed and locked. I've never seen the subway section of the AO which I hear is really amazing. 3. Remove active bases- IH2 made the main spawn points "active" to attack which ended up being a bit weird and unsafe. Not only where people there at the base removing lower face masks (not eyepro) to drink water or eat snacks which could then make them vulnerable to losing a tooth or two, but they also played no strategic importance since people where spawning there. The opposing force would walk up and shoot at people who were respawning who would then kill the opposing force and there were a lot of "he said, she said, you were dead" since the guys were dead but spawning. It was all very confusing and frustrating and I was lead to believe this didn't happen at IH1. Again, I am very excited about IH3. Its a great AO and AMS puts on good events. I just figured I would throw out some suggestions to make the game even better than last time. Looking forward to January! -Otter
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    IRONHORSE 3 release form(s)

    Help us HELP YOU Check-in QUICKLY! Please have both of these release forms printed and filled out prior to check in to make sure we get you through the process as quickly as possible! BOTH NEED TO BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT! IH3-RELEASE.pdf GC-RELEASE.pdf
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