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Late 80s/Early 90s impression

Late 80s/Early 90s impression

Really enjoyed using this, even if it did make me overheat fast. Wound up laid out shirtless on my armor holding CO2 cartridges to my chest - and I had been drinking water since I got up that morning (already had two gallons in me by the time we got there, another half gallon by the first 15 minutes). We'll try it again when it cools off some.

Still need to acquire an M16A1 or A2.

    Try eating a bit more, or eating better. Hydrating is definitely important, but you need to remember that water doesn't really give you energy, it greatly aids in the process of digesting food which gives you energy. Don't forget that food! You'll want some gatoraide too to boost your electrolytes (THEY HELP THE PLANTS GROW!), but remember to drink two quarts of water per one bottle of gatoraide.

    I had a gallon of water in me by the time we got started that day and drank about two more over the next four hours. 100% humidity and 102 degrees F is just nasty. Thanks Texas. 

    Those older flak jackets are about as close as you can get to wearing a trash bag when it comes to heat retention without actually wearing a garbage bag. 

    If it makes you feel better I'm in the Airwing and was still getting issued those vests until about 2006 time frame. 

    Believe me, I only use this if I'm doing the impression, I refuse to wear a plate carrier due to heat retention. I run chest rigs worn low or my ALICE gear and even then I'll be out of my BDU top in an hour. I'm ready for it to start cooling off.