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      15 Oct
    Mia Doll

    If you really want to wear traditional dresses, just start to wear kilts. It’s the heritage of Scotland and resemblance of Scottish culture

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602532 4410353150775 779445073 N

A&K SVD Dragunov.

    I had this guy before I picked up my E1 CSR! Great gun, and can take a beating. Be sure to pad that palm somehow! It can give you some intense bruises if you are a pretty active shooter.


    Always great to see another SVD user in the community though! Would love to see your kit setup for it and all. Think there are maybe 4 of us total.

    Unfortunately, I wont't be bringing it to Ironclad, as I can't seem to find midcaps for it. I actually haven't ran it in a while, as its in the middle of the world's slowest/laziest hop-up tuning and barrel swap.