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      15 Oct
    Mia Doll

    If you really want to wear traditional dresses, just start to wear kilts. It’s the heritage of Scotland and resemblance of Scottish culture

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    That picture is awesome lol
  • FB IMG 1452398153081
    FB IMG 1452398153081
  • Airsoft "EDC"
    Airsoft "EDC"
    When I conceal carry (not here in Cali don't have a permit here but have Texas CHL) I ALWAYS carry a spare magazine.  At least one. There are malfunctions that are easier/quicker to clear by s...
  • Late 80s/Early 90s impression
    Late 80s/Early 90s impression
    Believe me, I only use this if I'm doing the impression, I refuse to wear a plate carrier due to heat retention. I run chest rigs worn low or my ALICE gear and even then I'll be out of my BDU top i...
  • loadout 1.5
    loadout 1.5
    Pretty solid little panel so far, this is the MCR3 micro panel.  I was going to go with a HSGI AO chest panel but didn't want to spend that kind of money.  I love HSGI's gear but it...

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