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  2. ZULU24 is currently under a drought warning, it will most likely be the WEEK of event call if PYRO will be allowed for Eastern Front. Please keep that in mind when purchasing.
  3. Eastern Front will have two release forms: 1. American Milsim Release AMS-EF- 2020-RELASE.pdf 2. ZULU 24 Release (DIGITAL) https://wwwzulunet.waiverapps.com/locations/zulu24airsoftpark Help us HELP YOU get checked in quickly! Have these forms already filled out prior to checking in!
  4. Players are responsible for adhering to the Time Table Times and Events are subject to change, please check this post often for any updates. ***Times are EDT / UTC -4*** COVID-19 SAFETY - HELP US PROTECT YOU AND OTHERS PLAYS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS AND OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE STAGING AREA! Thursday July 30th Gates Open for Camping 12:00 PM / 1200hrs NO Facilities on Site - Porta Johns ONLY - Plan Accordingly Friday July 31st AO IS CLOSED TO PLAYERS FOR EVENT SET UP! Eastern Front Check In / Chrono Opens - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 12:00 PM / 1200 hrs American Milsim SWAG Store Opens for Business - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 12:00 PM / 1200hrs Safety Briefing every HOUR - Location - TBA (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND) 1:00-4:00 PM / 1300-1600 hrs Safety Briefing - DONE VIA VIDEO Please write down the KEY PHRASE to prove you watched the video in it's entirety. (LINK HERE TO VIDEO) CoST Faction Briefing Location - TBA - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 5:00-6:00 PM / 1700-1800 hrs UFS Faction Briefing Location - TBA - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 6:00-7:00 PM / 1800-1900- hrs Check In / Chrono Closes 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs Saturday August 1st *** ATTENTION *** AO Closed to Players prior to STARTEX Check-in / Chrono Opens - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM / 0800 - 0900 hrs Formation for Briefing - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 9:30 / 0930 hrs All Forces Deploy to FOBs 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs STARTEX EV1 -- (Evolution 1) 11:00 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV1 (Evolution 1) 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs STARTEX NIGHT EV2 (Evolution 2) 7:30 PM / 1930 hrs EndEX EV2 9:00 PM / 2100 hrs (Or when objectives have been completed) Sunday August 2nd Formation for Morning Brief - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 9:30 AM / 0930 hrs All Forces Deploy to FOBs 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs StartEX EV3 (Day Evolution 3) 11:00 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV3 (Day Evolution 3) 2:00 PM / 1400 hrs Raffle - MASK & SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED 3:00 PM / 1500hrs All players must exit the ZULU24 Facility no later than 6 PM / 1800 hrs EDT
  5. Tigerstripe is not an approved CoST uniform. I can't stress this enough the uniform description is on the ticket and on the AMS site. https://americanmilsim.com/factions/
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  7. This is 8 years later! But will my Wiley x advanced sabers work?
  8. I had a question regarding gear in relation to uniforms because I haven’t seen it asked yet, do we have to run the exact plate carrier, helmet/hat, gloves, weapons listed on the faction’s page or is professional gear in the right colorset for the the faction good to go? The reason I ask is that I have a really nice coyote colored plate carrier that looks exactly like the one I had on active duty in the same shade as the one on the UFS page and I’d rather not buy ANOTHER $300 PC
  9. Hello, Airsoft/Milsim have always been a interest of mine. I am wondering how I would get started with UFS, thanks!
  10. Hi there, Ran UFS for 3 years now at CH3, 4, and 5, but switching over to the greenboys for SF2. Just making sure, but is green tigerstripe approved for COST forces this year at SF2? If not, will be running M81 woodland. Also, silly question, but is a multicam plate carrier stupid on all that fugly green?
  11. Hi everyone! New member from SE Wisconsin. I've played in some milsim events but haven't hit the field in probably at least 8 years. I came across American Milsim on some other sites and was checking out the rules, most are familiar but I see some new things I'll post the questions I have about them in their forum. 2020 was going to be a comeback year but it's become the year of doom so 2021 is it. I'll be checking out local fields as I find them.
  12. So with no dmr role do dmrs simply follow normal rifleman rules? Or we just leaving the dmrs at home
  13. Hey bud, Hailing from WTX here too, been to CH3, CH4, and CH5 so far, probably going to attend SF2 as well! The way it works is, when you order your ticket, you can write the name of the gang you'll be reppin', you'll buy the ticket, and will be emailed your confirmation. Later in the coming weeks, as the UFS bigwigs at AMS get individual names, names of specific teams, etc, they'll send out a full UFS faction roster. This roster is divided into platoons (by color), and then by squads, and all the radio freqs will be given for your squad. The squad you might be put in with should email you to introduce themselves, just like with my dad and I, we've ran with Travis and his awesome guys at CH3 and 4. This last year, we kicked ass out on our own, doing little fun AMS spooky-ooky missions. So, in short if you select no-team, or otherwise on the ticket sign-up, you'll be put into a squad with another team (from wherever in the world), or of rando's, and you'll rock and roll with them as you meet together at the briefings and the formations. But, to answer your question, if youre going solo, thats perfectly fine. Everyone I've met at the Playas sims were inviting and really awesome dudes. AMS staff, Bo, JP, Rick, etc. all fuckin grade A guys, and if you have any questions, just shout out again on the forums. And hell, you might even find a team near you that you can link up with after the sim, like some of us oldies from Midland. Also I would recommend, just as a tidbit, if you dont already have a good idea of what your on the field gear necessities should ultimately be: Water and food / Comms (Baofeng uv-5s, etc.) / batteries, hpa air, bbs. / gear that isnt gonna slow you down, sag, or make life hell.
  14. Beyond Clothing AOR 9 Mission Blouse, Multicam, size XL, BNIP. SOF issued gear. Brand new, unused in package. Shipped with USPS in CONUS only. $130 local pick up or $145 shipped. These run $240 online, get this at a significant discount.
  15. If you know great tactical gear, than you know the name London Bridge Trading. This is a London Bridge Trading Medium Wheeled Load-Out Bag LBT-2467A COYOTE BROWN. As issued to me by a Military Special Operations Forces unit. It’s used, but in great condition. Probably the best and toughest load-out bags ever. Comes with everything seen in pictures. $350, local pick up or buyer pays for shipping.New this load out bag costs $482 from LBT. Get this excellent loadout bag for over $100 less!General FeaturesOverall dimensions: 30L x 16W x 10HVolume: 7,920 cubic inchesWheels at base of bag facilitate transportReinforced kydex bottom offers additional strength and durabilityInternal compression straps secure contentsDocument window on face of bag measures 12 x 9Additional document windows on each end measure 8.5 x 5Interior features 6 mesh pocketsExternal pocket extends the length of bag; measurements: 28L x 2W x 12HTwo smaller external pockets on opposite side; measurements: 13L x 2W x 12HWeight: 13 lbsMaterials / Construction1000 denier CORDURA®MIL-SPEC nylon webbingType E Thread (VT 295 nylon, bonded), double stitched and bar-tacked at stress points
  16. London Bridge Trading LBT-2586B-MP7 AOR1, as issued by a US Navy SOF unit. Condition is used, but in excellent condition. These sell for $600-700 elsewhere online. Local pick up or Shipped with USPS Priority Mail for $12.50 additional $375, local pick up or buyer pays $12.50 for shipping. Will only ship to addresses in Continental US, don’t even bother asking for anywhere else.
  17. AMERICAN MILSIM TACTICAL CHALLENGE FRIDAY EVENT REGISTER HERE - LIMITED SPACES Do you have what it takes to rise to the top! Test your shooting and athletic abilities against other players on a fast-paced, multi target tactical course to see who takes home the top prize. $900.00 in prizes Custom plaques for the top three competitors Timed and scored by two idpa certified range safety officers Modified IDPA and International Tactical Games rulesets will be used to score competitors. Player Requirements: • Must be able to sprint short distances. • Must be able to jump and or climb over large objects. • Must be able to lift, drag and or carry up to 100lbs. • Must be able to carry up to 25lbs on their person. Required Equipment: ***CLOTHING/FOOTWEAR*** • We do not specify the clothing or footwear a competitor chooses to wear. We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the competitors as they move through the scenarios. During most scenarios, competitors will be wearing plate carriers, pistol belt, and rifle with sling. ***PLATE CARRIERS*** All plate carriers will have weight added by an RSO before the scenario starts. • Men’s plate carriers will have 12lbs of weight added. • Women’s plate carriers will have 8lbs weight added • NO CHEST RIGS ***Rifle*** • AR, SMG and Bullpup platforms are allowed • Red Dot Sights are allowed on the rifle. EOTech, Aimpoint, etc. are allowed. • NO magnification is allowed. Nothing in front of or behind the optic that magnifies the view is allowed. • An athlete can run whatever “furniture” on the gun he/she wishes. Hand guards, foregrips, Lasers, etc. A weapon light is required. • Slings on the weapons are required. The amount of equipment an athlete carries, walls climbed, tunnels crawled through, and obstacles negotiated, require that an athlete have a sling on their weapon. We recommend a two-point sling. ***PISTOL*** • Generally, a stock pistol is required. • Green gas and CO2 pistols are allowed. • Red dot sights, electronic sights and holographic sights are allowed on pistols. • Fiber Optic sights are allowed. • A mounted flashlight is allowed. • Flared magazine wells are acceptable. ***AMMO*** • Players will be given a 200rd speed loader of their selected weight BB. Players must load magazines in front of an RSO. ***MAGAZINES*** Bring 3 rifle magazines and 2 pistol magazines ***Miscellaneous Required Equipment*** • Ansi rated full seal eye ware ***Highly Recommend Equipment*** Gloves Helmet Hearing protection
  18. Is it possible to change the role that i signed up with before the event? I want to change from Support to either Medic or Assault role.
  19. Hello, just curious, is the G&G CM16 LMG is considered a SSW for Muslim events?
  20. Sorry Bud. You would need a guardian present.
  21. So I’ve watched mil sim for years on YouTube and finally decided to get off the couch and sign up. SF2 is gonna be my first event and I’m gonna be signing up for the UFS mainly for having the correct color gear. What I was wondering if I should worry about finding a team or should I be ok showing solo like I’m planning?
  22. Is it legal to have an under barrel grenade launcher on a UMP? Also, are SMGs semi only?
  23. You can transmit GMRS at 50 watts; combo radios are not capable of this power but you can buy a 50 watt class 95 radio for GMRS. Please get your license for GMRS
  24. American Milsim is Proud to Present Event Details: Player CAP 400 NORMAL REGISTRATION fee of $200.00 per player + Fees & Tax PLAYERS MUST HAVE VALID State / Federal ID REGISTRATION OPENS JUNE 8th @ NOON CST FIRST 50 Players to REGISTER will be entered into a raffle for a Elite Force MP7 and SUN OPTICS USA RAID Sight REGISTER HERE SITUATION - With the division of the Pacific States, Coalition forces have been deployed into the New Mexico area to bolster PAC forces from further Federal incursions into the region. With the majority of Coalition forces participating in the Eastern "Spring Offensive", Federal planners are looking to secure the the Southwestern states of New Mexico and Arizona as they pivot to surround PAC forces in Southern California. Federal success in the Southwest will spell the end for the Pacific States. American Milsim TAC CHALLENGE WANT To Prove WHAT YOU'VE GOT? Compete in the COPPERHEAD VI Tactical Challenge for your chance to win one of over $900 dollars in prizes! FIND OUT MORE HERE LIMITED EVENT HOUSING - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE -- (SOLD OUT!) HOUSE Rentals AVAILABLE $750 (Fri - Sun) 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Full Kitchen High Speed WIFI 55" SAT TV Washer / Dryer Patio Garage Inquire and reserve by emailing [email protected] (Waiting list for cancellations only) Operation Details: Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-in: Operation COPPERHEAD VI Event PVC Patch AMS Event Veteran PVC Patch AO Map Ticket for Game End Raffle All American Milsim events are BIO BBs ONLY EVENTS!! Helpful Links: OP: COPPERHEAD VI Forums American Milsim Safety Primers Meet the American Milsim Crew American Mislim Ruleset UFS Facebook Group CoST Facebook Group OPFOR: UFS Army (United Federal States) 200 SLOTS ONLY The following UFS Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT. BLUEFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories) 200 SLOTS ONLY The following CoST Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT. *** IMPORTANT READ REFUND POLICY *** All Event Ticket purchases or reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! All event Ticket SALES ARE FINAL. All event Tickets are Transferable Please email [email protected] to transfer a ticket to another individual. American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification. *Our troops always come first! Event time and date are subject to change for Military requirements. In the case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled.
  25. on the website it says that if your 16 you have to have a guardian on the AO does and my dad couldn't make it to any of the event's is there anyway i could still go to the event without a guardian
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