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  2. Will each faction have a designated latrine digging squad, tossing newspaper on top or are toilets available on site? I'd imagine in any of those scenarios there is a BYOTP rule in force, but any clarity would be appreciated. Lets be honest, if your toilet game isn't on point, then your combat game definitely isn't either On an unrelated note (insert fantastic segue here) do we need to purchase a press ticket to use our Go Pros during operations on the AO?
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  4. Hi, on coloradowinterinfo.com there are a lot of useful information about camping. I learnt really a lot from there
  5. AIリアルドールの挑戦 私たちはAIを完全に実現するようなところにすぐに近づいていますが、それでも私たちとロボットのセックスラブドールとの間で克服するためのハードルがあります。まず、まだ技術を習得する必要があります。現在のシリコンとTPEの素材は上質で上質ですが、私たちの未来的なリアルセックス人形は、表情でアニメーション化する必要があります。彼らの肌はまた、絶え間ない動きを処理し、タッチとプレッシャーを感じることができる必要があるでしょう。 テクノロジー まず、まだ技術を習得する必要があります。現在のシリコンとTPEの素材は上質で上質ですが、私たちの未来的なリアルラブドールは、表情でアニメーション化する必要があります。彼らの肌はまた、絶え間ない動きを処理し、タッチとプレッシャーを感じることができる必要があるでしょう。 https://www.kichi-doll.com/image-christmas-girl-momona-wmdoll-love-doll.html 動き 間違いなく、セックスドールは性的ファンタジーを満たすための人類の最も革新的な作品の1つです。技術は1970年代のそれらの厄介な膨らませてリアルラブドールと比較して長い道のりを歩んできました。人間のラブドールの産業と芸術はこの10年間で非常に拡大しました。彼らは今驚くほど現実的に見え、あなたが本当の人間の肌に触れているように感じます。彼らは実際に彼らと通信することができると感じているため、多くの人がセックスドールを購入しています。 セックスドールを使うと、人々は性差別主義者になるような否定的な判断なしに自分の空想を探求することができます。セックス人ラブドールは、雑草、アルコール、銃、資本主義がそうであるほど私たちの文化を台無しにしませんでした。実際、リアルラブドールは、人生の感情的な段階を経たときに交際をするなど、さまざまな面で役立ちます。ラブドールを購入するためのさまざまな異なる理由がありますが、確かに主な理由の一つは性的欲求を満たし、ロマンチックな関係を盛り上げることです。 https://www.kichi-doll.com/image-chinatsu-real-love-doll-kirei.html ラブドール材料によって区別する TPEリアルドールは、シリコーンのよりも安くて丈夫なのです。この二つのダッチワイフは無臭であり、よりリアルな手触りと柔軟な自由なポジションを持っています。しかし、使用するときは、より慎重になるべきです。例えば、高温に非常に敏感なので、必ずあなたのリアルラブドールを熱源から遠ざけるべきです。TPEリアルドールは、多孔質なので汚れやすいため、きれいに手入れしておいてください。 あなたの使用したセックスドールを処分するためのトップ3の方法を知りたいですか。あなたは今まであなたのセックスドールがそれが古くなった後どうするべきか疑問に思いましたか?あなたはあなたの美しいラブドールを適切な方法で処分する方法を知っていますか?さて、今日私はここにいて、費用なしであなたの綺麗ラブドールを処分するための3つの適切な方法でいます。セックスドールを適切に処理する方法を見てみましょう。
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  7. Hello, I have a question about a certain size plate carrier. I currently have 8x10 plates, and in need of a carrier. I have tried several carriers, but all are to big for the plates. I would still like to use my 8x10 plates, but would like to know if there are any carriers that are designed to hold a max size of 8x10 plates?
  8. thepj

    UFS Radio

    Google Drive links don't work, are you still using this setup?
  9. TheJP

    PSA Ticket

    Sorry yo hear that man, make sure you post up in the PSA/CoST FB group page as well!
  10. Sempai65

    PSA Ticket

    Hello everyone, due to unforeseen circumstances me and my partner are not able to attend CopperHead V, so we have two tickets up for grabs for PSA that we would like to sell. We are looking for just $200 even, no taxes or fees will work out a deal if you buy both. Price is OBO, trying to recoup the as much as possible to pay for the hospital bills coming. Feel free to send me and email at [email protected]
  11. HELP US HELP YOU SAVE TIME! Please print off and fill out the [1] American Milsim Event Release form to have ready when checking-in! This will save everyone significant time during your registration process! Thanks, JP AMS-CH5-RELEASE.pdf
  12. Players are responsible for adhering to Time Table Times and Events are subject to change; please check this post often for any updates. ALL TIMES ARE LOCAL (Mountain Time Zone (UTC -07:00) PLAYABLE AO Facility Closed to Players (DO NOT WALK AO) Thursday August 29th Gates Open for Camping 8:00 AM / 0800 hrs NO RV Hook Ups available NO POTABLE water on site Friday August 30th Check In / Chrono Opens 12:00 PM / 1200 hrs Safety Briefing every HOUR starting at 2:00 (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND) 2:00-4:00 / 1400-1600 hrs *Located in Conference Room *4:00 will start the last briefing before early Saturday briefing POV Safety Inspection *Located outside conference room building in parking lot 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs CoST/PSA Faction Meeting - Encouraged Everyone attend!! *Located in Conference Room 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs UFS Faction Meeting - Encouraged Everyone attend!! *Located in Conference Room 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Check In Closes 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Chrono Closes 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Direct Action Mission LVL 1 - Brief / Step Off 9:00 PM / 2100 hrs *Located in Safety Briefing Room Saturday August 31st Check In / Chrono Opens 8:00-10:00 AM / 0800 to 1000 hrs *FINAL SAFETY BRIEFING* (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND AT LEAST ONE FRI or SAT) 8:30 AM / 0830 hrs Formation for Morning Briefing (Staging area) 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs *West of registration parking lot (in grass) *Platoons form up by Squads at Staging Area* Players are expected to be on time, Staff will NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVING PLAYERS. StartEX EV1 (Evolution 1) 1100 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV1 (Evolution 1) 10:00 PM / 2200 hrs Sunday September 1st Chrono/Visit Registration Tent for assistance 9:00 AM / 0900 hrs Formation for Morning Briefing 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs *Platoons form up by Squads at Staging Area* Players are expected to be on time, Staff will NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVING PLAYERS. StartEX EV2 (Evolution 2) 11:00 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV2 (Evolution 2) 2:00 PM / 1400 hrs Support Staff Rally Point *At Registration* 2:30 PM / 1430 hrs Copperhead Closing Ceremony and Raffle 3:00 PM / 1500 hrs All Players must vacate Playas Premises
  13. You'll need to speak to your CO, not to mention all POVs have been sold. :(
  14. I want to field a 4 man scout team under operational control of the PSA commander. The team will have a vehicle and a drone for reconnaissance. The team will be the 181st motorized cavalry out of Colorado. Is this a possibility?
  15. Alright here it goes, is the newer G&G LMG allowed? I ask because it doesn't say that it is a Shrike. But it looks exactly like one. Thanks for the time.
  16. I am a part of a group of 7 or so dudes who have been getting ready to buy tickets for Eastern Front, but the store says they are unavailable. Is this an issue with the site, or have all tickets been sold out already? Thanks in advance, ~Zenatsu
  17. Thank you both for clarifying!
  18. NF2 AO Map
  19. So I’ve had the we Tech scar l gbbr (co2) for about a year and a half now and it’s still going strong, with the help of field stripping and cleaning it after every game. Also, had to install a NPAS in to help with the FPS for local field play.
  20. I'd hit up Wallace from Zshot. RoF might be a programmable thing in the FCU same with bolt release. BB dropping out sounds like a bucking issue. Also use some Google-FU there are some good PTW forums out there with info.
  21. I just pieced together a PTW/STW hodgepodge. And I've noticed a couple things and was curious what improvements are available. Rate of fire seems slower than other AEGs any way to ramp it up for faster trigger response? Also found my bolt release doesn't always work even with the mag empty or removed. Is there a way to fix this? And the first mag i ran through it i had 1 or 2 bbs drop about 3 feet from the barrel. But the rest flew straight as an arrow. Did i do something wrong when i put it all together?
  22. I need the following parts PTW cylinder m110 spring Outer barrel Upper receiver Delta ring 11.1 lipo Lipo charger PTW magazines metal preferred
  23. The JP, Question for you in regards to helmet/head gear. I understand no black helmet part however I am having a hard time finding non black frame goggles (I have prescription glasses inserts) and for the life of me I can find goggles that fit my inserts as well as the impact resistance required. I found tan ones but I'm on CoST and tan is not team color. So any help with this? I can buy a pair n spray paint the frames green if need be. Ty
  24. No, I cant keep up with everyone of their spin off brands. Chalk and Peckers ARE NOT allowed, the ones that go BOOM are. Hope that makes sense.
  25. Is Sunday formation at 10:30 or 9:30?
  26. Booby traps seem like a very cool idea. Do they just get to make a bang, or are they allowed to expel anything like powder or BB's? Does this depend on whether I am close by (to defuse it in a BLINDMAN call)?
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