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  4. Anyone know if camping will be open for Friday night? Or does everyone just show up Saturday morning
  5. Kurtz

    Gun Rentals

    Will the Bing be offering gun rentals for this event? Also I have not played at the Bing since Operation Broken Bone which was quite a long time ago. I think the field was in a different location back then but I do remember they required us to buy our ammo from them. I’m assuming we can bring our own bbs as long as they are bio correct?
  6. I have looked but am unsure of the hours for the game. 9AM-2PM seems to be the Sunday hours as I've read Sunday goes for six hours while Saturday is generally eight. I'm just not sure if its written out anywhere because I've not seen it. Sorry if its obvious but I wanted to make sure.
  7. So a friend and I have registered for SF3 - it will be our first milsim event, and to that end, I had some questions regarding our roles. I currently have a sniper rifle, sidearm, and throwable grenades. My friend is currently deciding on what new weapons to buy for the event. From the ruleset, it seems that 4 sniper teams are allowed per faction. I'm guessing this is based on first come/first serve? Following that, it looks like the remaining snipers are allotted 1 per squad, not to exceed 1 per squad. Is there any way to know if we'll be in a dedicated sniper team vs a regular squad prior to the event start? Also, I understand this to mean if my brother was to sign up (also a sniper) that we could not play together in a squad, correct? As far as equipment goes, IRL a sniper/spotter team can carry whatever they deem suitable for the mission, including grenade launchers and other anti-vehicle weaponry. Does this apply to American Milsim, or are things more restricted? My spotter is considering carrying a SAW, and we'd also like to bring a grenade launcher, but the rules do not delineate whether or not the Sniper/Spotter team falls under the normal squad restrictions (SSW, HWS, etc). Is headgear required as part of the uniform? If so, will a ghille hood be sufficient, provided it matches my faction's colors (CoST, so woodland) I'm curious about the 'no-reload except at bases' rule. As a sniper, I currently have two mags (50 rounds) that I refill in the field using a 100 round speedloader. I'd rather not drop $100 on extra magazines if I didn't have to. Are the bases close enough where it isn't too problematic to top off, or is it possible for me to use the speedloader on the field? Also, does this apply to grenades (ie, I'd need to buy extra spring grenades/thunder cores) to use more than one per engagement? Trying to prioritize what equipment to purchase. Following 4, rules seem to restrict frags to 7 on person, but make no mention of smokes. Are there no limit to those? Thanks! We're really looking forward to this.
  8. Ya no Green based Camo (So no RG) don't try to make this too hard -- Jeans and a shirt that's any color NOT green based and no camo -- check out the UFS and CDF Facebook groups for uniform examples. I am gonna be in jeans w/ a gray hiking shirt.
  9. Long sleeve tan/khaki with cargo pants is probably alright. It isn't green or a camo pattern. Also it does look like ranger green but we are fighting COST which is also green so I would say leave it up to interpretation for the most part. If we were fighting UFS we wouldn't be able to wear tan so.
  10. I would say you'd be fine wearing solid black pants and a t shirt. I myself am not wearing flannel to the event and I don't imagine a lot of people are. You should be fine to wear what ever really as long as it is not Green or a camo pattern.
  11. It looks like CDF can wear Ranger Green according to the promotional faction photograph, but I'm not certain. Also, I imagine it would be, but would a long-sleeve tan/kahki shirt and cargo pants be OK?
  12. I had a few questions on CDF uniforms as well. Could the CDF guys wear solid black pants or do they have to be blue denim? Does the top have to be flannel or could it be a T-shirt? Any particular colors (besides green) that are off limits?
  13. Hey y'all. I'm a new memberto the community and am excited to attend my first event. In planning for preperation for the trip, I cam across the issue of where people stay for overnight onsleeping. I saw in the FAQ that it mentioned you can bring camp gear, but do people usally stay in tents in some reserved camp ground near by, or people usally stay in hotels nearby?
  14. Hey I'm a new member from the North East, I saw how close the eastern front is and figured now was the time since normally they were in the west. I enjoy content from people like Oxide and have loved RPGs since I was a kid. I'm hoping that we see more action for the SD, possibly the eastern front being more focused on them clashing with CDF. Glad to enjoy and have something to look forward to
  15. I offer software for DOMINATOR project from year 2018. It is usable for Airsoft, Paintball sports for game mode DOMIANTION (Capture Point). There are two versions, one is using RFID entry with compatible cards, wristbands, second is using standard hardware pushbuttons for user entry. Description of RFID DOMINATOR: Device - DOMINATOR contains MCU from AVR architecture, likely used in Arduino boards (Arduino Uno, Nano, or Mega 2560 are fully compatible with source code and schematics). There is LCD character display 16x2 or 20x4, that shows the time of each team (RED and GRE team.) Each team member is equipped with a card or wristband, keychain that communicates at 13.56MHz. For instance keychains can you buy in many colors that can help you with distrubutions of them to teams... If a team Capture point, any player on that team will place his card on the reader. The team's LED (red / blue) lights up at this station and the team's time started to counting on display. If second team capture that point and put card on reader, LED of other team turns off, time for first is stopped, LED for second team lights up, the second team's time start to count, until it is stopped with other team or referee / eraser If the organizer (referee) puts the card / key, both times shall be discarded until one of the teams has placed the card. The last possible card in the system is the use of so-called. eraser card that pauses and resets both times. The maximum time range of the system is: 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, also suitable for events and sports facilities, events. The system is tested, functional, works smoothly, the ability to measure and display time even for tenths of a second. The RC522 reader operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, RFID tags registers at about 3 centimeters (almost physical contact with the reader is necessary), compatible tag format ISO / IEC 14443 A. For the RFID version, there is a PCB design for production by photo path or from GERBER files. The PCB is double-sided with overlays. GERBER file can be made for really good price at some JLCPCB or PCBWAY manufacturers. Dimensions of PCB is 100x105mm. Both versions of PCB designs are delivered free of charge to RFID DOMINATOR. Used Hardware - RFID DOMINATOR: Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same) RFID RC522 running at 13.56MHz (only with original NXP chip! COUNTERFEIT CHIPS with address 0x12 are not compatible for this project!) 2x LED with 2x 1k or 220ohm resistors (you can connect there relays instead of LEDs, if you want to turn more powerful lights for indication) LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter compatible cards and key fobs (standard ISO / IEC 14443 A) There is a version equivalent for DOMINATOR with a button input that replaces the RFID reader. In button version of DOMINATOR, there are four buttons instead of four types of cards. PCB design is not available for the button version. Button version of DOMINATOR can be tried for free in the Shareware version. The version limitation is only in functionality, where it is possible to run DOMINATOR to measure a maximum time of 15 seconds for each team. That version is available at Github of project (accessable via Informations link below). During this time it is possible to verify the response of the system to the inputs, the behavior of the system. The shareware version is in machine code .hex, which must be uploaded via AVRDUDE software to Arduino, or via GUI interface using XLoader app. There are versions for I2C address converter 0x3F and 0x27. Used Hardware - Button DOMINATOR: Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same) 4x pushbuttons connected as INPUT_PULLUP with ACTIVE_LOW contact 2x LED with 2x 1k or 220ohm resistors (you can connect there relays instead of LEDs, if you want to turn more powerful lights for indication) LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter More informations about project with Youtube videos of - how DOMINATOR works available at: https://martinius96.github.io/Airsoft-DOMINATOR-RFID/en/index.htmlPrice of software: 30 € RFID version / 20€ button versionAlternative contact : martinius96@gmail.comPreferred payment method: PayPal
  16. I was wondering if I could use the Swedish camo (M90) for the green team. I'm Swedish and want to rep my parents heritage and pay homage to them.
  17. Thanks for clearing that up! I probably won't wear the tracksuit anymore because I've changed my mind but I just wanted to be extra sure since it says denim and plaid on the faction bio.
  18. The color of your undershirt is alright asking as the too layer of your uniform is in faction color or camo. If you're CoST just make sure that you're outer layer of uniform is green before you pull on your rig. Same goes for helmet/hat, it has to match faction color
  19. Is German Flectarn camo acceptable for the COST uniform?
  20. I too am curious. Is headgear required? I have woodland green BDUs, but usually don't wear a helmet or cap - trying to figure out if I need to pass CoST requirements. As I understand it, a black backpack is fine, but a black shirt is not? Saw nothing about that in the rules until I went to register, so I'm a bit confused. I have always worn a black tshirt under my BDU top - not hard to change, but the CoST example on the factions webpage is wearing a black shirt.
  21. Dagger, That'd be find as long as you avoid CoST colors with it. JP
  22. Oracle, Just pinned them to this forum.
  23. HELP US HELP YOU SAVE TIME! Please have the following FILLED OUT prior to check-in this will save you and us a TON OF TIME getting registered! There are two [2] RELEASE FORMS that must be filled out for Southern Front III The American Milsim RELEASE which must be printed off and filled out: American Milsim Release: SF3-2021-RELASE.pdf AND The D14 RELEASE
  24. American Milsim is Proud to Present American Milsim Local (AMSL) at Bing Field REGISTER HERE Registration Opens Feb 1st @ Noon CST Situation- With UFS forces hitting the Coalition supply chain causing civilian unrest in Sanger, TX. CoST forces must shore up their defensive lines to keep supplies flowing. One of the Coalition's biggest supply depots is centrally located off the Mississippi in Alton Illinois. With access to the river and a landing strip within 5 minutes, this area is vital for movement of supplies all over. This supply depot has been continuously hit by UFS causing shortfalls for multiple CoST forward bases. Coalition intelligence has intercepted a federal communication that a large scale attack is planned. Not to just interrupt supply chains but destroy the facility as a whole. An addition critical wrinkle for CoST leadership; vermillion level comm chatter intercepted by the Coalition Intelligence Group (CIG) has eluded to a possible defection of top Coalition military planners to Federal authorities. These defectors and their motives are currently unknown. CIG Operatives have labeled this the top investigative priority for all their analyst. BE ONE OF THE FIRST 100 TO REGISTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF THREE: ELITE FORCE MP5 ELITE FORCE Gambler Choice of American Milsim Tee shirt and Patch Free On-Site Camping (No facilities -- Only Porta Johns) Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In: Limited to 400 Players 2-Day Event May 1st - 2nd, 2021 REGISTRATION fee of $99.00 + Fees + Tax per player Central Front PVC Patch AMSL Event Veteran PVC Patch AO Map Ticket for Game End Raffle All American Milsim events are BIO BBs ONLY EVENTS. Some Helpful Links: Central Front Forums American Milsim Safety Primers Meet the American Milsim Crew American Mislim Ruleset American Milsim Factions Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST) Facebook Group United Federal States (UFS) Facebook Group THE FACTIONS BLUFOR: CoST Army (Coalition of Sovereign Territories) 200 SLOTS UNIFORM STANDARDS ONLY The following CoST Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT. OPFOR: UFS (United Federal States) 200 SLOTS UNIFORM STANDARDS ONLY The following UFS Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT. What is the refund policy? All Event Ticket purchases or reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! All event Ticket SALES ARE FINAL. All event Tickets are transferable. American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification. Event Credit will no LONGER BE GIVEN. If you are unable to attend an event your best course of action is to sell / transfer that ticket to another person
  25. Alright so I am tempted to register for SF3 as CDF but just want a clarification on a uniform question. Uniform: Adidas Track Suit. Im only asking because I know staff has said they were gonna crack down on uniforms.
  26. does anyone know where I could find the release forms required for someone over the age of 16 to be without an adult? I couldn't find them in the list of milsim forms offered, even though the rules said to check there.
  27. That is correct UFS will not be at SF3. However you can expect there will be a lot UFS players signing up for CDF.
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