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  3. If you are 14 does your parents have to play with you or do they just watch o
  4. AMERICAN MILSIM TACTICAL CHALLENGE Sponsored by ZSHOT.COM FRIDAY EVENT REGISTER HERE - LIMITED SPACES Do you have what it takes to rise to the top! Test your shooting and athletic abilities against other players on a fast-paced, multi target tactical course to see who takes home the top prize. $900.00 in prizes Custom plaques for the top three competitors Timed and scored by two idpa certified range safety officers Modified IDPA and International Tactical Games rulesets will be used to score competitors. Player Requirements: • Must be able to sprint short distances. • Must be able to jump and or climb over large objects. • Must be able to lift, drag and or carry up to 100lbs. • Must be able to carry up to 25lbs on their person. Required Equipment: ***CLOTHING/FOOTWEAR*** • We do not specify the clothing or footwear a competitor chooses to wear. We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the competitors as they move through the scenarios. During most scenarios, competitors will be wearing plate carriers, pistol belt, and rifle with sling. ***PLATE CARRIERS*** All plate carriers will have weight added by an RSO before the scenario starts. • Men’s plate carriers will have 12lbs of weight added. • Women’s plate carriers will have 8lbs weight added • NO CHEST RIGS ***Rifle*** • AR, SMG and Bullpup platforms are allowed • Red Dot Sights are allowed on the rifle. EOTech, Aimpoint, etc. are allowed. • NO magnification is allowed. Nothing in front of or behind the optic that magnifies the view is allowed. • An athlete can run whatever “furniture” on the gun he/she wishes. Hand guards, foregrips, Lasers, etc. A weapon light is required. • Slings on the weapons are required. The amount of equipment an athlete carries, walls climbed, tunnels crawled through, and obstacles negotiated, require that an athlete have a sling on their weapon. We recommend a two-point sling. ***PISTOL*** • Generally, a stock pistol is required. • Green gas and CO2 pistols are allowed. • Red dot sights, electronic sights and holographic sights are allowed on pistols. • Fiber Optic sights are allowed. • A mounted flashlight is allowed. • Flared magazine wells are acceptable. ***AMMO*** • Players will be given a 200rd speed loader of their selected weight BB. Players must load magazines in front of an RSO. ***MAGAZINES*** Bring 3 rifle magazines and 2 pistol magazines ***Miscellaneous Required Equipment*** • Ansi rated full seal eye ware ***Highly Recommend Equipment*** Gloves Helmet Hearing protection
  5. Me and my best friend, are very eager to attend the northern front III event in June, we run marpat woodland camo. And od gear. The website however says marpat for one of the factions, and the cost faction says woodland...what faction would our camo be allowed if any? Any info is greatly appreciated thanks!
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  7. American Milsim is Proud to Present American Milsim Local (AMSL) at D14 Airsoft REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JANUARY 13th @ NOON CST! BE ONE OF THE FIRST 50 TO REGISTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN: ELITE FORCE CQB 2X BOTTLES OF ELITE FORCE BBS LBX 0313 RIFLE SLING Free On-Site Camping (No facilities -- Only Porta Johns) Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In: Limited to 300 Players 2-Day Event April 4th-5th REGISTRATION fee of $99.00 + Tax per player Southern Front II PVC Patch AMSL Event Veteran PVC Patch AO Map Ticket for Game End Raffle All American Milsim events are BIO BBs ONLY EVENTS. Some Helpful Links: Southern Front II Forums American Milsim Safety Primers Meet the American Milsim Crew American Mislim Ruleset American Milsim Factions United Federal States (UFS) Facebook Group Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST) Facebook Group THE FACTIONS BLUFOR: UFS Army (United Federal States) 150 SLOTS ONLY The following UFS Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT. OPFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories) 150 SLOTS -CoST ARMY: Woodland, Caiman, Ranger Green, Multicam Tropic, Woodland Marpat What is the refund policy? All Event Ticket purchases or reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! All event Ticket SALES ARE FINAL. All event Tickets are transferable. American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification. Event Credit will no LONGER BE GIVEN. If you are unable to attend an event your best course of action is to sell / transfer that ticket to another person
  8. I know this is old but doing the math a 5.56 UTM has the equivalent KE of a .20 doing 560 fps... approx 2.9 J. it is a .45g projectile doing about 375 fps. From personal experience they hurt... bad. they also have a little steel marker bb inside the assembly that likes to embed itself in unprotected flesh. I caught a couple of these in the face, the scars make cool stories.
  9. I am curious about this airsoft game. I wish to join CoST, however I wish to wear tiger stripe camo. Would that be OK? (Picture for reference, I plan on a darker shade of green)
  10. Weren't Sundays short enough when they lasted three hours?
  11. What area are we allowed to camp at?Where is the area we are allowed to camp?
  12. Big thanks to Chris for this amazing map!
  13. PULSAR 1x20 they are really expensive ( https://autolady.ae
  14. Press passes are only required for non-players who wish to be on the active AO taking pictures / video.
  15. This Forum is really good! I bought this PULSAR 1x20 also bought by my friends! Everyone is absolutely satisfied. A quality device, not expensive and good to see. We use additional IR- (850nm). We all put a DOS adapter on the rifles and that's how we use it. It is important that the optics be adjusted (preferably) 1.5 to 6x not larger than that. Everyone needs to know this! I use (2.5-10x56) Ideal Pulsar device, we have been using it for a long time ... My recommendations!
  16. This Forum is really good! I bought this PULSAR 1x20 also bought by my friends! Everyone is absolutely satisfied. A quality device, not expensive and good to see. We use additional IR- (850nm). We all put a DOS adapter on the rifles and that's how we use it. It is important that the optics be adjusted (preferably) 1.5 to 6x not larger than that. Everyone needs to know this! I use (2.5-10x56) Ideal Pulsar device, we have been using it for a long time ... My recommendations!
  17. Contact Mossberg and send it to them to factory refresh it
  18. About 40 years ago my parents bought a Mossberg 500A shotgun for some reason, and then never used it. It's literally still in the original box and as far as I know has never been fired. But it was really just neglected all those years and now it has pretty bad rust on the barrel. Do you think I could clean up the rust myself, maybe this can help me https://rustconverters.net/drx-rust-remover-ultimate-review/ or should I take this to a gunsmith to have it restored?
  19. So I made the mistake on getting an FnFAL. Sence midcaps are hard to find for this gun, I was wondering if I were to modify some hicap mags, would i be able to take it to an event?
  20. Is the press pass actually needed for active players to buy in addition to their player ticket if they are going to wear a GoPro or similar camera on their kit? Or is it just required for non-players there to film?
  21. This was 2019, we have this event every year.
  22. I got lucky with this cause my dad was in the military and had few pairs of pants that fit me that he gave me, but as for the shirt I found one Combat shirt on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L7P140G/?coliid=I3TDBLE488IH6M&colid=8MTK7T7LJC1E&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Reviews seemed good and it seemed cheap, figured couldn't be that bad. But I haven't actually used any of my gear in an event yet so I can't confirm it'll work well in any kind of event.
  23. Was this 2019 or for 2020? Or is it every year unless stated otherwise?
  24. Hi guys, Glad to be aboard. As you can see from my profile I'm an old 82nd Airborne guy. Been involved with airsoft for quite a while too - off and on since 2004. Other hobbies include running www.strikehold.net, and being involved with PenCott Camouflage for a while too (www.pencottcamo.com). Cheers!
  25. HELP US HELP YOU... Check-in quicker once on site by having all your PAPERWORK already filled out! RDG 18 has THREE [3] RELEASE FORMS and a POV ID for vehicle owners... 1. American Milsim Release RDG18-2019-RELEASE.pdf 2. Fort Hood Release Encl 1 Ft Hood Form 350-16.pdf 3. USMC Release USMCHOODHold Harmless Agreement.pdf 4. ONLY for POV owners AMS POV ID Card RDG18-POV-ID CARD.pdf Make sure you HAVE THESE ALREADY FILLED out to save you and the AMS staff time during check-in on site! I can't STRESS how important this is to have all this done prior to getting on site. JP
  26. What time can we show up friday? We are camping on site and want time to do everything like chrono and pitch tents before nightfall.
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