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#896 A House Divided. . .

Posted by TheJP on 17 March 2012 - 11:45 AM

OPERATION: Broken Home

Spring 2013.
Location, the former state of Oklahoma, now part of the Coalition of Sovereign Territories.

Last year, conflict between Israel and Iran boiled over into the rest of the Middle East. Iran’s retaliation for Israeli military strikes was to heavily plant mines along the, Strait of Hormuz crippling 30% of the worlds oil supply. The Arab spring birthed new uprisings across the majority of the oil producing counties and OPEC can no longer provide the demand for the world's hunger for oil.

The cascading effect was a systematic economic collapse of Europe closely followed by North America. It seems that oil is indeed the life blood of the modern world.

Countries’ oil reserves quickly became the new ‘gold standard’ in the global economy. The United States government passed regulations putting a heavy tax burden on the oil producing states of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, California and Alaska causing these states to agree - it would be better to govern themselves and secede from the Union. And on 7 Jan 2013, The United States as we once knew it no longer existed; Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alaska pass their resolutions entitled "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession from the Federal Union".

The oil producing states formed their own government, the Coalition of Sovereign Territories. They quickly and effectively mobilized their local military to set up defensive positions around their territories that border with the former United States.

The remaining states in the Union reformed into the United Federal States with full intentions of forcibly regaining control of these Sovereign Territories.

Tensions continue to rise between the seceding territories and the United Federal States. We now see other states beginning to declare allegiance to the Union or side with the seceding territories.

After expressing intentions of joining the Coalition and being surrounded by three of the four already withdrawn states, Oklahoma will be the focal point for any UFS military strikes. It appears that the beginning stages of military conflict may begin here in the near future, igniting the spark of a modern day Civil War.

In a House divided, which side will you serve?

#21461 complaint

Posted by TheJP on 11 May 2014 - 06:21 PM

This is possibly the dumbest thread I have seen on these forums.

#10631 Something That Needs To Be Said

Posted by MAYO on 05 March 2013 - 02:26 PM

First of all I would like to state that the AMS crew are an awesome group of guys. They put a lot of their own personal time into these events for us. They have fought a couple very serious fights to bring us the best product they can provide. They've, on numerous accounts, put us all in front of their own personal lives. They have a love for the hobby and it shows.


However, I think it needs to go ahead and be brought to light that some of the people's behavior during the game are unacceptabe.

I was infomred that players were throwing car parts at enemy forces at one point. While I didn't see this I did see several other events that were an embarrasment to us and reflected poorly on AMS to others.

Before I get into specific I'd like to state that I am in no way perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone else. So does my team. Some of the things I'm about to speak about I, or team mates, are likely guilty of at some point in our 'airsoft career'.

That being said, I think the first thing that needs to be addressed is RESPECT. These poeple, while airsofters, are complete strangers to most of us. In what situation do you believe it is acceptable to scream and curse at another adult?

I saw players screaming and cursing at eachother for the most trivial things. We're all civilized adults here. My team brought several kids of varying ages. 14, 15, 16, and 17 actually. These kids showed more personal restraint, respect to others, and humbelness than a large portion of the adult 'milsimmers'.

The next thing I think needs to be stated is AUTHORITY. Specifically that unless you are an AMS staff member or an in game admin you have absolutely no authority what so ever. That player you've shot 100 times in a row from 20 feet away not calling his hits? Yeah, not your place to 'call him out' or 'rule lawyer' him. There is no good leg to stand on with this. Nothing kills a game for me more than seeing someone yell at another player about "calling your hits" or some other bullshit explaination like "I see them bouncing off of you!". I've watched several players get heated over rules that they weren't even right about. But that isn't the point. Even if you are right, you have no authority.

Third, HUMBLENESS. We're all playing make believe. We're only a dice throw away from raiding a dungeon. Hell, the DAMs are practically LARPing. So, take that image of yourself being a bad ass operator and shove it. Have some humility about what you do. You are not the best out there. Even if you were the best on the field you will take hits from 12 year olds you never even saw.

Finally, UNDERSTANDING. We're all civilized people. And if you arent, then I don't think you have a place in the hobby honestly. But that is my opinion. We all need to be understanding to other players. Sure, I've shot people who hadn't called it. Close friends even who I know don't cheat. But I also understand helmet, vest, backpack, and gun hits can be hard to keep track of during a heated engagement. Pain talks. It's the truth. However, I don't throw a man child fit about it like several people I saw throughout the day. We all need to be understanding to other players. One example is dead rags. Players scream 'IM HIT!" to other players when they're just walking normally back to their respawn point. The rules state you MUST have a red dead rag. It is your responsbility to have these item during play. It isn't the firing player's responsibility to 'guess' if you're dead. Likewise, if there are 4 people standing around dead and one person is hiding behind cover 2 ft behind you what do you expect them to do? Stop shooting? Let the player behind you shoot them? If you're inbetween fire, move. We have all played enough to understand how the game works and some of the problems within gameplay. However, I will never expect another player to sacrifice their advantage during gameplay just because of my unfortunate position. No one will care if you move out of the line of fire. We all definitely need to be more understanding to eachother. Yelling at eacother only produced noise pollution and actually prevents resolution.

That being said I'll list some examples of 'bad' and 'good' from End State Route 19 to further bring home my point. I will not be identifying any team colors or names. I'm not here to 'bash' anyone. I'm making this post hoping that other will read them and apply it to their team mentalities.


First, the bad.


1) While pinned inside of a house a team moved up and assaulted us. The first 'hit' was from a team behind a metal fence. They killed 2-3 of us. They moved and shot very well and we never knew they were there until hit. The 10 BBs to the same spot in my leg hurt like hell, but that isn't their fault. Guns shoot faster than people can say 'hit'. Hurts, but man, good job guys. However, after the outside of my team had been eliminated the rest of the opposing team began surrounding the house. This house was a multiple room house with trash all over the place inside. While the majority of the assault team were great sports there were several people who took it upon themselves to misjudge their authority in the situation and even further take the matter into their own hands.

One player threw in a ThunderBee grenade into the main room of the building. AMS rules state that ThunderBees are distraction devices only normally. For End State they were allowed as room kills but only of players inside of that immediate room, not the connected ones as well. Yet, this player decided to police one of my members about how he was 'dead'. I, being the type to police my own, asked if anyone was in that room over the radio. Not a single person was. Another player yelled at one of my team members about 'CALL YOUR HITS'. I'm fairly confident my guys will call their hits. I understand you aren't, but I am. However, even if my team member wasn't calling his hit.. do you think some random person screaming at him disrespectfully is going to improve the situation with anyone? Negative. My team pretty much will call any hit as long as someone tells us in a respectful manner. It is MORE IMPORTANT for us to provide a good show of sportmanship than to continue playing. Then, after everything was said and done these players then decided to breach the building and shoot several of my team members full auto inside of the building which didn't have a spot in the building that was less than 20ft. There was some misunderstanding about safeties as well as the rules appeared to change in the middle of the day (aka, safeties changing from 'optional' to 'mandatory'). The AMS rules state that a player does not have to automatically take a safety kill. If safeties were mandatory it would make pistols completely useless in a cqb environment. However, this was an AMS miscommunication during the OP rather than a player problem.

2) After even #1 my team gathered around and began whining about the situation, commenting about the breaching team, the safeties, and other nonsense. I don't stand for this. We immediately 'corrected' our team and made it clear that this type of behavior did NOT have a place on our team and to cut it out.

3) On the way back to respawn I saw a player I know personall screaming at another player about cheating. It wasn't a normal 'I hit you' comment. He was screaming violently at the other player and being extremely aggresive with his body language. I have seen the same behavior from this individual in the past and this situation goes back to Authority, which he has none.

4) During the night game two players on Green began screaming at eachother regarding flashlights and 'natural night vision'. Players cursing at eachother and threatening eachother. What the hell is wrong with you people? This alone almost made my team leave the night game alone. These kinds of players will ruin it for everyone else when people stop showing up to AMS events because of them.


Now, for the Good.

1) While clearing a part of the junk yard an opposing team player was hit. During our push through he asked which player was behind 'vehicle x' and that he had been shooting the guy in the helmet a couple of times. At first we thought it was one of our younger players and immediately began to having him move back to that location and pull his dead rag. However, upon further inspection we found out it was another player who HAD called his hit but had just hid back behind cover after pulling his dead rag. The player who addressed us did it in a calm professional manner and I applaud you for your way of handling the situation. You are staple of how things should be.

2) During the briefing a larger team with several vehicles explained that they were 'trained' to call vehicle hits when their windshields were tapped by opposing players. According to AMS rules this wasn't necessary for them to do. However, they still announce it to everyone during the briefing as it was obvious that not many players brought anti vehicle weapons. You guys were thinking of other players rather than yourself and made the game more fun for everyone included in the event. Again, I applaud you and wish more were like you. You took something that people were getting down about (not being able to fight technicals effectively) and gave them some sort of form of combating them, even at your own team's expense.


3) During a fire fight a player shot one of my own team members who then complained that they were shot too close with a rifle (under 20ft, almost point blankt). However, under further investigation of the video I don't htink there was any evidence to support my team member's claim. However, regardless the opposing player made a compromise and claimed himself 'hit' as well before shaking my team member's hand. Again, an amazing display of sportmanship as it was very much likely he did absolutely nothing wrong. He put the gameplay of others ahead of his own and because of it I'm sure many of the surrounding players had a much more enjoyable time.

4) We had several teams come up to us and tell us how much fun they had fighting against us and complimenting our team after the whole engagement. We really appreciated the feedback. Winning is almost always more fun than losing but these guys took it so well and let us know we were doing well. We appreciated your words and your sportsmanship more than you'd think.


So, what should we do to resolve these issues? Self Policing. Most people joining an AMS event are apart of a team of some sort.


I'd ask that all leadership take some of the fundamental ideas I've explained here and apply them to their teams as well. We aren't all perfect, but we should strive to make the game as enjoyable as possible FOR OTHERS as well as ourselves.


If you are some sort of leadership and see your team members calling other people's hit, get on to them.


If your players begin badmouthing other players, get on to them.


If your team members have a problem with someone, make it a standard procedure to POLITELY BRING THE SUBJECT up other than yelling at eachother in such an embarrasing manner.

AMS is relatively new but they aren't stupid. As the providing business they can only comment on things so far. However, take my word, they are aware of these things. Don't be surprised when they start implimenting rules to weed out the undesirables if we don't start getting our act together as a community and policing our own under the AMS rules.


That being said I'd like to also state that the majority of players are awesome people. But lets not let a word like 'majority' keep us from improving ourselves and providing the community AMS deserves.


I of course welcome any feedback, stories, or comment regarding the topic. I only ask that people be RESPECTFUL, HUMBLE, UNDERSTANDING, and leave the AUTHORITY to AMS.



( I will edit the post for spelling, punctuation, and formatting at a later date to make more 'readable'. Admins welcome to make any of these changes at any port as well.)

#9017 2013 Medic / IFAK rule

Posted by Doc Dodge on 07 January 2013 - 07:20 PM

"OK,, Who still has 2 bandages in their IFAK?"

"I do, Sarge."

"Good, You just volunteered to be pointman."


#22200 OPBH 3 Official Scorecard

Posted by TheJP on 30 May 2014 - 09:35 PM

Let me preface this post by how impressed I was with both the Coalition and Federal command staff and players. For the most part players adhered to the rules and played with sportsmanship. We had some issues with PoVs and AMS will be overhauling their PoV rules to set Vehicle standards and make the rules much less up for "interpretation".


I wish I could play back for you some of the comm chatter over the weekend, the level of organization, coordination, preparedness of some of the Platoons and Companies was just mind blowing from what it was a year ago.


I can't describe to you have amazingly close the game was, while the Federal's were flexing their muscles the Coalition was taking advantage of their speed and command structure to quickly accomplish as many objectives. It was pure joy to drive through the AO as the minutes wound down on EV1 to see the Coalition re-take the airfield and Pegasus Bridge in spectacular fashion!


Just to see the level of development in our community since the inception of AMS is incredible. I can't tell you how proud I am of Greg Anderson and his command staff, the string of Coalition victories in the last few years is unprecedented.


Greg has taken the Coalition to the "next" level and I look forward to amazing things in 2014 from him and his command staff. (No pressure Greg!)


Also Alex Radke (Top), he has broken the curse and lead the Federals to their first Broke Home victory over the Coalition. Top, Danarcy and the wonderful Mr. Ron Mexico did a stellar job this year organizing and motivating their Federal troops, my hats off to all you gentlemen!


We are all lucky to have such capable leaders take time away from their work, friends and family to help make our events the best they can be.


Now the question is can the Federals keep this momentum throughout 2014!


AMS purposely keeps scoring hidden, this is to prevent any collusion as well as preventing the "Play not to lose mentality." I find that "scoring" can often lead to a sticky mess down the line so we use a very simple point system to determine a victory based on territory control and objective achieved. The system is scored in a fashion so a "TIE" or 'DRAW"  will not be possible.


Only Saturday and Sunday's DAY Evolutions are scored.


AMS Control has spoken with both Command staffs and confirmed all Objectives, FRAGOs and Control Points.


Objective Score


CoST - 220

UFS - 195


Territory Control Score


CoST - 45

UFS - 95


OBH3 Total Score


CoST - 265

UFS - 290 (W)



I thank you all for your support and hope to see you at AMS events in the future.

#13012 OBH2 AAR

Posted by MAYO on 27 May 2013 - 12:25 PM

Firstly, I enjoyed Broken Home II and will be returning for Broken Home III.

Secondly, I enjoy meeting people from the forums, hanging out, having dinner, etc. There are some really cools guys who play on both AMS and UFS sides.


Now, the things I'm about to note on next are probably going to get me a lot of gruff. I don't particularly care though because I think they need to be said. I understand not a lot of people want to make a big deal over things and cause 'drama'. However, I really enjoy airsoft, and I legitimately care about AMS, so I'm going to do what I can to make things better. How do we improve? By stating what is wrong, how we fix it, and pointing out the butt heads.


First things I'm going to go over are some of the 'common sense' stuff that many of the participants apparently don't get.


1) AMS doesn't do it for the money. If you haven't learned that yet, you're WAY behind the curve.


2) No one ever 'wins' an AMS event. Without a point system there isn't a way to judge who wins and who loses.


3) Broken Home is a 500+ player event. If you think you are going to be catered to, you're wrong.


4) It is American Milsim. You are supposed to be simulating military exercises. If you're told to do something you need to do it. Even if it isn't something you'd like to do. This is about your team as a whole, not just you or your squad. You're likely going to be asked to do things you don't want to do because another teams needs to do something else. Stop fucking your buddies.


5) Death isn't permanent in airsoft. Stop being pussies. You not doing what you're told when you're told is fucking your buddy over. Everyone hates a battle buddy fucker. We call them Blue Falcons. If you're a blue falcon, people don't like you. You know who gets picked to be the badass platoon/squad/team? The people who remember they have balls (figuratively speaking, as I've seen plenty of female players who had bigger balls than some of you).


6) YOU ARE NOT AN ADMIN. Stop calling other people's hits. Stop acting like you know the rules. Pisses me off. Pisses everyone else around you off when the game has to stop so you can go 'correct' someone. No one likes you. There is a reason admins have red shirts on and AREN'T PLAYING THE GAME.

a) When you shoot at someone and they don't call their hit this is how it breaks down. 90% of the time you didn't hit them. 6% of the time they didn't feel it or you hit something like their backpack sticking out from behind a tree. 2% of the time their bodies are still in the process of telling their brains they are hit, are in the process of pulling their rag, or wanted to get the fuck out of the way so you stop shooting them while they call themselves out. 2% of the time they're not calling their hits for whatever reason they can fabricate for themselves.

b ) You don't know the rules. Trust me. You don't. I'm the God damn XO and I even admit I don't know them by heart. That's why I carry a rule book/measuring tape in my backpack.

c) Your 'calling people out' does nothing but make people think you're a huge butt head and stop the game. Even if someone IS cheating.. do you REALLLLLY think that you calling him out in front of everyone else is going to make him re-evaluate his Airsoft life? Go get fucked dude. You're just causing problems. Be a man about it, pull your dead rag, find an admin, and tell them of the situation so that an admin can oversee/correct the problem. Note how I said pull your dead rag and go talk to an admin. I didn't say pull your dead rag and go rule lawyer it yourself.


7) This is milsim. Yelling, cursing, etc, is going to be a part of it. That is fine. However, it is NOT ok to scream at someone specific 2 inches from their face and being 'threatening' towards them. Some UFS asshole was doing this at Pegasus bridge and I wanted to tell him to fuck off so bad. However, I was CoST XO, not UFS XO. I'll police my own.


8) Most of you guys aren't even remotely close to being on the level of Army Infantry let alone "special forces". I'm not saying it isn't fun to run around being SF. Everyone likes to feel badass, special, etc. But let me be blunt with you.

Most of you don't even have your weapons sighted in and just aim with your BBs. Most of you don't understand how a hopup really works or set your hopup accordingly. I doubt most of you sit in your back yard and do reflex firing drills. I doubt most of you do any sort of combat drills outside of the events you attend.

Why is this important? BECAUSE YOU AREN'T AS GOOD AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. Neither am I.


9) You're going to get shot while you're dead. Especially if there is another players near you who isn't/doesn't have their dead rag. Get over it and stop being such a whiny bitch about it. I got shot more while 'dead' then alive. It's part of the game. Christ.


10) If you don't have your dead rag up, you're going to get shot. Too many players just walk around casually who aren't dead. The rules state it is mandatory for you to have a dead rag if dead. Don't get all bitchy when you're walking down the road and get shot the fuck up. You don't even have your hands up. Something I preach to everyone at our local field: "It isn't anyone elses job to 'figure out' if you're dead or not. It is YOUR responsibility to convey you're dead to other players."



So, that being said, I'll go into specifics that I saw.


1) The guy yelling at the teenager at pegasus bridge. Not only were you being a total butt head, but you were completely WRONG. Not only were you out of line there but several of your own team mates, as well as CoST called you out to administration for various other things. Then you walked around at the end trying to 'rule laywer' people when you didn't even know the rules. You weren't even watching your own guys. You were trying to oversee the opposite team. Because, yeah, sure that's a good idea. I watch to make sure hits are being called too. But I do it to my own guys. Not ONCE have I ever walked up to a UFS person and 'corrected' them. I've talked to UFS leadership and AMS staff about it, but it isn't my place to lawyer people I'm not in charge of.


2) I saw a few people, both UFS and CoST shrug hits off. Fuck you guys. No one likes you and we don't want you to come play with us.


3) I had an admin speak with me about my own hits while on a quad. Which blows my mind because I spent close to 40 minutes out of the last hour and a half probably bleeding out while on the quad. Just because you engage someone, don't hit them, and they engage you and hit you, doesn't mean they're not calling their hits. It means they were better than you at that moment. I'm not saying I'm the best player. Far from it. My knees kill me, I'm slow, little over weight, and no where near as accurate as some people. But fuck you for calling me a cheater when I have my 'good moments'. You don't see me whining and bitching when someone out guns me.

You know, I came away from the end of the day really proud of myself for some of those moments.. I felt totally badass that I dismounted, used the quad as cover, and nerfed some guys. Then I hear that people were complaining to an admin about 'hits' and you just take away that awesome feeling from me.

I feel awesome when I do something cool. And I think other people are awesome when they do something awesome too. So to have someone complain to me just totally kills that awesome feeling for me. Shame on you. Seriously.

Don't get butthurt just because you aren't meeting your ego's expectations.


4) To the guys on UFS who threw smoke out on Pegasus Bridge and rushed through the smoke to assault the east side of Pegasus Bridge. This is what I'm talking about. Freaking awesome! You guys got all kinds of fucked up by the CoST forces there but christ you guys were pretty cool.


5) To whoever was on the black quad at the end of the second day. Our little stand off was something I was telling my buddies all the way back home. Extremely Epic. To everyone else, let me explain the situation: We both came around a corner on quads. Both of us stopped. We both looked at eachother for a few seconds unsure. The other guy then slowly started to grab his gun. At this point I jumped off of my quad pulled up my rifle, and started shooting. I ended up not getting hit and ended up shooting him because I got off of my quad and started running to the right. This guy didn't act like butt head when I shot him. No, he road by me and we high fived. You are pretty freaking awesome bro. Later I saw this same guy drive by and light up a whole squad of people behind a concrete cylinder.


6) To the guys who ran across the road and Caen and shot/axed some of the guys in the window before I shot you. Freaking awesome again!


7) During an armored push at Pegasus bridge I jumped off of my quad to engage targets on the south side of the road. During which someone behind me on the north side of the road shot the living fuck out of me. Damn that stung! But awesome job. I would have said hi and great shot but 1) didn't want the rest of my team to know your location, and 2) was preoccupied listening to the butt head yell at some kid.


8) To the guys who used to vehicle to push up on Pegasus Bridge. You all were walking behind it. Sure, most of you guys got shot from across the bridge, but awesome push none-the-less. Despite most of you guys getting shot I think a few guys made it and that was more than enough as you took the west side of pegasus bridge soon after. This is a prime example of how not being a pussy/buddy fucker gets your team progress. You guys weren't selfish, put yourself on the line, and your team succeeded because of this.


9) To the guys, perhaps the same guys, who tried pushing up with a truck at Caen on the second day; again, awesome. I ended up flanking you guys and shooting a lot of you (then getting shot myself). If I hadn't been in the right spot at the right time I fully believe you guys probably would have broken a hole in our lines for the rest of your forces to push through. There is a good chance that if I hadn't pulled up on the quad and shot a few of you before getting hit myself you would have the spear head for your whole army. Freaking awesome guys!


10) To CoST 1st Platoon. You guys are a shining example of what we hope to work with AMS to make. Hopefully soon every platoon will work with the cohesion that you guys did. Bagel did an absolutely AMAZING job running you guys and everyone did an absolutely AMAZING job being total bad asses for him. If you were in CoST 1st platoon you should feel pretty freaking sweet.



So yeah. Again, had a ton of fun, and will be back next year. Love AMS, love what they do, and glad I had the pleasure of getting to know them personally.

For everyone that comes out to have a good time, is humble, took time to get things squared away before hand, and is just generally a pleasure to play with or against, thank you. Despite not knowing who you are specifically I just want to note that I am so grateful for what you guys do. It's not hard being right when people around you are being fuck tards. You are so highly appreciated. AMS is really working on making things better and I hope that the other crowd doesn't deters you from attending in the future.. Hope to see you guys again!


TLDR; "Don't be like JP."


EDIT: changed/edited unnecessary offensive language.


Posted by Top on 18 April 2013 - 08:45 AM

The title for this post says it all!


Broken Home is the Premier Military simulation event in this country!! This is because of the great work that the AMS crew put into building the scenario and props. But even with all the planning and late night it takes the dedication of the player to make it great.


A definition of MILSIM (or one of many):


*Milsim should be about teams training and preparing for simulated war against each other. The simulated war should be as realistic as possible, while maintaining safety. Milsim requires but is not limited to the following: leadership, structure, discipline, honor, teamwork, dedication, obedience and more. Any team that calls themselves milsim should aspire to these qualities. If we settle for less then we're not getting the full experience that milsim should offer. (Borrowed from a forum: Air soft Ohio)*    


With all that said the only way MILSIM is going to be as realistic as possible is to have and create units with LEADERSHIP at the head of each unit. Without leadership the body has no control or direction and will go everywhere at once. Which doesn’t work unless you are a high-speed low drag chair-softer who talks a great game but cant fight out of a wet paper bag if given a pair of scissors?

There has to be a chain of command, it isn’t supposed to be the commander and then the troops. There is no way a commander can command unless there are leaders out there to make what is planned happen. Commanders plan how use their resources to accomplish a mission, leaders use those resources they have to accomplish the mission. Without that leadership you cannot accomplish anything.


 Squad leaders are important but so are PLATOON LEADERS! This is the guy is the head of the snake and is directly tied to the command staff, managing his squads effectively to accomplish whatever the mission that has been tasked. He is the guy with the help of the platoon Sergeant that needs to be in the loop on the level of readiness of his team and know what they are capable of and how to use those capabilities to accomplish those missions assigned.


Now those who have an inkling of what it means to lead troops into the great battle that is about to begin. Then step up and let it be known to your COMMANDERS and COMMAND STAFF that you are willing to except the responsibility of commanding fine men and women into the fires of battle (simulated of course).


The Commanders cannot do it alone they need you to execute the battle plan for victory!

#2995 FNN News Feed

Posted by Skitch on 10 April 2012 - 06:25 AM

Open Movement Of Troops To Oklahoma Suggests War Is Imminent

Wes Mantooth – FNN

Over the last two weeks, officials from the Federal government have been speaking with Coalition leaders in Dallas, TX in hopes that some sort of treaty could be reached. However, it appears that the talks did not go as hoped, according to one source.

“They think just by waltzing in there and giving a half-hearted apology, with an obvious disciplinary sanction agreement that they think is ‘hidden’ out of sight – that the Coalition will give up and go back,” says R. Fenton, a spokesperson for FAST (Freedom Activists Supporting the Territories).

“What they don’t realize is there are plenty of people still here in the States that support what the Coalition is doing, and no amount of ‘come back and we’ll forget everything that happened’ is going to change our opinion or the Coalitions, I believe.”

It appears that organizations like FAST are rapidly surfacing throughout the Federal States as more people are taking a second look at the details behind the secession, and the reaction it has given way to. As of Saturday, April 7, Federal forces were openly moving into the Northern part of Oklahoma on their way toward Texas. Such open movement would appear to mark the beginning of an impending war.

It would seem that the time to remain neutral is past. People are choosing sides, protesters are rallying at a few state Capitals, and many people are sitting at home on their couches, watching the television or reading a newspaper and forming silent opinions on the whole matter. The real question is, how long will these people remain silent?

#29843 It's gonna be wet.

Posted by screwballjim on 14 May 2015 - 10:57 AM

Oh it'll be wet from all UFS crying.

#26440 American Milsim Ruleset

Posted by Alex AMS on 06 January 2015 - 09:54 PM









B. All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO safety glasses, shooting glasses, or mesh goggles.  Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb inside the seal.

C. All players must have a red "Dead Rag" minimum 50 square inches of material. If you don't have one, please ask. One will be provided for you.

D. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.

E. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns.  No "BB Guns" or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB's or Metal BB's will be allowed.

F. While in the staging area pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and the chamber cleared.

G. On the Active AO eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.

H. While in the staging/parking lot area you may dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. There is to be no live fire anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.

I. All persons moving throughout the AO need to have a waiver on file; this includes observers, photographers, and any additional non-player personnel.

J. All players need to have an AMS medical card filled out and in their LEFT SIDED ARM OR LEG POCKET while on the AO.  This can be found at: http://americanmilsi...-medical-cards/



A.  Any rules violations will result in point deductions for your faction. 

B.  Event Staff may ask for your name when a War Crime is recorded, this information will not be made public, but will be used for tracking rules violations internally.

C.  Safety violations will be assessed higher point penalties.

D.  Violations involving POVs will incur the highest point penalties.



A. On the call of “blind man” players need to immediately remove the magazine for their weapon, clear the chamber and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location and do not move until the “all clear” and "game on" is given. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.

B. Use the "blind man" if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms make the "blind man" call with the approximate location of the incident.

C. If a player loses their eye protection during a firefight a “blind man” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.



Uniform regulations exist to give an appearance of a cohesive unit and not give the appearance of a group of individuals.  It is hoped that this will give a better overall experience to all players.

A.  Authorized camo patterns vary from event to event and will be posted with event details prior to registration

B.  Tops should be a BDU/Combat Shirt type uniform top.

C.  Bottoms must be pants.

D.  Headgear color will be faction specific.  Camo or Solid colors is Authorized.  Black is not authorized

E.  In the event of inclement weather uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color.  OD Green for CoST and Tan/Brown for UFS.

F.  Special uniforms may be authorized for specific role-playing groups outside of the typical uniforms but not for those playing under the conventional CoST/UFS Forces.

G.  Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.

H.  Ghillie suit colors must match faction base colors.  Tan and Green.

I.  Red shirts may only be worn by AMS Staff.  Photographers or observers may wear any high visibility color other than red.

J.  Photographers/Observers must not look like combatants.  They may wear any type of clothing other than military type uniforms.



A. AEG's will chronograph using .20g BBs.  Hopup to be turned off, Elite Force BIO .20G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game.

B. Classic / PolarStar / High Pressure Gas / GBBRs will chronograph using .32g BBs .  Hopup to be turned off, Elite Force BIO .32G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game.

C. All Weapons systems that use an external air source (i.e. PolarStars / Classics) will be required to use a "tournament" lock on their in-line regulator(s).



SQLs leaders are responsible to ensure their squad follows the event rules, roles, ammo and reloading restrictions.  A squad is defined as a team of 12 people.

A. Four (4) Sniper/Spotter teams allowed per main factions. One (1) per  Squad Max limit.

B. Six (6) EOD specialist per main factions, these are the only players that can disarm/demo explosives.

C. One (1) Medic, HWS, DMR per main faction squad. (Some special teams will be exempt from this rule)

D. Two (2) SSW per squad.

E. Players may serve dual roles i.e. DMR/HWS but the limit must be observed.

F. Game staff may assume any of these roles while embedded with a squad.




A. Assault Weapons / Rifleman role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode.

B. SEMI-AUTO is defined as one trigger pull per one round fired.

C. 400 FPS max for 6mm x .20 AEG weapons

D. 320 FPS max (1.52 J ) 6mm x .32g for Gas weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs)

E. 310 FPS max for 8mm weapons measured with .34 gram BBs

F. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

G. May carry 7 magazines on your person.

H. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.

I. No Minimum Engagement Distance.


Note the following weapons classes are speciality weapons, and as such are bound by a slightly more defined set of rules.



Designated Marksman Rifle is a special purpose weapon; it is a standard infantry rifle equipped with optics that have been enhanced for longer range and accuracy. Some examples of a DMR are - M16, SR-25, PSG-1, M14/M21, G36, AUG, G3-SG3, Dragunov (SVD) etc... Bolt action rifles may also function as a DMR as long as they adhere to the Max FPS.

 A. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) may ONLY operate SEMI-AUTO mode and must be physically incapable of firing in full-auto.

B. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g, 345 fps max @ 8mm x .34g for AEG

C. 355 FPS max (1.88 J) for 6mm x .32g for Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs).

D. Limit ONE (1) DMR per squad (or otherwise stated).

E. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

F. Operators of a DMR are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.

G. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.

H. Minimum engagement distance of 60 feet.

I.  Carbine rifles do not qualify for DMR

J.  May not engage targets within the same building.

K. May carry 7 magazines on your person.




A. 550 FPS max @ 6mm x .20g, 420 fps max @ 8mm x .34g. MUST BE BOLT ACTION ONLY

B. 435 FPS max (2.81 J) for 6mm x .32g for Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs).

C. Limit ONE (1) Sniper per squad.

D. Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet

E. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

F. Operators of a BA/SA rifle are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.

G. May carry 7 magazines on your person.

H. No Highcap/winding magazines




A squad support weapon is classified as an M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike or any "Squad Automatic Weapon" either currently or formerly adopted as a military weapon. (M27 / IAR are NOT ALLOWED to be fielded as a SSW at this time.)

A. Squad Support Weapons (SSW) MAY operate in FULL -AUTO Mode but  NOT shoot in excess of 30 round per second.

B. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g for AEG/GBBR

C. 355 FPS max(1.88 J) w/ .32g for 6mm High Pressure Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars).

D. Limit TWO (2) SSW per squad.

E. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

F. Operators of a SSW are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.

G. SSWs must break the plane of a building on lower floors when shooting out of a building.  You do not have to break the plane when shooting from upper floors.

H. SSWs may use winding “High Cap” type magazines with no more than 3000 rounds in magazines.

I. SSWs have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 60 feet.

J. SSW's may not be used in engagements from inside to inside(within a building)




A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player.  They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece.

A.  May carry 12 Nerf/Foam Rockets on their person.

B.  May carry 12 Propellant/Bee Hive rounds on their person.

C.  HWS is the only player class who can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets.

D.  Limit one per squad.

E.  Bee Hive rounds may only be re-loaded at Spawn Point.

F.  Additional Rounds/Rockets may be left at FOB.

G.  Any soft tipped rockets are allowed.

H.  Please see Explosive Devices/IED/Smoke section for approved pyro grenades.




Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS, KMP9 etc fall under the same restrictions as the Rifleman Role.




Pistols must be within the same requirements as the Rifleman Role regarding FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance.




Credit Spook


Safety Kills are a courtesy, play with honor.


Safety Kills with a Pistol or Rifle

A. Players within a 20-foot engagement range may be "Safety killed".

B. The player must yell out loudly "Safety" at the target and can only "safety" kill one player at a time.

C. Players DO NOT have to automatically "take a safety kill".


Rubber edge weapons and “Tap” Kills.

A. Players are allowed to "safety" or "Tap out" another player with rubber-edged weapons.

B. When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber-edged weapon they are considered "hit".

C. The player that has been "killed" by a rubber-edged weapon cannot yell "hit" or "medic" they are mortally wounded.

D. AMS only allow approved purpose made rubber training edged weapons.

E. No modified "real edged" weapons are allowed.




A. All players classified as a "Rifleman/DMR/Sniper" may carry a maximum of 7 midcap (non winding) magazines.

B. All Players classified as a "SSW" (Support Gunner) may have a maximum of 3000 rounds loaded in their drum mag at any given time. They may carry one extra drum Magazine, not to total more than 3000 carried in all magazines.

C. All Players classified as an "HWS" may have a maximum of 12 rockets and 12 203 Shells

D. Players may carry as many secondary magazines as they wish (i.e. Pistol)

E. Players may carry up to 6 in Total Frags (Thunder B / Impact / Misc. Frag Grenades)

F. Players may carry on them any amount of BBs they chose.

G. Players may ONLY RELOAD at a MRP or FOB. Players CANNOT reload in the field during play.



A. High capacity magazines (HICAP), AKA Clockwork Magazines are only authorized to be used in SSWs.

B. Drum/Box/C-Mags are only authorized to be used in SSWs.

C. Rifleman/DMR/Sniper are allowed 7 midcap (non winding) magazines.






A. Grenades must simply detonate within 20 feet to eliminate a player. Grenade BB strikes are no longer required.

B. All player grenades must be thrown underarm, this is to prevent injury.

C. Any Pneumatic/Gas grenades that require CO2 or Green Gas/Propane are allowed.

D. Foam / Nerf rockets are only effective on vehicles.

E. Rockets fired by a HWS will have a 20ft kill radius from where they detonate.

F. Rockets fired by a HWS are only effective on structures if they hit INSIDE the structure itself.

G. Rockets fired by a HWS effectively disable all Vehicles but does not kill its occupants unless impacted inside the cab.

H. Players may use any “name brand” airsoft grenade (Escort, AI, etc...). No modified grenades are allowed.

I. Ricochets from player thrown grenades is treated as fragmentation and will count as a hit.

J. Thunder B's will be counted as a "grenade" with a lethal kill radius of 20 feet (must detonate).

K. Suicide vests have a lethal radius of 20  feet and are triggered by the player simply displaying the device.

L. Any suicide device must be TRIGGERED prior to being shot or captured for search.

M. No explosives, open flame or hot burning smoke will be allowed for fire hazard/safety reasons.

N. Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.

O.  Flares may only be used by staff.

P. No blank firing devices.



This section is based on our experiences with pyro devices.  If you have a device that you would like approved, AMS staff needs to physically see the device perform in order to approve it.  Please contact AMS to arrange this.

TLSFX Pea grenades

TLSFX Thermobaric grenades

TLSFX Thunderflash grenades

TAG R2BS Grenades

TAG Archangles, Reapers

Enola Gaye EG67

Enola Gaye Flash Grenade 1.0

Enola Gaye Flash Grenade 3.0

Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash



A. Players will need Eye Pro with "CLEAR" lenses for all Low/No Light operations, Full sealing ANSI rated still applies.

B. Players will need to have a flashlight on their person for safety.

C. Players must have a Red stick or Chem light to single they have been hit.

D. Use of Night Vision, Thermal or other types of NOD is allowed (dummy cord that gear!).

E. All players are encouraged to operate in "pairs" during Low/No light operations.

F. Any laser system must be "Eye-Safe."

G. Players are never to aim any laser system directly at the eyes of another player.

H. Players are never to aim any laser system at any flying aircraft.



A.  Ballistic shields are not allowed

B.  Riot shields are not allowed.



A. Sportsmanship is expected! Please call YOUR OWN hits!  DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL ANOTHER PLAYERS HITS – MIND YOUR OWN HITS!

B. Not calling your hits is cheating, and will not be tolerated, period.  If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff, use the chain of command.

C. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns, doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position or indicate other players position while dead.

D. Electronic warfare: jamming or listening in the opposition's radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the administration).

E.  Covertly monitoring, through espionage or misrepresentation, of opposition force planning to include briefings and electronic mediums is not in the spirit of the game, and is prohibited.

F. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed.  Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted.

G. Airsoft is about HONOR, failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, roughhousing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at anytime at an American Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO no refunds will be given.




A. Captured or killed players may be searched by an enemy player.

B. To initiate a search, the enemy player puts his hand on the dead or captured player and will say "I am searching you". At that moment the dead or captured player must relinquish any intel items they have in their possession at the time of the search (intel, kill card, etc...)

C. Players in possession of more than one "kill card" only have to relinquish one card per search/per death.

D. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moving to re-spawn.




A. To earn another player’s "Kill Trophy" they have to be searched within their bleed out time period.

B. You can't take a Trophy kill bracelet from a player heading back to re-spawn or at a MRP.

C. Players only have to relinquish one Trophy kill per death.




A. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit.  This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.

B. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.




A. Each squad will be assigned only one medic. (Subject to change with various Teams and Squads)

B. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit

C. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.

D. Medic CAN NOT re-use bandages from "dead" players.

E. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.

F. Wounded players may be physically "dragged, carried, lifted, etc.." to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER.

G. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY.

H. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace-type bandages for the medic to treat them with.(CAT of SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable)

I. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the player's arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.

J. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 4 ft (48in) in length each.

K. Medics may be changed within the squad while at the FOB or between evolutions, but not while active on the AO.

L. Squad Leaders may also treat wounded players in the same way that a Medic would.

M. By sitting a player is consenting to be dragged if you do not wish to not be dragged you need to verbally communicate that to your squadmate.




Mobile Respawn Points (MRP)/Medic Barrels may be used in game.

A. MRP may only be moved in transport configuration

B. MRP may only be spawned at when completely setup/deployed.  (If unable to set up due to missing parts players may not respawn at MPR).

C. May be captured by the enemy.

D. If captured, MRP must be broken down into transport configuration to move.

E. Captured MRP must be returned to FOB  for points.

F. If a MRP is being transported by Ground Troops and Troops are killed, the MRP will be left in place.

G. Captured MRP may not be used by opposing team.  Tan MRPs can only spawn UFS troops and Green MRPs can only spawn CoST troops.

H. MRPs may be transported in vehicles.

I. Troops must wait five (5) minutes at MRP before returning to gameplay.

J. If a MRP is taking accurate fire, and troops waiting to respawn must leave and go to nearest alternate respawn point.  (If all the casualties at an Aid-Station or Casualty Collection Point are shot, then they are dead)

K.  MPR's may not be deployed any closer than 50ft to a building.




A. When a player is hit they may vocally or via radio call for a medic that will attempt to revive them.

B. Once a player is hit they must sit or kneel down, a medic has five minutes to reach them in order to treat a wounded player before they "bleed out".

C. Once a player has "bled out" they must then re-spawn at their nearest MRP or FOB.

D. Players spawning at their FOB do not need to wait to re-enter the game.

E. Players spawning at a MRP must wait 5 minutes before re-entering the game.

*Squad leaders should be knowledgeable enough to understand when their squad is combat ineffective and re-spawn his/her entire squad -- 70% casualty rate is magic number.





Approval Process

A.  Submit POV Application, Proof of insurance and photos of your POV.

B.  Your photos and application will be passed on to you commander for Command Approval.  Be advised this is not a first come first serve and is up to your CO.  There will be limited POV per event so a commander is likely to explore his options before approving.

C.  Upon approval from your CO, AMS will be notified and a promo code will be issued so you may register your POV.

D.  On site your POV will be inspected and must meet Rule Set requirements for final approval. 



POV Requirements

Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in a 10PT war crime and your POV pass being revoked without refund.


A.  Each POV will be given a POV number by staff.  This number must be VISIBLE at all time during the event.  It is the POV owner’s responsibility to place the POV number on their vehicle.

B.  POV pass and Agreement must be signed by the POV operator and/or owner.

C.  POV pass and agreement must be kept on the dash and visible at all times.

D.  All windows must be down on a vehicle, including the driver's window.

E.  The driver must wear full face protection.  Full seal eye pro and a lower face mask are acceptable.

F.  Players riding in an open Cab, Bed or Side rails of POV must wear a helmet that offers bump protection.

G.  4 Wheelers are not allowed as a POV.  (Player command staff are authorized (1) 4 wheeler for each faction are authorized at events where POVs are being utilized.)  These are for command transportation only and are not to be used as combat vehicles or gun trucks.

H.  ALL POVs MUST STAY within TEN feet of defined roads.  (POVs may pull off roads and around other vehicles, but no trailblazing).

I.  POV Issued Number:  You will be issued (4) 8.5x11 pieces of paper with your POV number printed on them.  These will be attached to all sides of your POV.  You may also stencil your assigned number to each side of your POV in 8.5x11 inches in size and easily seen.

J.  All POVs are required to have CB radio with an antenna to have direct contact with other POV and AMS Command throughout the event, channels will be assigned prior.  (An actual CB Radio on CB frequencies).  If your CB goes out, then your vehicle is off of the field.

K.  All POVs are required to have a ground guide when driving in reverse.  This means a passenger must exit the stopped vehicle with his dead rag on and guide the vehicles going in reverse.  Upon entering the POV the ground guide will then take his dead rag off and resume play.  A ground guide cannot be killed so no need to shoot at him. A backup camera is acceptable in place of a ground guide but must have the appropriate field of view. 

L.  All Player POVs are considered “Light Armor” regardless of aesthetic modifications.

M.  All POVs must have a First Aid Kit capable of stopping moderate bleeding.  Kit will be inspected on site.

N.  All POV must have at least 4 Liters of drinking water.

O.  All POVs must have a fire extinguisher.

P.  POVs are limited to two mounted machine guns.

R.  POV machine guns are limited to twice the ammo of dismounted troops.  (This may vary from event to event)

S.  Forward facing gun shields are acceptable, but 360 degree coverage around the gunner is not authorized. 

T.  Forward facing gun shields may not be seen through.  If it is made of Plexiglas, then it needs to be painted. 

U.  All players firing from gun trucks must be able to see down the sights of their weapons.  Anything less is blind firing. 

V.  If a gun truck wishes to have any windows closed, they must be covered with add-on armor. (This is to prevent windows from being rolled up and down throughout the weekend.

W.  Any added gun ports must be minimum 18”x12” and remain open at all times.

X.  Vehicles will be inspected on Friday.

The spirit of these requirements is to provide a useful vehicle that can transport and be fought out of, but that is also vulnerable and not a tank. 


POV Rules

A.  Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the field of play, and are never to be used in a game (unless cleared by the administration).

B.  Player POVs are limited to 15 MPH.

C.  All POVs must prove they are insured and show proof at POV meeting.

D.  POV drivers must be at least 18 years of age.

E.  All players being transported in an open bed, on running boards or otherwise outside the cab area must wear helmets.  THIS INCLUDES IN THE STAGING AREA

F.  Players in ghillie suits WILL NEVER lie near vehicle roads, trails or in the driving path of any vehicle (USE COMMON SENSE).

G.  Vehicle must be at a complete stop for ingress/egress.  Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving Vehicle.

H.  Players are never to stand, lay prone or supine next to a moving APC(s)/Tanks/POVs because of the turn radius blind spots.

I.  Players should exercise EXTREME caution around APC(s)/Tank doors and hatches.  They are heavy and will easily “remove” fingers.

J.  Only HWS launched rockets disable vehicles.  Must be a frontal hit (for the driver to see) this does not kill the crew, but only disables the vehicle and forces the crew to exit or concede being killed and ride back to your FOB for re-spawn.

K.  If a HWS fired rocket should land inside the crew compartment (front or back) the vehicle and all occupants are considered destroyed and killed.

L.  If a HWS fired rocket strikes a vehicle, it is disabled for 5 minutes, and must serve a 5 minute “burn out” time.  After this time, the vehicle and any occupants are dead.

M.  If a vehicle receives a second rocket hit, all occupants of the vehicle are considered dead. 

N.  Destroyed POVs must return to their primary FOB and check in with their leadership and serve a 10 minute “repair time”.

O.  Players shot inside a vehicle must exit the vehicle to receive medical attention (Medic’d)

P.  Vehicles cannot be TOUCHED killed by a player because of safety issues.

Q.  Players must stay a minimum of 10FT from all moving POV.  If you are too close, move away.

R.  POVs will signal being destroyed by flashing their Hazard lights and / or Hoisting / Attaching a Dead Rag or Red Flag to the vehicle that is visible from all sides (i.e. Vehicle Radio antenna).

S.  POVs may not drive through smoke screens. 



POV Rule Violations

A.  10PT deduction per POV violation plus 1 hour parked

B.  3rd violation of same POV is parked for weekend with no refund

C.  After 5th POV violation per faction will result in additional 20PT deduction 





A. All players that will operate in a helicopter must be AT LEAST 18 years of age.

B. All players that will operate in a helicopter must fill out a liability release form (will be given during briefing).

C. All players that will operate in a helicopter must keep their body and legs inside the cab of the helicopter.

D. All players that will operate in a helicopter must stay seated until the helicopter crew chief gives the all clear.

E. All player that will operate in a helicopter must wear their seat belt until instructed by the crew chief to remove it.

F. All players that will operate in a helicopter must wear a helmet with chin strap (replicas allowed)

G. All players that will operate in the helicopter must be at least 18 years of age.

H. Players will never point their weapons or fire their weapon at any Helicopter in the air or on the ground.

(Staff may use "props" to simulate anti-aircraft weapon systems)





Certain American Milsim events will employ UAVs / UAG(s) by staff. All AMS events allow the use of private UAV / UAG(s).

A. UAV / UAG(s) can be used as a means for "forces" to recon the battlefield gathering enemy troop movement and strength.

B. UAV / UAG(s) will be used by the American MilsIm staff to gather footage for promotion.

C. All private UAV / UAG(s) MUST be approved by American Milsim staff PRIOR TO DEPLOYMENT.

D. American Milsim does not allow gas powered Arial UAVs.

E. Players may at no time, shoot at or around UAV / UAG(s) while in flight or on the ground.




A. No real steel firearms are ever to be present at any American MilSim operation.




A. Alcohol is prohibited during all American MilSim operations within the AO.




At the end of the day MilSim/Airsoft is just a game! We are all here to have fun in a competitive manner. So while the day might get hectic as you adjust to changing situations keep in mind that we are not real world operators and that our main goal is to have fun, enjoy the company of friends and sling BBs at them!


*These rules are subject to change during game play to adjust for any unseen circumstances*


Posted by Top on 11 April 2014 - 09:00 AM

Just wanted to thank AMS for the flowers you sent to me for the passing of my father! You all are beyond awesome and I am humbled there are no words I can say to express it better!


This is a community of family Love you guys!


Thank you from the whole Radke family!

#17385 If it is your first time at BH Read this

Posted by Gunthar on 17 January 2014 - 08:44 AM

I went last year for my very first MILSIM event ever and this is what I learned.

If you are not already training for this OP you are wrong. I was not in the greatest of shape and I was worn out and dying after the first 4 hours, I was one of the last guys off the field the first day though so I made it. The terrain and heat will take it out of you and if you are assaulting like UFS was then you will be dragging by about half way through the day. Do a lot of leg workouts and cardio because no matter how much you do it will not be enough.  Even when I was in shape after basic this op would have stressed me. The terrain is tough in spots and downright killer in others so be prepared.


Just to give you an idea on UFS we had about an 80% fall out rate for our platoon by the end of the first day. We had guys falling out within the first hour due to the heat and terrain. 80 degrees seems nice until you put on all your stuff and hump up and down 40 degree inclines for a few hours.

Secondly WATER ,WATER, WATER and if you didn't hear that WATER if you do not have a camel back bring two canteens. AMS was amazing for having clean non sulfur water in multiple locations for you to refill. Without water you will be wiped out and possibly suffer a heat stroke or severe dehydration on this op. It is a huge field and you will be sweating a lot. I sucked down around 3 or 4 full camelbacks during the day and most likely should have drunk more. You also need to hydrate at least a week prior to the op, which means you drink nothing but water for a week straight at least one liter over the recommended amount.


A good pair of boots, I don't mean a kind of ok pair of street boots, combat boots with good ankle support. You will be in an AO with a ton of loose rocks and hills. Saw a few twisted ankles and knees during the op, simply because people were moving to cover during contact and stepped wrong. Do not skimp on a good pair of boots for these ops. Military issue combat boots will be great as will any of the better pairs such as Oakley or Underarmor. Along with the boots get a good pair of hiking socks, your feet will thank you as will your ankles.


Weight, your kit not your beer gut, this is a huge field with a lot of movement to contact so make sure you do not overload your kit. There will be opportunities to reload in the field at your respawns so make sure you do not carry more ammo than you need. I personally carried way too much weight on this op and it drug me down due to the constant movement.


Your gun is important as well, I saw no less than 3 guns that were broken in half, literally, because people fell on them or dropped them. If you are running a polymer gun or a lower end gun you need to be extra careful because as I said before it is rough on this field and you will either fall or drop your gun at some point. If you can afford it shoot for a full metal gun they tend to hold up a bit better.


Eye protection is paramount; not only for protecting your eyes but for ensuring you can actually see. This op will fog up the many of the goggles out there and the amount of sweat you will have on them will be an issue as well. I had a great pair of goggles for running weekend games and such but as soon as I came to this Op my vision was destroyed because I couldn’t keep the sweat and fog out of my goggles.


First aid kit will be important, if you have any first aid training carry a small IFAK with you, it would help immensely. We had a guy last year slice up his knee on a pipe and ended up doing field medic care on him until we could get him off the field. I would prefer to add a few pounds to my kit for helping someone than to not have it and not be able to help.


Knee pads will be great since you will kneel down a lot and there are a ton of things for you to smash your knee on. Read the above statement for an indication of how great knee pads are.


Once again WATER, WATER, WATER, I cannot stress enough how important water is on this OP. Do not be that guy who passes out because they brought a small bottle of water for 8 hours in the field.


Camping gear, if you plan on camping out during the op make sure you bring something warm for the night time. I never expected it to get as cold as it did at night there so I came a little less prepared than I should have been but with a decent sleeping bag you should be great.


Food, go ahead and plan on eating in the field because you will not want to walk from one end of the field to the other in order to grab your food in your tent. MRE’s or power bars are great for this but even a PB&J would be nice after a long morning of running and gunning.


A small backpack will be great as well, had I known what I know now I would have tossed my BB’s and reloads into a bag and carried it with me to the first respawn. Once you take your first objective find out where the respawn is and drop your stuff there as it will be the only place to reload. We left our stuff at base and spent almost 45 minutes out of the game because we were out of ammo and the base was almost a mile away. AMS is great about running a truck between the bases and respawns but taking it with you will get you back into the fight very quickly.


Snap cold towel, OMG if you get one of these you will be the happiest person on the planet. I bought one right before Rebel Yell and I can promise I would have passed out from the heat had it not been for this little miracle. If you do not own one of these things you have to get one. You put water on it, snap it and it gets cold. This will help keep your temp down during the op and will gain you friends for life. Rebel Yell, for those who did not suffer with us, reached well over 100 degrees during the day and this thing was a life saver. You can find them online or in any sporting goods store. They are amazing.

That is all I can think of for the moment, if anyone has anything else to add please do so. This op is killer and the most amazing op I have been on so far. AMS does great work with the helo’s and everything else at this op. Just remember to hydrate A LOT and you will do fine.

#15515 Rebel Yell 2 Photo's

Posted by Bash on 13 September 2013 - 07:11 AM

Yeah, those mags mean very little to me. My squads support gunner rocked his RPK all weekend helping UFS move and stayed in the fight. Watched him stop several advances pretty much on his own. Our medic wrecked house keeping UFS, CDF, and CoST troops in the fight depending on who we were not suppose to shoot. Every building we were asked to take we took mainly because of those two guys. And if they didn't get awarded for their efforts then screw the mags, ill buy them a beer.

First off Parks the mags are a way for AMS to recognize players and promote good sportsmanship and its not possible for them to be everywhere. If your gunner did a great job then why not give him something yourself instead of holding others accountable. This is something that my group identified a long time ago and invested our own time and money in. We try to recognize players we play with and that reflect ethical behavior as well as outstanding operators. We do not hold anyone else accountable for this other than ourselves. So my challenge to you would be to pool money together and get something for this guy. I'm sure he would be thankful you noticed his efforts. I think you are missing the point of the mags altogether. When people start complaining about stuff and don't work to fix the problem they become the problem.

Here is what we did.


#27424 50 Shades of... Airsoft

Posted by Sisu on 23 February 2015 - 09:24 AM

Makes me giggle every time... lol

50 Shades of... Airsoft


#24672 IRONCLAD Official Score Card

Posted by TheJP on 28 September 2014 - 11:39 AM

As always, it takes me about 7 days to unwind from an AMS event. Camp Shelby is a great facility and I'd personally like to thank all of their staff for being so accommodating and friendly.


The CACTF itself is a meat grinder as I am sure you all found out that weekend. For you players that do not follow the American Milsim storyline; in 2013 the Federal forces received a bloody nose from the Coalition and it appeared they were on the road to help other states secede from the Union. However this year the Federals have put together a core of highly motivated NCOs and engaged in a full on counter offensive into Coalition territory and so far it has paid off.


The backstory for IRONCLAD; the Coalition was about to spearhead a new offence into the Eastern and Western Federal states.  Shelby City was the command and control hub for this new offensive. Federal forces learned of this via their intelligence apparatus and decided on a decapitation strike. Since Shelby City was heavily defended by Coalition forces, the Federals would have to use brute force to gain control.


Both factions were able to accomplish the majority of their ancillary objectives.


The Federal forces were able to secure and decrypt 3 of the 4 ciphers, but the Coalition held strong to OP: DIAMOND assault after assault, even when all hope looked to be lost.


For the time being the Coalition Military Communication network is secure and their counter-offensive is on the move.


Federal forces were unable to gain total control of Shelby City in the operational window, even though they made sizable gains inside the East complex.


The event was extremely competitive point wise, with only 1 major and 1 minor objective separating the factions. Three objectives were left unaccomplished at Sunday's ENDEX.


Regardless how you as an individual soldier might have felt regarding your command staff, they actually got the majority of objectives accomplished/attempted.



IRONCLAD Total Score


CoST - 390

UFS - 430 (W)




I'd like to touch on the points of some of the AARs I have seen and the changes we will make to address some of the issues brought forth.


All Media will be required to wear a YELLOW or ORANGE vest/shirt on the active AO; only Admins will be allowed to wear the color RED.


There will be limited Media slot per event that require registration.


We will be altering our chronograph procedure to have dedicated chronos displayed in Joules for HPA users in addition to extra training for our staff members on proper securing techniques of HPA weapon systems and their regulators.


The Combat Controller will play a larger role with faction command to help facilitate more structure and event cohesion.


Night Evolutions will be a scored continuation of the day evolution with an additional low-light themed FRAGOs.


We will also be implementing "War Crimes" which will be point reductions for players found not following the AMS ruleset; this includes high caps, hot guns, non-sealing eyepro, uniform regulation violations, etc.


Also players, understand it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be self-sufficient. AMS is not responsible for you having enough water on your person. The water we provide each faction's FOB is a courtesy of which many did not partake.  BE responsible for your OWN COMM system, IC used simple FRS/GMRS frequencies prior to the event. TEST your comms out with your command staff. If you should have a comm failure during play USE A RUNNER. Playing the night evolution? Bring a FLASHLIGHT! Yes, it will be dark. Yes moving could be hazardous. While we try our best, we can't always guarantee your personal experience will be full of non-stop action.  Plan accordingl, get invovled in the game and have FUN! ;)


Again to the players, a big thank you to each and every one of you for participating in this event and we hope to see you again at our future events. 





#10846 Uniform Questions

Posted by TheJP on 10 March 2013 - 12:36 PM

I love you guys, but I don't want a 20 page thread knit picking the uniform requirements.


We have been pretty lax on players wearing the correct uniform, but that shit is going to stop at OBH II. If you don't have the ability to AT LEAST follow the uniform code, then you won't be allowed on the AO until your uniform issue is corrected and we will probably force you to take an IQ test, since you can't read or decided not to follow instructions.


Squad Leaders will be held responsible for the appearance of their squads and adhering to uniform requirements. 


This is Milsim, there is a reason standing Army's have uniforms, why they match, why they conduct inspections, etc...


Take pride in your faction, yourself and your fellow players by having the PROPER UNIFORM and following directions.


While there are some "special teams" that will have different uniform requirements, there are NO UNIQUE SNOWFLAKES that can wear whatever ball cap they want, top, mix match ,etc... we are really going to be dropping the hammer down on people this year, don't be the asshat we make an example of for not following directions.





#10603 ESR19 is one for the History Books...

Posted by TheJP on 04 March 2013 - 01:10 PM

I am going to make this very quick, I am dog tired, sun/wind burned to hell and in the middle of our yearly security audit (FUN TIMES!)


American Milsim would like to thank the following for making End State Route 19 not only possible but a kick ass event:


The Players

Without your support none of this would be possible!


George, Parts World and the City of Roosevelt, OK

Thank you for letting 470+ crazy people run rampant in your city! The hospitality was amazing, thank you so much for all your hard work making this event possible!


Elite Force and Andy Green

what can I say about these guys... they kill it with their products and support of the airsoft and milsim community. Do yourself a favor, pick up a TAC 1911, HK 416 and .28 BIOs and slay some bodies with the American Milsim crew.


Kastway Airsoft

The Kastway store was amazing, and saved many a bacon on last minute items and quick fixes. Alex, Andy, Studz, Brad and the rest of the Kastway staff were incredibly helpful! We look forward to the new Kastway trailer at all American Milsim events in 2013.



These guys just partnered up with AMS, not only do they make sick gear, but they sport it in the Kryptek patterns as well. All the AMS crew will be rolling this for 2013. GUNFIGHTER SHIRTS RULE!


Shellback Tactical

Banshee, enough said. By far the best plate carrier for your hard earned dollar. There is a reason you saw so many of them at ESR19 including the entire AMS crew. American Milsim is teaming up with Shellback Tactical to bring some exciting new products to market in 2013/2014!



Gene -- we love you and your gear! Not to mention TACOs look killer on Banshee's!


Smith Optics

Boogies are hard to beat for low-pro NOD friendly ANSI rated eye-pro, we appreciate their support!


Mechanix Wear

Not only Mechanix's crew cool as hell they make some killer products. TAA M-Pact 3 and TAA FastFit are some gloves of choice by the AMS gang.


Hellfire Effect

These are they guys the make it go BOOM! Thank you for the amazing effects and adding a completely different aspect to our events!



Wallace thank you for the support and awesome operator mags!


TA Airsoft

Tony and Drew, thanks again for your support!


Fox Airsoft

We appreciate the support and will see you all soon in the beautiful state of Colorado.


Airsoft Junkies

Great Cats we met at Faded Giant, thank you for your guys contiuned suppport of American Milsim and the community!


Oak Ridge Military Academy

ESR19 was their first AMS event and they imminently stepped up to the plate to help support us, thank you!



These guys always go out of their way to help the AMS crew out and it does not go unnoticed! Thank you!


KDOG Photography

Thanks for putting up with all our sh*t so we can damn cool pictures of ourselves!



Thank you for your support and the KICK ASS CUSTOM KBAR!


Mystery Sqaud

Thank you guys for your amazing and ingenious props!


Yankee Division

Making that insane drive, hope you guys had one hell of a time and look forward to seeing you at future AMS events. Hopefully we will have some a bit closer!


The American Milsim event staff

Arlie, Lobo, Arkus, Knight, BIG SILVA, Frosty, Rick, Russo,  KDog, Lurch, Diesel, Josh, Crystal and the many others that help make these events possible, thank you!


See you all at BH2!

#24474 CoST XO AAR

Posted by Zippo on 23 September 2014 - 09:41 AM

Since there has been some criticism I figured I'd take a moment to talk from my point of view on the event.

Let me preface this by demanding that all comments in this thread will be drama-free. Don't spam this thread with bloated accusations, childish insults, or all around whinyness. We are all adults, let's not be douchebags. I also beg of you to please read ALL of my post before picking it apart. Ok? Ok.


I really think that the perception of MilSim has changed over the years I've been involved to be SpecOpsSim, or at least that's what the people want when they attend a national event. Everyone wants to kick doors in, breach and clear rooms, and seal objectives. No one wants to die in the process. That's understandable. It's what I want to do every event I attend.

I've been the airsofter that blames everyone when I don't have fun. I've pointed more fingers that I care to count. I've bitched about my command when I didn't take the proactive approach. I've been the guy that's wanted it catered to me. Listen to me when I say this, and understand it's absolutely the truth:


There ARE bad events. I attended which is what probably will be known as the worst event of all time, Sovereign Fury. I've witnessed terrible admins, seen poor player character with dishonorable player actions, and I've witnessed the command structure collapse, all of which happened at that event. WE STILL HAD FUN. No orders? No problem. JP, Anderson, Mayo, Kilroy, all of the crew that attended bounded across the streets, assaulted buildings, destroyed comm satellites, repelled assaults and had a good time. We had every reason to slam the promoters, but we didn't waste time and made our fun.

From our command perspective, our job is to ensure that CoST comes away with a victory. Our goal was to hold the city. So Misfit1 and I talked nearly every day, spending hours over the whole process analyzing ever angle, every building, every firing lane to come up with a battle plan that held the city. Friday alone we spent three hours walking EVERY building, exploring ALL of the tunnel system, and walking the AO through Danarchy's perspective to see what we would do in his situation.

Guess what, we held 3/4 postitions throughout the entire op, and nailed all but a couple objectives. The plan worked. You may not think you were utilized, but from Danarchy's own AAR we learned that those positions convinced UFS command to not attack the two KEY points you in the southest village were tasked to hold. You were crucial, you did your job, and you were key to our successful defense over the weekend.

In addition, Misfit1 considered your experience into his battle plan and did switch the two sides on Sunday, just to make sure everyone got equal action and experience. If you chose to not attend day 2, that is solely your fault and blame cannot be put on AMS and command.

Hit-calling / Eye Pro / Dishonorable Players

This happens every op. Any experienced player will know this. More admins that are more involved can help the issue, but cannot eradicate the existence of shitheads who break the rules. Let's be real, it's our job as well to make sure our team is playing fair. One of our platoon leaders, Bagel, stopped playing, assigned a new platoon leader, and started policing our team to make sure we were giving UFS a fair fight. Kudos goes to players like this, who will hold up their fun all for the sake of the game and other players. It's easy to blame admins, why is it so hard for players to speak up and challenge horseshit when they see it?

I know some players on CoST weren't playing fair, and I know players on UFS weren't playing fair. It is something we HAVE to accept goes hand in hand with airsoft. We can bitch about it, or we can take the steps to solve it, and that starts by speaking up when we see people that wear the same camo act dishonorably.

The Command Curse

When I agreed to be XO, I knew at the end of the Op I would be frustrated. I knew there was something that was going to be "my fault." People not getting enough action catches me off guard that that was a big enough complaint for people to bail. Holding half the key points, doing it well, was enough to say that Misfit1 and I had failed at our job.

Consider if we pulled you, so you could go attack UFS forces on the western front. Danarchy's scout teams (which did exist, and WERE watching) would have seen the forces being pulled, attacked, and would have overrun the two points, leaving us only the Mosque and with our backs to the wall. Guess who would catch the blame for that? Misfit1 and I. Here's the dilemma, do we choose between securing the win, or catering to every players wish to have Rambo moments throughout the Op (which would have happened if you had been patient into day 2!)

Memorable MilSim Moments

If we are being honest, what makes an event fun is the experience of kitting up with our buddies and having that ONE GOOD FIREFIGHT. For me, it was when UFS rucked all around the SE side of the city, and rushed across. MAKO and a few random players had defenses set up and handled the assault relatively easy. But that one firefight made the event for them. Made it all worth it. Guess what, the UFS guys that hiked through thick brush for an hour, only to be cut down in 15-30 seconds had FANTASTIC attitudes about it. You make the experience. You have to find fun in other stuff besides jacking up your Kill ratio.

Point of the story is this:

MilSim needs a mindset revolution. If we are to emulate the men and women in uniform, we must accept that shit isn't going to be catered to you, you will be responsible for preparedness, and you are in charge of how fun much fun you wish to have.

IronClad was a blast. People love to bitch publicly, but compliment in silence. I've heard countless times that CoST Command was strong and did a wonderful job. UFS did a fantastic job at the uphill battle they were tasked. Danarchy was thorn in our side with every push. Nearly ever CoST rifleman I came across was ready to go at all times, and our guys did a fantastic job at holding the city.

If they few that are critisizing me and complaing about our leadership are looking for an apology, they can look elsewhere. I will not apologize that they were tasked with holding half the key points (which they did with FLYING colors) I will not apologize that their preparedness level wasn't on par for an event such as this, and I certainly will not apologize for that one guy missing his wife's birthday.

Shout out to all the players that came to play, gave it their all, and played with honor and respect. Shout out to the AMS staff for holding another premium event in a premium AO. Shout out to Danarchy, Candy, and all of UFS for being thick skinned MF'ers that took it to us every second of the op, and shout out to all of CoST, from Misfit1 down to the last medic that helped CoST succeed in holding the city. I'm proud of everyone involved in this event and am counting down until the next one.

See you at GTI!

#15280 Shout outs at Rebel yell 2

Posted by Sisu on 09 September 2013 - 10:37 AM

Not to be a dick but I completely disagree with everything in your statement. This op was not smooth and nothing like last year. Cost and CDF started in the buildings at every evolution.UFS was destined to be screwed from the get go. Even off the start in a dead sprint the UFS was mowed down. Then when we finally started to take buildings a game reset was called. Then while waiting for the go we saw the CDF just sprint to a building and bunker in with us still waiting for the go. Admins did try to stop it but to no avail. When we finally got the go we sprinted as fast as we could to the school which was our closest building only to find COST set up waiting to mow us down. Then we had CDF players camping the woods by our spawn. We also had our spawn raided, so much for a safe zone. Overall after this op I left not only disappointed but agitated as well. Basically the entire op was spent worrying about team flippers and trying to make it out of our spawn. I ended up just shooting anyone not tan no matter if they were friendly. Cost guys wouldn't call the hits because they said we were friendly and I have video proving cost guys shouting were friendly stop shooting us only then to have them say okay kill all of the tan. Why do they get to make the call of who is friendly or not SMH. Worst op I've been to. Will not be returning to AMS events until things turn around.

Actually... WAY OFF.

1. CDF (the civilians who were supposed to be living in the town) ONLY started in the buildings in the first evolution. Every single one after that, CDF started at our hard spawn point.

2. Sunday (when the game reset) CDF started sprinting because CoST was released from their spawn. 

3. CDF did NOT camp in the woods near your spawn. In fact, the Admins had to move our spawn 4 times, because UFS troops kept attacking us (except for the one group that was hanging out behind the white shed who we let stay there until they felt safe to move out - this was during the non-aggression pact). We even had a UFS sniper in the woods shooting at us in our spawn. 

4. As far as the team flipping goes, Not quite sure what you're referring to... But UFS broke the non-aggression pact early Sunday morning, when they were trying to enter our buildings and we told them no. I personally got knifed by a GREAT UFS sniper who was a super nice guy.

5. I can't comment too much on the UFS/CoST pseudo alliance to kill/shoot CDF, but that goes ENTIRELY against the story line.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good time but based on your prior posts, it sounds like you went to the OP with a chip on your shoulder... Which is a shame. I think we all need to remember that it's a sport/game and you're responsible for your own fun. Even I had my own dark/seeing red moment, but I got over it, cleaned up the blood and picked up my AEG and slung some more plastic.

I will definitely keep attending AMS events. They do an amazing job at making sure that we all have a great time, are well taken care of and give us a safe environment to play in. Hell, how many times did they roll through with cases upon cases of water to make sure we're all okay. These guys bust their asses and it shows. 

#11088 COST Uniform Answers

Posted by MAYO on 17 March 2013 - 12:24 AM

There has been a recent post regarding uniform confusions. As COST XO I've decided to put this notice out regarding uniforms and equipment.


Firstly, all leadership (Command level, Platoon level, and Squad level) will be held responsible for their units and will conduct personal inspection of their units prior to deployment to insure all participants are in accordance with the rules to a minimal of error. Any discrepancies will be brought to an American Milsim staff.


Leadership will be expected to conduct inspections mainly to assure the following uniform and equipment standards.



1) All players WILL be required to wear American Milsim approved eye protection. Approved eyewear is listed under American Milsim rules as followed:

"A. All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO safety glasses, shooting glasses, or mesh goggles."

To remove any possible confusion this means that all eyewear much 1. Have ANSI Z87.1 approved lenses and must have some sort of foam buffer between the eyewear and your face to deflect BBs. This is to keep BBs fired from obtuse angles from ricocheting off the backside of your lenses and causing eye injury.



2) For 90% of COST's player base you will be required to wear a Woodland or Marpat pattern uniform. A uniform will consist of a top and a bottom. Tops may include Jackets, Combat Shirts, or T-Shirts. However, they must be of a Woodland or Marpat pattern.

Woodland and Marpat is not green. Green is a color. Woodland and Marpat is a pattern.

If you believe you will be shedding your Woodland or Marpat jacket during game-play then plan ahead and purchase a Woodland or Marpat T-Shirt to wear underneath.

While there are special teams that will be in present in other camouflage patterns they have been or will be advised by American Milsim staff regarding their uniform requirements and do not relate to 90% of COST players in any way.


EDIT: Ghillie Suits rulings were addressed by American Milsim staff as follows: "suit can match the surrounding just the base uniform, pants and top, NEED to be your unit/squad colors."


To summarize, if your top and bottom, whatever it may be, does not look like one of the below you are in violation of American Milsim rules.





3)  Helmets must match team base color in accordance to event specific information. For players wearing Woodland or Marpat stated approved patterns include Woodland or Marpat or a solid shade of Green.



4) American Milsim rules do not dictate equipment color. Equipment can be logically defined as any piece of equipment on a player excluding their helmet and uniform (top and bottom).

You may wear a tan vest, tan boots, or tan eye protection while in a Woodland or Marpat COST uniform.



Lastly,  any individual not wearing the correct uniform will be asked to change. If they are unable to change then we will suggest an admin remove them from the game (I imagine without a refund).



On a closing note, I have heard many players comment that American Milsim events should be more Milsim. Being able to be accountable for your actions and make formation in the correct uniform and equipment is the base underlying function of any military excercise.

Why would you expect more complex missions and events from American Milsim when you are unable to even show up in the right uniform?


Everyone: police yourself. Leadership: police your units.